The Boy that got Supreme System/C8 With Great Power..
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The Boy that got Supreme System/C8 With Great Power..
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C8 With Great Power..

I. Uncle Ben's Lesson

It was a rainy Saturday and Jason was bored. He had avoided using his Supreme System abilities for weeks now, trying to break his dependence. But the temptation was growing stronger lately. Jason decided to tap just a minor enhancement to have some harmless fun. What could go wrong?

Using a 30% cognitive boost, Jason rapidly learned computer coding skills online. He soon hacked the DMV database, changing his age to 21 so he could get into a local club tonight. Thrilled with the successful test, Jason then tapped a probability manipulation app. At the casino, dice and roulette balls fell his way, earning him thousands in winnings.

That evening, Jason used a neural mask app to appear older, bypassing the club's bouncers. Inside, he tapped enhanced charisma abilities to captivate the room, drawing admirers like moths to a flame. Jason felt euphoric being the center of attention again after denying himself for so long. But his overindulgence began spiraling out of control.

When a reckless driver nearly hit Jason leaving the club, he reacted on instinct, tapping amplified speed and strength to flip the car telekinetically in rage. Soldiers suddenly surrounded him - Elysium Labs had detected his uncontrolled power surge. Time to pay the piper.

II. Refusing Responsibility

At Elysium Labs, Jason was reprimanded for using the Supreme System irresponsibly, risking dangerous exposure. The founder, Dr. Lazarus, reminded Jason that with great power came great responsibility to serve the higher good, not personal gain. Fuming, Jason ignored the advice. He felt his special gifts entitled him to have fun his way.

Jason pledged to keep a low profile in public using the System, but privately began tapping enhancements more indiscriminately; he was smarter than these condescending scientists. At parties, Jason manipulated perceptions to become the most desired and dominating presence withouteven interacting with people directly anymore. At home, he avoided his parents, tired of acting "normal."

When not using his powers hedonistically, Jason grew bored and restless. He came to resent having to suppress his natural superiority around others. In Jason's mind, he was achieving his true potential, while society unfairly demanded he limit himself to coddle the mundane masses. The Supreme System set him apart for a reason. If others couldn't accept that, it was their failing, not his.

III. Taking It For Granted

Over the following months, Jason withdrew further into the virtual worlds and fantasy lands the Supreme System afforded, avoiding real connection. With society limiting his ascent, Jason aimed to build the perfect reality where limitations did not apply.

He devoured new knowledge hungrily, able to master thousands of skills overnight from martial arts to particle physics. Jason manipulated quantum fields effortlessly to construct elaborate worlds no normal mind could fathom. Inside these godhood realms, the petty rules binding an average person no longer held meaning.

But in avoiding life's real trials to play pretend demigod, Jason grew more entitled and volatile. His human relationships withered without genuine interaction. Worst of all, Jason became so accustomed to the Supreme System's powers catering to his every arrogant whim that he took its gifts completely for granted.

Until one night, after a major blow-up where he'd used his abilities to vindictively embarrass some former friends, the System abruptly shut down. Jason pleaded angrily for it to turn back on. But this time it would not. He had crossed lines long warned against, and now had to humble himself to regain the powers he had shown no respect for. Take nothing for granted, or lose everything unawares.

IV. A Hard Lesson Learned

In the months without access to the Supreme System, Jason was forced to confront how deeply he had come to rely on its crutch. His social standing plummeted and grades suffered without enhancements. Jason had forgotten how to apply himself with diligence. Worst of all, he felt rudderless and inadequate without the syscalls to escape into.

The more Jason retraced his steps, the more he understood the trap. The Supreme System hadn't changed him fundamentally; it had only brought out and amplified what was already there. His ego, his entitlement, his lack of self-awareness. Rather than use the System wisely to improve himself, Jason had used it to avoid doing so.

With this hard lesson learned, Jason gradually regained access to low-level abilities by showing renewed commitment to service over selfishness. He still had a long path to walk, but the Supreme System would be his ally again. This time, Jason embraced power through wisdom, not seeking it over. Uncle Ben was right - with gifts came responsibility. Because their purpose was not to set their bearer above others, but to lift those below up. True leaders understood that implicitly, which Jason finally did too.

New chapter is coming soon
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