The Bully's Obsession/C10 Chapter ten
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The Bully's Obsession/C10 Chapter ten
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C10 Chapter ten

I skipped going to school yesterday feigning an illness , Today I didn't have to fake being sick, I think I really caught the flu this time, a small part of me was glad that I actually have a solid reason for skipping school today which meant I wouldn't have to see him.....

I felt like never going back to school and even move entirely a new town where I would never have to see him again

"Are you sure you can stay home alone?you don't need me here with you? " mom asked looking at my form on the bed with a doubtful expression

"I'll be fine mom, you can go to work and if I need anything I can just ring you up right?"

She nodded with a smile

"Then I'll be leaving, breakfast is downstairs, be sure to eat and take your medicines okay?"

I nodded and closed my eyes as she walked out of the room....

I didn't realize when I slept off but it was almost noon when i opened my eyes...

I tried lifting myself from the bed but I was just too weak , my skin felt as if it was on fire

"Urgh!" I buried my face back into the pillow...

I don't know how long It has been when I heard footsteps approaching up the stairs.

It couldn't possibly be Ashley, she wouldn't be back from work until six.. but why would mom return home so early?

My thoughts were pushed aside when the door pushed open and he stepped inside....

My eyes got as wide as saucers and I didn't even so as to take a breath

He was dressed in his usual boot ,a pair of jeans and a leather jacket, his dark hair were ruffled like he had been running his fingers through it

He stared at me briefly before he began to take long strides towards me, was it just me or did the room seem to shrink

He came to a halt when he just reached the foot of the bed

"You weren't in school yesterday" he stated as a matter of fact

I sucked in a sharp breath , he was so close....

Too close

Memories of i and ...him.....and what happened the other night flooded my head , I jumped into a sitting position scooting far from him to the end of the bed needing to put some space between us

I winced at the sudden wave of headache that struck

"Are you sick?"

He noticed? And was that concern I heard in his voice?

Even as the thought came ,I almost laughed at it

Hayden concerned about me?

Not a chance in hell

"Why are you here?, just leave" I said trying to sound as firm as I could but It came out as a squeak

I was indeed not fine but his presence right here was much worse, I still couldn't be free from him right here in my house?

We stared at each other for some time and miraculously he was the first to look away

I heaved a sigh when he left the room with heavy footsteps .

Was he gone?

I held a palm against my chest taking in quick breaths

My relief was short lived when I heard his footsteps again

This time he entered with a bowl containing water and a towel plunged on one of his broad shoulders

The way he just moved confidently around my house made me feel very uneasy and angry , he had even came in through the front door, how did he know there was no one at home except me?

"You can't j..just walk around my lik......" My words were swallowed up with the look he shot me and my little found courage vanished into thin air

"Come closer" he said as he kept the bowl containing water on the bedside table

I shook my head in refusal

"I'm still asking nicely, don't make me repeat myself" he stated simply but I could hear the dangerous edge to his tone

"I d..don't need you t..taking care of me, I can do it m..myself"

His gaze narrowed at my words and he advanced a step forward before sitting at the edge of my bed , I scoot backwards even more ,wishing I could just disappear into the wooden frame of the bed

"I'm not asking bunny , now lie down and relax" he said with a hint of a smirk

I wondered what he found amusing.

And did he just say relax?

I could be anything but relaxed at this moment....

"Right now you look like a frightened rabbit, a scared little rabbit, it just makes me want to eat you up, to ravish you until there's nothing left"

My face flushed hard at his words , his gaze was dark as he stared at me unflinchingly , I felt like covering myself up with my duvet to shield myself from his piercing gaze , I was wearing just an old undersized T-shirt with no bra inside , the way his gaze trailed and settled there was unnerving

I nearly sighed out a relief when his gaze traveled back to mine

"But I won't do it...not just yet....for now you just have to do exactly what I tell you"

My heart was thundering so loudly in my chest, what did he meant by those words, do I even want to know?

I laid down stiffly on my back feeling as if the bed was made of nails...

His palms felt cool against my hot skin, I couldn't bear his intense gaze so I shut my eyes closed as he began to cool my burning skin with the cool wet towel....

He stopped for a while and I guessed he was done, I opened my eyes slowly to be met with his outright stare.....I was shocked by our close proximity

His warm breath fanned my cheeks, he brought a finger to brush away a strand of hair that had fallen to my cheeks...

Right now he almost looked as if he cared about he was taking care of a sick girlfriend.....

He blinked and the look was gone, replaced by the blank mask I knew all too well....

"You don't look fine, I think you really need a doctor"

"I'm really f..fine " I croaked out trying to get in a sitting position but failed

"No you are not! you can't even sit yourself up, how can you say you are fine!" He snapped

"I'll be once I take my m...medicines " i said

He was quiet for a while , his gaze was focused hard on something, i followed his gaze down to my hand I had mistakenly cut with his pocket knife the other night

He snatched my arm up to his gaze then snapped it back to mine

"How did you get this? Does it still hurt ?" His gaze was on mine as he circled the injury lightly

"Do you ever care if I'm hurt? Why do you pretend to care now? hate me remember?

As soon as those words left my mouth I instantly regretted it

His gaze hardened as he suddenly lets go of my hand and stood to his feet

"Don't get me wrong, I still despise you so much! but our game has barely begun , you need all the strength you have so you can't get sick, or how will you face what's to come?" He spoke the last part with a cruel smirk

Against my will a shot of fear spiked at my heart

He began to walk away but stopped midway and turned back to face me

"And bunny? Don't ever hurt yourself again, not even by mistake, I don't like any other markings on you except the ones I put there myself"

He stared at me briefly to allow his words sink in

As he stormed out a tear rolled down my cheeks and disappeared into the soft materials of my bed....


Its been a week since that day.....

Since he'd said those words...

Something was different between us, if anything he just ignores me completely

Even when we passed by each other in the hallway this morning he didn't spare me a single glance

Don't get me wrong ,I'm really glad but I still can't help but wonder if he was planning a new game....

Today we are going for our art field project, I had to use this opportunity to make up for my lost test scores .

I suddenly felt the urge to pee so I stood to my feet

"Where are you going? " Lyn asked

"Um...i need to go use the bathroom before we have to leave"

I walked passed the hallway and turned to a corner headed for the bathroom when I almost bumped into two familiar figure....

Hayden and Brittany

She was backed against the wall as they ate at each others face , his fingers roaming about her body.....

I should have left but it felt as if my feet were glued on to the hard floor....

A smirk formed at the corners of his lips as he grabbed as ass tightly and she moaned aloud arching herself to him

I felt a stab of something akin to jealousy run through me

"Have you seen enough!" Brittany's voice snapped me out of my trance..

I could suddenly move, I dashed past them and fled all the way to the bathroom, my heart was pounding wildly as if I had been caught guilty in crime or something

No i wasn't jealous, I don't give a single damn about who he sleeps around with but what if he got infected with some disease and pass it to me?

I just pray he totally forgets about me and ignores me as he'd been doing this past week.

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