The Bully's Obsession/C2 Chapter two
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The Bully's Obsession/C2 Chapter two
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C2 Chapter two

"Hello bunny did you miss me?"

I ignored him and tried to move past him but he gripped my arm almost painfully, he still had that stupid smirk on his face that I just wanted to wipe off

"What? Let go you are hurting me" I squeaked struggling to free my arm from his hold but he only tighten it even more

If he had even heard me, he didn't show any indication

"Aww little bunny finally decided that she has a voice" he said tauntingly

I gave him my harshest glare but he was totally unaffected

"Let me go now" I repeated trying my best to sound firm but failed at it woefully

"Let go of you? But I precisely came back only for you ,I've surely missed you all these time" he replied then he roamed his eyes over my body briefly before returning back to my gaze

"I must say you grew up these two years but you are still just as ugly as I remembered"

As much as I told myself not to be affected by his words it still hurt me, my eyes stung and I had to leave this instant before I disgrace myself by crying in his presence

"Let go of me this instant Hayden" I gritted out trying to push past him with all my strength but he didn't bulge, his smirk only seem to widen

"And if I don't? You know its really laughable seeing that you've grown a back bone " he said laughing, then it was gone replaced by a harsh look as he leaned down and whispered in my ears

"Because it will be fun to slowly break it off this time again and again"

I've told myself many times that I wasn't that weak girl that would allow herself to be intimidated and bullied anymore....

I had to be strong right now or I'm going to spend these last year being under his influence...

I slapped him!

We both looked taken aback for a moment

I really didn't mean to, one moment I had been trapped against him, then the next....

The shocked expansion on his face was priceless...

It seemed time stood between us and counting one... Two.. Three.....

He grasped my shoulders harshly

"You'll pay for that !" He seethed his arm raised up , I closed my eyes preparing myself for the impact, a moment passes, then another but still nothing...

I peered my eyes opened slowly to be met by his forest green ones, for a moment something flashed through his gaze but it was gone so fast before I could decipher what it was..

"Gracie?" A voice broke our trance , he released his hold on my shoulders and walked away..

"Why are you not coming to class? It's been some minutes " Lyn asked but her attention was on Hayden's retreating form

"Are you alright? Why did he stop you this time?" She asked her voice laced in concern

"I'm fine, its nothing, let's get to class" I said

She looked like she was about to argue but nodded unsurely instead....

As we walked to the next class I couldn't stop thinking about what just happened...

What did he meant by he returned just for me? I could still hear his threat in my head "I'll break it all over again and again"

Its been two years,why did he have to return just when I was beginning to get my life back together?m

And worse of all why does he still target me?

I sucked in a deep breath and exhaled loudly, this last year is not going to be an easy one, I'll do my best to stay away from him as much as I could but even as I thought I knew it wouldn't be that easy...


Thankfully we didn't have any other classes together for the rest of the day , when school finally dismissed I had taken a careful scan before dashing into Lyn's car, he was talking to a group of jocks and people from the popular circle, I wondered if he had gotten sight of me, but it doesn't matter ,right now I was safe in Lyn's car..

"Bye!"I said waving to Lyn as she dropped me off In front of my house

I dropped my bag and plunged lazily on the couch

"You are back?" It was mom, she said as she descended down the stairs

"Yeah " I replied resisting the urge to roll my eyes, she was clearly seeing me but still she was asking if I was back

Dad is a journalist while mom works in a hospital as a nurse,he was always traveling, i spend majority of time with mom and of course my oh so "loving " sister Ashley

"I prepared lunch, I have a night shift tonight and I'll be leaving now, Love you" she said kissing both my cheeks

"And when your sister returns be sure to close all the windows and doors, you know tha...."

"I know yeah yeah " I said before she could get started with her long sermons on how it wasn't safe in the neighborhood blah blah...

After a quick shower I skipped downstairs to have lunch , my thoughts kept drifting back to what happened in school today as much as I tried to divert it

I still couldn't believe I slapped him though I couldn't deny that he deserved it, I just prayed that he left me alone after today.

A sigh escaped my lips as I cleared the dishes, Ashley hasn't returned home, for now I'll just go and work on my assignments.

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