The Bully's Obsession/C4 Chapter four
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The Bully's Obsession/C4 Chapter four
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C4 Chapter four

I stared at myself in the mirror and saw a girl with brunette curls, dull gray eyes , i let out a sigh , why couldn't I just be skinny like those cheerleaders , maybe some one like Brittany? I was more on the curvy side and my boobs were a little bit fuller than others deciding to pack my hair in a loosed ponytail i inserted my ear pods , my outfit looked okay to me for a casual evening stroll

It was getting dark outside but It was also quite boring alone at home, the thought just made me wished that that had more siblings the neighborhood was completely safe only my mom think otherwise...

I entered into my favorite restaurant to grab some refreshment, I was halfway into my glass of orange juice when the door opened and some people entered, I didn't pay any mind to it until I heard a very familiar voice

I turned around and nearly spilled my drink, it was Brittany the head cheerleader and some other of the popular circle but they weren't at the center of my attention...

It was him....

What was Hayden doing here?

Thankfully he hasn't seen me yet as they chose a table and placed their other.....

My heart was beating faster than normal and I just couldn't breathe properly, this was weekend where i was supposed to be carefree.....

I inhaled sharply to calm my nerves , everywhere was surrounded and this was outside the school, he couldn't do anything to me but I still just couldn't find the courage to leave despite the fact that my glass was now empty....

But it was getting quite dark outside...

They were at least five tables away from me, perhaps I could just leave without them noticing....?

Could I risk it?

I stood up and began to leave but I wasn't so lucky

"Hey...isn't that Gracie from class ? " I heard was it josh said

They all turned to look at my direction but the pair of gaze that got to me was Hayden, for a moment he looked surprised before it was replaced by a smirk,one I knew only too well....

Deciding to ignore them I dashed out the door and took in quick breaths...I shouldn't have come here, being bored at home is a much better experience.....

I finally reached the alley just close to my home when I heard footsteps behind me

"Running again bunny?" His voice spoke from behind me and I completely froze

I turned around slowly to face him " I wasn't running" I replied but my voice sounded a little too low

He advanced a step forward and I instinctively retreated

"What was that?"

Why wouldn't he just leave me alone !

I decided to ignore him and began to walk away but that was a wrong decision, next my back was slammed against the wall his body pressed tightly against his, my breasts was completely smashed against his hard chest, we were so close I could perceive the smell of his cologne

His hot breath fanned raggedly against my cheeks

"Let me go!" I said struggling against him but he didn't bulge

"You look good held against me like helpless...."

I sucked in a sharp breath when his face inclined a little closer , his gaze trailed over my face and lingered .....his gaze flickered back to mine as his tongue slowly darted out to lick his lips , my stomach tightened and I couldn't move not that i had a place to, his fingers reached to stroke my face but hanged midway , he blinked and his gaze was all mean again ,he shoved away from me so abruptly I lost my balance and fell on the hard floor..

My eyes teared up at the sharp pain

"You are so pathetic and disgusting!" He spat hatefully

His gaze was filled with so much revulsion and hate , what did I ever do to make him look at me like this?

My eyes were beginning to fill up and i just hate it, he was right, I really was pathetic.....

"Why? Why are you doing this to me?" I choked out on an angry sob

"Because you are ugly ,fat and a whore who fucks you need more reasons?" He lashed out

Why was he calling me that? I was still a virgin, I haven't even had my first kiss yet...

"I'm not a whore " I said trying to get back to my feet

"Really? Then shall we prove that right now ?" He said with a mocking stare , before I could begin to comprehend his words he yanked me up to him by the arm and once again I was trapped

"What do you think you are doing!" I cried in alarm then gasped when he began to suck at my neck, his fingers found its way under my skirt and into my panties

"Your cunt is probably wet right now"he whispered hotly , his breath fanned against my neck....

I shook my head wildly at his dirty words and began to fight against him when he began to finger at my clit

"Please let go..."

A cry escaped my lips at the sudden burst of pleasure that zipped through me, I had never felt anything like this before, unwillingly as if my hips had a control of its own I began to grind against him

I didn't want this so why was my body reacting this way

"You want more? You are so wet for me"

I closed my eyes on a choked sob when he increased the pressure of his hands

I meant to say no but i could only moan in response

Then I felt a wave of pleasure building, a sob escaped my mouth as his fingers fucked me into an unwilling orgasm...

My legs shook badly and I had to cling on to him for support....

Then a wave of shame washed through me, how did I managed to completely lose control like that , thankfully it was quite dark and we were completely alone but still.....

His fingers pulled away from me as he pushed away from me, holding my gaze I watched in horror as he brought his glistening fingers wet with my juices to his lips

"You are such a slut Gracie" he sneered before he began to walk away

I hated myself and him so much right this moment, I should have fought harder against him....

I got home locking the door behind me and went straight to my room , i had to put an end to all of these but how ?

It has to stop before he completely ruins me....

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