The Bully's Obsession/C5 Chapter five
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The Bully's Obsession/C5 Chapter five
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C5 Chapter five


Today was Monday, i kept wishing today wouldn't come but wishes don't always come true.....

I didn't sleep well since Saturday, the vision of Hayden driving me to an orgasm kept replaying in my head , shame couldn't describe how I feel...

Perhaps I should just fake an illness and ditch school today? But for how long? sometime or the other I would have to see him unless I transfer to another school which didn't sound like a bad idea right this moment....

I grabbed my books and made my way down the stairs, I didn't think I could stomach it so I decided to skip breakfast

"You are so quiet, are you all right?" Lyn spoke up on our drive to school

"I just didn't grab enough sleep"

It wasn't a lie, but I totally wasn't alright, not when the car came to a screeching halt.....

My stomach was cramped with nerves right now, I took a breath to steady myself....

As we walked inside I felt as if I was been stared at, I turned my head and sure enough his piercing gaze was on me , he stood tall among a group of jocks who were discussing some stuff in loud voices

I quickly averted my gaze feeling blood rush into my face, I scurried into the hallway his burning gaze still boring holes into my back


I chewed on the base of my pen as Mrs Clark continued her history class, I wouldn't say I was paying attention when a pair pair of intense blue gaze was pinned on me the whole class......

I just want this class to end as quickly as possible, I looked up when my name was mentioned

"Miss Evans would you mind seeing me at my office after this class is over?" she said and I nodded

Immediately the bell rang I packed my stuff, I tried not to look in his direction as I prepared to follow Mrs Clark to her office

"Graciela you are such a bright student,but I noticed that your test and assignment scores are dropping, is there a problem with you?"

"I really want to help you ,you are my best student but even in class today I noticed that you were absent minded, can you tell me what it is, does he have anything to do with Hayden McAndrew returning?"

My eyes widened in surprise at her words

"Of course I'm not blind, he keeps staring at you, are your grades dropping because you entered a relationship with him?"

"No!" I blurted out

"I'm not in any relationship with him, at least not the kind you are thinking of, h...he bullies and make my life difficult all t..the time"

Her gaze softened at my words and she patted my shoulders gently

"I'm really so sorry, but these things are often common in schools,you shouldn't let it affect you, he'll stop before you know it"

"He won't! " I cried

"You don't know him...can you really help me Mrs Clark? maybe speak to him or something or perhaps......"

"Calm down, take a deep breath Gracie....Alright I'll see what I can do"she said

I exhaled loudly, perhaps if she speaks to him .......

I felt relieved so at this moment.....

"But you must make up for your low test scores in this upcoming class excursion ,you want to get into a good university don't you?"

"Thank you so much" i said much gratefully before she dismissed me....

Lunch break was almost over so I skipped going to the cafeteria but if I were to admit I just don't want to be in the same confinement as him.....

I entered inside the bathroom to freshen up a bit, I stared at my expression , I was eating less lately but I still wasn't seeing any difference , I was still the same.....fat and ugly....


Thankfully he wasn't in my next class and the next and finally the bell rang for dismissal , I packed my books into my locker and proceeded outside where Lyn was already waiting for me, but I didn't get to reach her when i felt a harsh grip on my arm

"Hayden let go of me!"

Without saying a word he continued dragging me until we stopped before an expensive looking car which I guessed was his....

"Get out"he said rudely to Brittany who was just outside the door

She looked at me with a disgusted look before turning back to Hayden

"Why are you with her?"

"No questions just move!" He snapped , she let out an annoyed huff but moved away

"Listen, I'm not g..going anywhere w..with you, what do you t..think you are doing!"

He shoved me inside the front passenger seat and locked it before I could come out , sliding into the drivers seat he zoomed off

"Where are you taking me!" I yelled

"I didn't think you were so dumb ,,you actually reported me ?" He spoke in a voice dangerously low

My next words choked up in my throat at the way his eyes burned intensely at me, I couldn't get what he was thinking right now....


"What did you think? That you'll be free of me by stupidly reporting me to that fucking teacher....we haven't even started bunny, I'm going to break you again and again until you completely vanish "

A sob escaped my mouth at his words

"Don't you fucking cry! I really wanted to be nice to you today but you just have to go and run your big mouth" he seethed

"What are you going to do? I shouldn't have reported ,I'm really sorry" I whispered like the weak person i was

"You are sorry? No when I finish with you you'll really be sorry " he said with a sinister expression and drove the car to a screeching halt....

I looked about desperately to see we were in the middle of no where , he'd stopped just beside the highway and only few cars were driving past

If he really decides to hurt me right here I don't think anyone would notice...

"H..Hayden p..please I'm r...really sorry, I'll do anything you say right now please just take me home" I begged under his mean gaze

"You want to go home?" I nodded vigorously at his words

"Since your mouth got you into this mess don't you think you should be punished?"

A tear escaped from my eyes when he began to lean close

"You know on that first day I saw you i thought you finally grew a back bone , I never knew you were still such a crybaby, I'll let you go"

I heaved a sigh of relief but it didn't last long

"Only after you get punished , give me a blowjob " he said

"W..what does that mean?" I asked in confusion

He looked amused and surprised at my words

"A whore like you don't know what it means? I'm asking you to suck my cock"


I looked up at him shocked then shook my head wildly in denial

"Suck my cock right now and right here and I'll let you go"

"No ..please..j..just let me go! "

I started trying at the door before I remembered he'd locked it

A cry escaped my lips when he pulled on my ponytail harshly

"I'm not going to force you but don't you want all these to stop? I'll leave you alone if you do it"

He was asking me to do such a dirty thing so that he would stop stop bullying me?

"But if not......" He left his threat hanging in the air

If I just do it he would leave me alone?

"You'll really let me go?" I sniffed

"Then get to business" he said

My fingers shook under his watchful gaze

"Be fast before I change my mind" he snapped and I jolted

"I don't know how to" I whispered

"Open my zip and take out my cock and suck on it isn't so hard is it?"

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