The Bully's Obsession/C6 Chapter six
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The Bully's Obsession/C6 Chapter six
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C6 Chapter six

I leaned down to him, I looked down and for the first time noticing the huge tent in his trousers , i felt so disgusted and humiliated

My hands shook badly as I opened the flyer of his zip...

His free cock suddenly sprang out and slapped against my cheeks, he must have found it funny because the corners of his lips quirked

My eyes widened in sheer horror , it was so huge, thick and very rigid ,angry veins ran from the edge to the tip, the tip was glistening with some slimy liquid...

No...I couldn't do this ...I won't

He noticed my hesitation and snapped

"Now! Or i swear I'll make your life a living hell!"

I slowly brought my fingers to touch it and it twitched badly against my hand taking me by complete surprise...

"Now lick it like you do to an ice cream"

"Hayden p...please"


A sob of humiliation escaped my lips as I brought my tongue over the tip , a hissed escaped his mouth and i wondered if he was in some sort of pain

"Now use your hands"

His fingers guided mine as he began to run my fingers along the full length of his shaft

"Like that..." He said with a loud groan...

I began to stroke his full length as I tried my best to do as told

I pulled back to get some air but he forced my head back in

His cock began to swell my mouth ,filling my cheeks as it became more rigid

"Yes, suck it like the good fat cunt you are" he said

Tears of humiliation and degradation just kept falling but he didn't care..

He wounded his hands around my hair as he forced his complete length into my mouth, I began to gag violently at the sudden intrusion, his length was at the back of my throat as he kept pumping in and out of my throat groaning out his pleasure, his balls slapped furiously against my jaw

"I'm going to cum" he said breathlessly through clenched teeth and the next thing a jet of hot salty liquid shot down my throat, I gaged at the taste and struggled to pull away but his grip on my head tightened

"You are going to swallow every single drop "

He thrust a few more times into my throat filling my mouth with more of his seed before he finally pulled away and I could finally breathe

"Swallow the rest of it now!"

I shook my head at him pleadingly but he was merciless, I unwillingly gulped down a mouthful of his semen and he looked thoroughly satisfied

I was relieved when he tucked his half hard cock back inside his jeans

"Next time don't go around running your mouth"

I cried through out the drive home,i could still feel and taste him in my throat....

He didn't say anything as I just sobbed , finally the car pulled to a stop, I glanced up to see we were at the front of my house

How did he know the direction to my house

"I know many things about you Graciela, you better don't play smart with me"

"You'll keep your promise .. You'll leave me alone r..right?" I whispered brokenly

"If you don't want me to fuck that mouth again I suggest you get off right now!" He snapped rudely

"No you can't say this! I did everything you wanted!" I cried searching his gaze desperately

"I never made a fucking promise bunny, I said to suck my dick, I didn't say it was going to be just once"

I raised my hands angrily to hit him but he caught it at mid air and used I to yank me to him

"I allowed that once, if you really try that again you're going to be in deep shit, don't say I didn't warn you!" He said through clenched teeth and let's go of me abruptly

"Your sister is here"

I looked to really see Ashley staring at us from our front door curiously, she couldn't see anything considering that the car was tinted

Again how did he know Ashley? He said he knows a lot of things about me...

I got out of the car and watched as he drove off, why did I ever trust him to keep his words....

He was succeeding in breaking me, right this moment I felt numb, the only thing I felt was hatred and anger at myself, why was I so weak, two years ago he'd been my tormentor but this time it was to a whole new level

"O my freaking goodness! Who was that!" Ashley exclaimed as I made my way inside

"Was it a boy? You've gotten a boyfriend?"

I could only stare at her blankly , deciding to ignore her I walked upstairs to the safety of my room, I entered the bathroom and caught my reflection I the mirror, I looked so tired , used and the most of all broken..

I grabbed my toothbrush and began to scrub vigorously at my mouth, scrubbing away every musky taste of him that lingered...

How could he be so cruel to me? What did I ever do to deserve it?

I rinsed my mouth thoroughly and walked back into my room, I fell straight to my bed trying to block the images replaying inside my head

It took quite a time before I remembered I've forgotten my backpack and purse inside his car......

I closed my eyes and some moments later I fell into a dreamless sleep.....


As I walked in the school hall the next day I couldn't help feel that people knew about my dirty secret, I took my books from my locker prepared for the beginning of first period when a feminine voice spoke from behind me

"Hey nerd"

I turned to face Brittany, i was slightly surprised because she usually ignore "us" the so called nerd until now....

"Do you need something?"

"What's between you and Hayden" she asked crossing both her arms

Why was she asking me that? There was totally nothing between us except maybe from hate

"Nothing" I replied

"Don't lie to me! I saw you both the other day" she sneered

"You always pretend to be so innocent but I was watching when you were moaning like a bitch while he fingered you the other night"

I looked around if anyone was listening because her voice was a little too loud

So she saw us that night at the alley?

"Stay the fuck away from him! He always fucks around with sluts like you but at the end he always returns back to me"

I was truly horrified , she knows he was sleeping around so why was she still with him

I really don't want anything to do with him, I only want to graduate and I definitely am not going to sleep with him...

"You are mistaken, I rea....." I started when she cuts in

"Save it slut! Just stay away from my boyfriend"

She pushed past me roughly intentionally scattering my books all over the floor...

I bent down and began to pick them when a pair of hands joined me

"I saw what she just did , are you alright?" Lyn asked concern written all over her face

Did she really hear all Brittany had just said? I thought nervously

"I don't want to ask, you can tell me whenever you feel like"

I gratefully nodded before she pulled me into a hug

"Its going to be fine Gracie"

I could only hope so....


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