The Bully's Obsession/C7 Chapter seven
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The Bully's Obsession/C7 Chapter seven
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C7 Chapter seven


As much as I didn't want to see him nor speak to him I still needed my phone back which was inside my backpack..

It was lunch break now and I sat at our usual table along with Jasper ,Lyn and Clarissa but I was completely absent minded, I kept thinking of how to approach him for my stuff,perhaps I should just leave it with him?

So far today he hasn't hasn't done anything ,I just felt his unflinching stare continually during the two classes I had with him...

I probably should meet him when it was still quiet busy, I don't want to be completely alone with him ever again, I still couldn't get over what he'd done to me yesterday....

The bell sounded that lunch break was over, the cafeteria started to get empty as students began to head out

"Bye, see you both in class" Clarissa said gathering her stuff followed by Lyn who shot me a little smile before accompanying Clarissa

"You were so quiet, are you okay?" Jasper asked

"Of course I am, why wouldn't I be?"

He shrugged slightly "I don't know, shall we head to class?"

I nodded and got to my feet, I just couldn't meet Hayden now, I'll have to meet him later, I thought , the thought of being alone with him scared the shits out of me....


I entered the bathroom and turned on the tap to wash my hands water , I could hear some girls chartering in the next stall

"There are rumors that his family is involved with the mafia"

"He's just too mysterious ,Brittany he's your boyfriend right , can't you tell us if the rumors are true or not?" Another said

Were they discussing about Hayden

"That isn't any of your concerns!" I heard a voice i recognized as Brittany's snapped

"Why do you sound so upset?" Another voice which I presumed was her friend's asked

Without waiting to hear her reply i walked out of the bathroom , I only knew Hayden's parents were very rich, I never knew they had a connection with the mafia, but then what did I know about him except from the fact that he hates me and makes my life hell? And again these rumors about him is none of my business...


My legs faltered as I approached him,he stood just outside the door of his car ,a cigarette on his hands, I almost missed a step when his gaze fell on me, I was already here , I should as well get on with it

"What are you doing here?" He sneered coldly as soon as I got to him

My fingers clammed up and I broke out in a nervous mess

"I..I ..want to g..get my b..backpack, i forgot it in y..your car " I managed out under his burning gaze, his gaze traveled down my features and finally

settled back on my lips

"Why are you stuttering? Are you scared bunny?" As he spoke he took an intimidating step forward

I moved backwards cowardly "please just g..give me my b..backpack"

In two of his quick strides the distance between us was covered , I started to move back when he grasped my arm, he threw his cigarette to the ground and smashed on it....

"You always beg, always acting so pathetic and helpless it makes you so hateful!" he spat tightening his hold on my arm so painfully tight I was sure it was going to leave a bruise

I made a huge mistake, I shouldn't have come to him ,but he had been just calm moments ago

"Just stop it!"

"What do you gain by saying those hurtful words to hurt me ? I may be fat, i may be ugly but I also have the right to live! Just let me live my life" I yelled , I don't know where the courage came from but I feel a little better about myself

To my surprise he released his hold on me and walked to his car to produce my backpack and purse ....

For a moment something I couldn't decipher flashed through his gaze before it disappeared

Was it really over? I really prayed he just hands it to me without any further problem

His gaze was locked to mine as he approached me again..

"You made a mistake bunny, one of the things i hate most is being yelled at" he said with a cruel smirk

"You wanted this? then pick it up"

Next thing he emptied the contents of my backpack to the ground just a few distance from his feet

"What ?don't want want it anymore?" He mocked

I clenched my fists tightly when he stepped on my phone and I heard a cracking sound

I reached for him blindly without thinking and shoved at his chest

"What did you just do! You are so mean and a bully!"

"Those were the only words you could think of ?unwillingly to get your mouth dirty ? But you already did when you took my dick deep inside your throat remember?" He mocked

I blinked back tears of anger and slapped him hard right across the cheek, right this moment i just didn't care about the consequences

He jaws twitched and his gaze hardened with a more darker shade of green, like now it was like a brewing storm of an ocean, I took an unwilling step backwards but I didn't regret my action

The air between us was very tensed as our gazes clashed, I couldn't look away even if I wanted to, my heart was pounding too fast against my chest

"I warned you that you'll regret it if you ever tried to slap me again"he seethed between clenched teeth ,the burning rage i saw in his gaze made me retreat another step

"Gracie?" A voice from behind me broke our trance

It was Jasper, I had never in my entire life been so relieved to see him, his gaze centered over my scattered belongings on the floor before it focused on Hayden

"Why are you troubling her? Aren't you ashamed bullying a girl? Didn't your mother teach you how to treat a girl?" He said angrily

Hayden's expression turned completely blank, all evidence of his anger was cleared from his features

"You better stay out of this " he said in an icy tone

"And I think you should stay away from her"Jasper replied

The air was getting tensed all over again, I wanted to avoid a repeat of last time as much as possible

"Jasper please let's just go" i said clinging on to his arms...

Hayden stared at Jasper and for a moment something murderous flashed through his gaze then it was gone

"Yeah let's go, come on I'll get you another phone "

As we walked away I didn't know why I looked back , there was something in Hayden's gaze that promised retribution ,his gaze was so dark and intense I felt i would be consumed by it.

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