The Bully's Obsession/C8 Chapter eight
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The Bully's Obsession/C8 Chapter eight
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C8 Chapter eight

"Ashley mentioned that a boy dropped you off the other day?" Mom asked breaking the silence, I almost choked on the food i was chewing, I shot Ashley an accusing look which she returned with a smirk

"You don't need to look like that, you're going to turn eighteen in a few weeks, I'm just bothered that you have very little social life , you barely even hang out with your friends these days is everything okay with you?"

I wanted to tell her that i wasn't, that I have a cruel ,sick manipulative bully who just wouldn't stop but I didn't, instead I replied with a slight smile

"Just busy with school work that's why" I replied instead

"So about the boy? What's his name ?"

Why wouldn't she just drop this?

"His name is Hayden McAndrew and mom we aren't friends" I say standing up from the dinner table

I thought I saw something flash across her gaze , and did her face seem to get a little paler?, I was probably mistaken

"Did you say McAndrew?"

I nodded slowly wondering why she was asking but she said nothing else

"Mom is everything okay?"

" I'm just tired and want to retire to my room now " she stood to her feet abruptly and walked away

Ashley and i shared strange looks,mom never went to bed before us, this was really a first...

I guessed she must be really so tired then..

Entering my room I decided to have a shower, my thoughts kept on diverting to him in as much as I didn't want to think about him, I still wondered what he would have done if Jasper hadn't come between us, but I still wasn't safe, I would still have to see him tomorrow and god help me then.

Stepping out of the shower , i wrapped a towel around myself and proceeded back to my room, my fingers found the light switch ,I hadn't bothered in switching it on when I first came in...

I immediately saw him lounging on my bed and felt my heart leaped out of my chest, I stopped myself from screaming just in time or mom would have been alerted

My feet were glued where I stood , I nearly peed myself when his predatory gaze traveled from my head down to my breasts, my nipples were clearly pointing out in the flimsy towel, his gaze visible darkened as it lingered on my exposed thighs...

"How d..did you get in" I shrieked

His gaze locked back to mine once again

"Close the door" he commanded in a low tone , my hairs stood on ends at the icy rage in his voice

Closing the door would leave no way out for me, I would be trapped here with him helplessly but I didn't want to get him even more angry..

My feet shook as I moved to close the door

"Lock it and come here" his icy tone had a whimper escaping my mouth

I locked the door but didn't go to him, I knew he was here to hurt me, to punish me for earlier

"If I get you myself ,I assure you wouldn't like what I'll do to you"

I took a step at his threat , as I walked towards him tears began to cascade from my eyes

"I'm sorry a..a..bout, p..please don't hurt" i managed in between sobs

His cold expression changed into a sneer

"I'm sick and tired of your whining , I haven't even done anything yet"

I stopped at the foot of the bed on which he sprawled on , his size made my bed looked very tiny,his predatory gaze watching my every move...

My whole body trembled with fear but at the same time there was a tightening in my lower stomach which I didn't quite understand

He got to a sitting position and got his boot planted on the carpeted floor

"Closer" he said patting his thigh, he really wasn't expecting me to sit there did he?

"Now!" He gritted through clenched teeth and I automatically obeyed, he grasped a handful of my hair between his fingers as he inhaled strongly on my neck

"I would say I hate hurting you but that would be a complete lie...are you ready to be punished? "

Now my tears were flowing uncontrollably, I stilled when something cold touched my throat....I was stricken in terror when I realized it was a knife

I began to struggle against him but his other arm was fastened tight around me, I didn't stop until I heard him groan and felt something hard poke at my butt

"Right now even your life is in my hands bunny "

I whimpered at his words and my whole body shook with terror when he pressed it dangerously close

"You want to live?"

How could he even ask something like that?

I nodded my head vigorously

"Then beg me..." He spoke icily

What did he mean by that?

I didn't get time to figure it out when the knife nicked at my neck painfully ,I was sure it drew blood

"Hayden p..please ...I'm really s....sorry, I b..beg of you..d..don't hurt me"

He closed his eyes briefly inhaling deeply as if in pleasure..

"What are you sorry for?"

"I'm sorry for slapping" i whimpered

His gaze snapped open

"Is that all? "

I tried to remember anything else but nothing came up

"You fucking thought that pussy would be able to save you from me!"he sneered

Was he talking about Jasper ?

"Is he your boyfriend!"


"You should avoid him from now onwards or heaven help both of you if I ever see you with him again"his voice became dangerously low

"The things I want to do to you, if you knew you'll run as fast as you can but then you can't get away from me Gracie" his fingers played with the top of my towels as he spoke

Then suddenly he flipped our positions and the next thing my back hits the bed I was trapped underneath him

"What punishment do you think you deserve? I should probably fuck your pussy so hard until you bleed dry, I'm sure a bitch like you will surely like that "

I was caged between the muscles of his arms and flattened to the bed by the weight of his hips

"Hayden I..I'm sorry " I pleaded

A cruel smirk spread on his face as his fingers groped painfully at my thighs and his tongue found my neck, he sucked at it painfully , nibbling biting roughly , he shoved at my towels revealing my lower parts , my pussy and ass bare to his hungry and leering gaze , his fingers groped at my exposed bottom and a hiss of pain escaped my lips

I wanted to beg him to stop but I knew he wouldn't listen to me, as he abused my body tears could only escape my eyes and sipped into the soft mattress, I should probably scream for my mom and sister downstairs but I just couldn't, I couldn't voice out anything, right this moment I felt ruined , maybe I brought this upon myself, I shouldn't have resisted him in anyway

If only I just obeyed and submitted to him completely perhaps he wouldn't be hurting me like this, if I tried to please him then he wouldn't be this merciless to me right?

I slowly reached my fingers to the fly of his zip and opened it, he stopped for a moment to stare at him

"I'm r..really s..sorry , I'll o..obey you from now on, p..please don't hurt me anymore,I'll do e..everything you say" I sobbed taking out his cock, I still couldn't get to how huge it is, my fingers wrapped around it weren't touching each other..

I began to stroke it,I don't know what I was doing but at least he no longer appeared mad at me

"Can I s..suck it ?" I stuttered sniffling aloud

He looked really surprised at my words , he let's go of me and took a sitting position on the bed, I took a deep breath and stared at the head of his cock which kept oozing out some whitish liquid

I licked the pearly liquid and a harsh groan escaped his mouth , I had barely taken just the head in but my mouth already felt so full, but I didn't want to disappoint him, he'll hurt me again if I did....

I gagged when I tried to take him a little dipper, I kept swallowing the salty liquid that kept oozing out...

His eyes were closed and his breathing was ragged , I ran my tongue over from the base to the tip like I do my ice cream , my fingers fondled his balls and his breathing became more heavier, he was panting heavily now, he wounded my hair about his hands painfully tight and thrusted his complete length, hitting the base of my throat, each thrust was harder than the last, i couldn't breath at all, my eyes stung with tears at his brutally, he kept groaning in pleasure at my sufferings , i just wanted everything to be over....

He started to swell in my mouth then I felt the first shot load at the back of my throat before he pushed away from my mouth, the next shot landed straight on my face , he continued until my hair and eye lids dripped with it

Then he pushed me off him so roughly

"You are really such a bitch " he sneered hatefully

Moments after he left through the window I stayed motionless in my position, the tears had stopped coming.. I felt used, ruined and worse of all broken....

My gaze caught on the knife he'd thrown to a corner of the room, I walked towards it and picked it up

He was so cruel and ruthless...

I was only just a fat and ugly girl , why does he treat me like this?




the words kept replaying in my head then I felt a sharp sting on my hand....

I looked down to see blood oozing from my hand, I had just cut myself....

But somehow the pain provided some sort of relief from the burning pain deep inside of me

I ran to the bathroom and turned on water and inserted my bleeding hand, I caught a reflection of myself, my hair still had his sperm on it....

The evidence of his abuse....

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