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?Inside the horse carriage sat a man whose wounds were not even bandaged, and a young man who was cutting some cloths. On the other hand, Huan Moche was going to take care of what happened next.

"Crown Prince, I can do it myself!" Leng Yufeng looked at the piece of cloth in the crown prince's hand and said embarrassedly. He knew that the crown prince was trying to bandage his wounds, but when he thought of how the crown prince was going to bandage his wounds, Leng Yufeng could not calm down.

"Huh?" Shang Wuxin playfully smiled, the crescent moon shaped eyes seemed to be reflected in the sunlight. It was clear and bright, flowing with light and overflowing with color.

After Shang Wuxin passed the piece of cloth to Leng Yufeng, she looked at Leng Yufeng without blinking, to the point where his neck turned red. He held the piece of cloth in his hand and gritted his teeth as he said, "Crown Prince, please excuse me. I want to take off my clothes to bandage my wounds!"

He had countless of wounds of different sizes in the army camp. At that time, he would directly bandage her wounds in front of He Lanjin and the others, but now that he was looked at in such a manner by the crown prince, Leng Yufeng didn't know what he was feeling uncomfortable about.

"Hmm?" Not only did Shang Wuxin not avoid them, she sat in front of them and stared straight at Leng Yufeng while ridiculing him in her voice, "Everyone here is a man, what is there to be shy about? When did the General Leng become so obedient? "

Leng Yufeng was choked by the crown prince's words, thinking that since they were both men, what was there to be afraid of? If he was making a fuss, the crown prince would probably see through his thoughts.

As Leng Yufeng thought about this, he took off his damaged outer robe and the black robe on the inside, revealing his strong and perfect upper body. Broad shoulders narrow waist, perfect inverted triangle gold figure. Leng Yufeng's skin was the healthy color of wheat. Shang Wuxin had always known that Leng Yufeng's body was very good, but she was still a little surprised when she saw it. Leng Yufeng's body naturally did not lack muscles, but those muscles were not exaggerated at all.

If not for her current identity, Shang Wuxin really wanted to touch Leng Yufeng's perfect figure. Of course, she wasn't lusting after men, but a beautiful person was worth admiring, let alone such a charming man.

Leng Yu Feng didn't dare to look at the crown prince after he took off his clothes, he knew that there were many scars on his body. He used to think that it was normal for men to have scars, he never thought that it was necessary for them to marry each other.

Because the wound was on his back, and even with the look in the crown prince's eyes, Leng Yufeng still wasn't able to bandage it properly even after bandaging it for half a day. Instead, it became more and more awkward, causing Leng Yufeng to have the urge to get off the carriage and have someone else bandage it.

"Let me try. Although I don't want to admit it, General Leng can still be considered my benefactor!" As Shang Wuxin spoke, she took the piece of cloth from Leng Yufeng's hand and slowly approached Leng Yufeng. When Leng Yufeng wanted to retreat, he realized that he couldn't back up the carriage at all.

Shang Wuxin came over to squat in front of Leng Yufeng as she held a piece of cloth and bandaged Leng Yufeng's body. Because of Shang Wuxin's small and tall figure, it was as if Shang Wuxin was hugging Leng Yufeng at this moment.

Leng Yufeng didn't even dare move an inch. He only felt that as long as he stretched his hand out, he would be able to carry the crown prince into his chest. The crown prince's slightly cold breath sprayed onto his chest, and the slightly cold fingers behind his back would occasionally brush against his skin. Leng Yufeng's mouth suddenly became dry, and more importantly, he could faintly feel his body recovering. This was a feeling that he never had before.

He had never been impulsive towards a girl before, and naturally neither a man. However, at this moment, he really wanted to kiss the crown prince's lips.

Shang Wuxin was very good at bandaging such things. After bandaging Leng Yufeng's wounds, she raised her head. But unexpectedly, because Leng Yufeng had always been looking down at Shang Wuxin, and because of Shang Wuxin's bandaging, his head had always been lowered. Now that Shang Wuxin had raised her head, Leng Yufeng still had not reacted, as a result, Leng Yufeng's lips pressed against Shang Wuxin's forehead.

Leng Yufeng could feel the delicate skin beneath his lips, making him unable to even blink. His entire senses were placed under his lips.

Shang Wuxin also did not expect that the moment she raised her head, she would actually be kissed by Leng Yufeng, and after being stunned for a moment, Shang Wuxin suddenly pushed Leng Yufeng away, her face turning extremely ugly, if not for the fact that he was helping her and his identity, she would have unhesitatingly killed him.

Leng Yufeng's back collided with the carriage after being pushed aside by the crown prince, causing the wound on his back to instantly hurt. However, Leng Yufeng did not mind, as he knew that the crown prince, who was sitting far away with a cold face, was carefully opening his mouth, "Sorry, I ? I didn't do it on purpose! "

Shang Wuxin also knew that Leng Yufeng didn't do it on purpose, and that she was a man now. It was just that some of the nightmares she had in her previous life reminded her of her past pain, which was why her reaction was so huge.

"No problem!" After Shang Wuxin consoled her, she sat opposite of Leng Yufeng and closed his eyes.

And when Leng Yufeng saw that the crown prince did not seem to hate him at all, he had always savored that kiss just now in his heart.

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