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The weather in the capital was especially good today. There were no clouds in the sky, and the sun was hanging high in the sky without being stingy.

"Didn't you say that the crown prince will be back today? Why haven't I seen it yet! " A well-dressed lady stood in the crowd, tiptoeing from time to time, looking into the distance.

"Yes, yes. Why isn't the Crown Prince back yet?" I never knew that the Crown Prince was so capable! " The other woman said with admiration as well.

"What do you think the crown prince looks like?" "I've always heard people say that the crown prince was extremely cowardly, but now, I know that it's just a rumor. I wonder if the crown prince is very handsome?" The group of women were all curiously pondering.

This was because Shang Wuxin's achievements in the Phoenix City had already been spread out for everyone to know, and the citizens of the Phoenix City had intentionally written a book containing tens of thousands of people to send to the capital, to thank the crown prince for his help, to the point where the crown prince had been praised as a god.

And no matter if it was the young miss of an official or a girl from a big family, no one was willing to marry into the Crown Prince's Palace, and no one adored the crown prince either. But after listening to the different rumors about the crown prince, to the point where the banquet for the crown prince's birthday was full of bold words to benefit the citizens, the women of the capital were all looking forward to see the crown prince and many of them were even thinking of marrying into the Crown Prince's Palace.

Meanwhile, the emperor was sitting in the royal curtain on top of the city walls, while the ministers stood outside. It was a pity that the crown prince had caused such a sensation. Usually, when the emperor personally welcomed them, only the generals returned victorious. The princes had never had such honor; the Crown Prince was the first.

"Why hasn't the crown prince returned yet? Don't you know that the Imperial Father is waiting on the city gate tower?" Shang Chenzhao said unhappily. He was originally enjoying himself in Xiao Cui's room, in the largest brothel Star Pavilion in the capital, but he received a subordinate request to come meet his hateful brother. If it wasn't for the fact that Imperial Father was here today, he wouldn't have left.

No one dared to reply to Shang Chenzhao's complaints. If they had used the crown prince's incompetence to slander the crown prince in front of the emperor, then after a few days of investigation, they found out that the crown prince was just a sleeping tiger. Who would dare to pee on a tiger's head? Even if the Emperor's attitude was still unclear, based on the protection the General Leng and the Young Master Huan had for the crown prince, who would dare to underestimate this kind of assistance?

At this moment, no one could see the expression on the face of the emperor. The commoners below could only see a bright yellow palanquin parked on top of the city walls.

"Crown Prince!" Someone shouted loudly. Then, rows after rows of armored soldiers slowly walked towards the capital. However, no one saw the crown prince, who was already famous in the capital, or the General Leng.

As the thousands of soldiers slowly approached, everyone could see that a carriage was being driven among the soldiers. The thousands of soldiers protected the carriage in the middle, so no one could guess that the crown prince was on the carriage. Although many people were not happy with the crown prince's attitude, they still thought that the General Leng and the Young Master Huan were also on the carriage, and no one objected.

The soldiers stopped in their tracks. In front of everyone, a man dressed in blue walked out of the carriage, and many women blushed. This man was the number one Young Master, Huan Moche.

With a delicate and pretty face, black hair and a jade crown, a blue lakeshore with golden threads embedded with a python picture embroidered on it, and white fingers holding onto a fan made of fine clothing, Huan Moche smiled gently as he walked down from the horse station and walked out of the carriage.

Immediately after, another man walked out from the carriage. As soon as the man walked out, many ministers were shocked, they did not expect the General Leng to not ride a horse with the crown prince, it seemed that the relationship between the crown prince and General Leng was really good.

Leng Yufeng was dressed in black silk clothes, which, coupled with her robust body, made her extremely beautiful features look even more intimidating. With every step she took, she gave off an indescribable pressure, making it hard for one to breathe.

"It's actually General Leng!" The voices of the commoners continued to ring out.

"I actually saw the Young Master Huan!" A girl exclaimed in surprise.

At the same time, Leng Yufeng and Huan Moche, who had already gotten off the horse carriage, opened the carriage curtain slightly. With such an attitude, the things that should have been done by their subordinates were now done by a proud son of heaven, causing many to be shocked.

At this moment, a figure walked out from the carriage. Everyone in the crowd was astonished to see the crown prince.

The youth slowly walked out of the carriage. Her skin was white like snow, and her eyebrows were slightly knitted. Her nose was slender and her lips were perfect. Her long black hair was tied up in a bun on top of her head and was tied up tightly with an exquisite white jade crown. Her facial features were extraordinarily handsome, and she wore an ordinary white embroidered robe which made her look very dignified.

Like a fleeting moment, the crown prince left the crowd's line of sight and walked up the city wall. The women who had originally been infatuated with the crown prince were all infatuated with his appearance, but after a few glances, they could see that he had already left. The mysteriousness of the departure made them even more infatuated.

"Wuxin, Xin'er..." The corner of the red clothed man's lips leaked out a intimate voice. He was the only one capable of calling her Xin'er in such a strong tone behind her back. These days, after he finished what Wuxin wanted him to do, he was prepared to go to the Phoenix City to find her. However, in the end, he did not go because he needed to calm down and think deeply about why he was like that.

Therefore, even though he was trying his best to restrain his yearning and rush to find Wuxin, forcefully staying in the capital for the past few days, Han Xuanhao was originally a smart and terrifying man. Even though he had never experienced love or women before, after analyzing his mind, Han Xuanhao knew that he might not like the crown prince, nor was he interested in him, but rather, he loved him deeply. Even if that person was a man, even if he was very clear about how heartless the crown prince was, he still uncontrollably loved this kind of youth.

"Xin'er, what do you think I should do?" As Han Xuanhao looked at the figure on the city gate tower, even a single figure was able to make him feel a deep sense of warmth.

Shang Wuxin, Leng Yufeng and Huan Moche walked up the city gate tower, and the three of them slightly bowed in salute: "Participate in Imperial Father!" "Your majesty!"

Inside the imperial sedan chair, no one had imagined the emperor to be happy in his praise. All they could hear was the emperor's cold voice, "The crown prince has done a very good job this time. I am very pleased!" There's a banquet at night in the palace to welcome the crown prince, General Leng and Young Master Huan! "

No one had expected that the Crown Prince would be so cold after making such a great contribution. This confirmed the fact that the Crown Prince was not favored. The princes looked at the crown prince with ridicule, while Leng Yufeng and Huan Moche looked at the crown prince with concern, but the crown prince still stood there motionlessly and modestly, as if the emperor's attitude did not affect her mood at all.

The emperor had only said one sentence before he left the city gate tower. All the officials were also stunned by the emperor's attitude and didn't know whether they should go and congratulate the crown prince on his return, but before they could make up their minds, the crown prince had already left the city gate tower and returned to the Crown Prince's Palace.

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