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"Crown Prince!" Steward Hai looked at Shang Wuxin with teary eyes the moment Shang Wuxin entered the Crown Prince's Palace, and then said with a sharp voice, "Ah, why is the crown prince so skinny!? This old servant had said that he would not allow the Crown Prince to go with him. Look, the Crown Prince is already so thin! "

Seeing that Steward Hai was about to extend his hand and check, Shang Wuxin wanted to get angry, but there was nowhere to do so when facing such a senior who was filled with anger. She could only give Wu Wei, who was standing there, a look.

Wu Wei immediately pulled at the Steward Hai and said, "Crown Prince, you must wash up first. Furthermore, tonight, the Crown Prince is going to the palace to attend the banquet. Steward Hai will go prepare some food for the Crown Prince to use first, otherwise, he will be hungry for the banquet! "

Hearing that, Steward Hai immediately ran towards the kitchen, his fat body wasn't slow at all. Shang Wuxin felt a wave of warmth in his heart as she looked at Steward Hai's back. It was only this Steward Hai who took him to heart at all times. It didn't matter if he was called stupid, or just stupid, Shang Wuxin was very pleased to have such an elder by his side.

"How has the manor been recently?" Shang Wuxin walked while asking.

During these few days when the crown prince was not here, a few forces who had wanted to break into the Crown Prince's Palace were stopped, and the training of those bandits were also in progress, so it wouldn't be long before they could completely serve the crown prince! "" Yes! Wu Wei reported from behind the crown prince.

"Are you hurt?" Shang Wuxin's face turned slightly cold. Currently, these people were all work done by her own subordinates. She, Shang Wuxin, did not know if it was a good or bad habit, but that was to protect the weak, to the extent that it was extremely protective of the weak.

Wu Wei's heart suddenly warmed, and immediately replied: "No, the people that they sent are not powerful, they are not powerful enough!"

Shang Wuxin walked into her own room, while Wu Wei stood outside. Actually, she was also a little curious, it seemed that ever since she followed the crown prince, she had not seen the crown prince allowed them to serve him in close proximity. Every time she tidied up the crown prince's hair and clothes in the morning, the crown prince himself would have more or less tidied up, but when Wu Wei thought about it, he felt that it was due to the crown prince's habit to not like other people getting close to him.

Han Xuanhao walked into her bedroom and saw the red-clothed man lying on her soft couch. Han Xuanhao leaned lazily on the soft couch, her ink-black hair tied up in a loose bundle in front of her chest. Her hair was like willow trees, no more and no less, adding a bit of intoxicating charm to it.

Seeing such an intoxicating beautiful scene as soon as she entered the room, Shang Wuxin's originally somewhat irritated mood improved a lot. She looked at Han Xuanhao who was lying on the ground and asked: "Xuanhao, why have you come to my residence this time?"

To be able to go to the Phoenix City so safely, only Han Xuanhao needed to know how much help he had received without any investigation. Furthermore, when he realized that even though the man was being rather unfriendly, he did not have any ill intentions towards him, so Shang Wuxin would not go hateful to others for no reason either.

"After all, we are friends. Why can't a friend come to see Wuxin?" As Han Xuanhao spoke, he gave Shang Wuxin a flirtatious glance. He thought that since he could not let go of her, he had no choice but to approach her, since she liked him, he would not let go. Any kind of status was not important, it was Shang Wuxin's heart that mattered.

"Mm. But you've come to my house without anyone noticing. Are you a thief?" It was rare for Shang Wuxin to make a joke, even though she didn't have a smile on her own. Although she was not used to Han Xuanhao coming uninvited, Han Xuanhao still knew his limits. Even though he had entered her hall, but he had never entered her room to rest, which was why she did not get angry when she saw Han Xuanhao.

Han Xuanhao turned his body, and only then did Shang Wuxin realize that he was dressed coquettishly. Following Han Xuanhao's actions, the originally loose red clothes faintly descended, revealing Han Xuanhao's collarbone that was as white as jade.

"Thief?" A single word passed through Han Xuanhao's mouth a few times, and then, he laughed to himself, "I'm really here to be a thief!" 

Because I'm here to steal your heart. Han Xuanhao silently said in his heart.

"Go back!" She still needed to wash up. If Han Xuanhao was here, she would probably need to wear these clothes to the palace feast.

Han Xuanhao also knew that he couldn't rush too far in everything, he nodded and said, "I'll come see you when I have time, if there's anything you need help with, you can go to Xing Yi to find me. That's the Frigid Star Pavilion's information network!"

"Star Pavilion?" The Star Pavilion was a famous brothel in the continent, but she did not manage to find out that it was actually Han Xuanhao's power. Star Pavilion was not just a brothel, many people also liked to talk about things there. Over time, Stargaze became more and more famous, and Star Pavilion's prostitutes were rumored to be beautiful.

"Why is the name so strange?" Shang Wuxin did not understand, according to her knowledge, all the other brothels should have elegant names attached to them, but why was this brothel called with such a fresh and fresh name, it was truly a name that did not fit into the brothel at all.

Han Xuanhao's body was a little stiff. No one had ever asked him this question before, and this was the first time he had ever heard the reason for the name "Star Embracing". He had never cared to explain things to others, but now, he wanted to tell this young man in front of him. He wanted to share his pain and happiness.

Smiling indifferently, Han Xuanhao sat up and seriously looked at the teenager in front of him as he said, "Every time I escaped from death alone, when I raised my head, I would be able to see the stars in the sky. That was the most beautiful scenery I used to think!" And now, I've found my true, most beautiful scenery.

Regarding the pain that Han Xuanhao suffered in the past, did not have a single trace of change in his emotions. He did not even have a trace of sympathy. As for Han Xuanhao, he looked at the youth who was completely unmoved, and his heart was a little defeated. It seemed that the crown prince's heart was even colder than he had imagined.

"Why doesn't the Crown Prince have any sympathy for me?" Han Xuanhao said in a wronged manner, he had even intended to throw himself into the crown prince's embrace if the crown prince pitied him. Although he never needed sympathy, he still needed the crown prince's embrace.

"You don't need it!" Shang Wuxin didn't even look at Han Xuanhao who was feigning grievance, she immediately started walking towards the inner palace: "Moreover, I don't have that kind of relaxed heart!"

Seeing the crown prince walk into the palace, although Han Xuanhao stood up, he really wanted to go in, but he knew that if he went in like this, he would not have the chance to enter the Crown Prince's Palace in the future. After he finished pulling his clothes, Han Xuanhao glanced at the Inner Palace with dissatisfaction. It seems that today's beauties' plan did not work, forget it, if he continued to work hard in the future, he would not believe that he would not be able to beat the crown prince.

Han Xuanhao left the Crown Prince's Palace with an evil smile on his face. At this moment, Shang Wuxin felt a chill.

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