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After Shang Wuxin washed up and changed his clothes, he left the palace. Wu Wei and Wu Ju had already been waiting there, while Eunuch Hai was exaggeratedly holding a large plate with various kinds of pastries on it.

"Quick, this old servant ordered the kitchen to cook it. Crown Prince, quickly try it!" Steward Hai placed the meal on a table in front of the hall and said with a pained heart, "The crown prince is the same, why is he thinking about getting married and giving away food? Look at how thin the crown prince has become! "

Shang Wuxin was already used to Steward Hai nagging at her from time to time. From the moment she had been reborn, Steward Hai had been somewhat afraid of her, but now that Steward Hai knew his limits, he had become the truest.

"If I don't go this time, why would there be a banquet for me tonight?" Shang Wuxin tasted the pastry and said slyly. Perhaps, it was only by Steward Hai's side that she would reveal her woman's side. Even when facing Emperor Shang, she would act like a real man, even if this action was a bit unnecessary.

Steward Hai thought that it made sense, if the crown prince did not have any achievements, then no matter how strong the crown prince was, she would still not be able to stand firm in the imperial court. More importantly, her reputation was not that good, and many people would die because of her high status.

"No matter what, the crown prince has to take good care of himself!" Steward Hai looked at the crown prince's thin and small face, which did not even have a palm sized face, and felt a pang in his heart. "These servants are indeed the same, but why don't they know how to take good care of the crown prince!? "No, the next time the crown prince goes out, I'll wait on him!"

"Steward Hai, those are not servants but soldiers. However, everyone admires the crown prince! The crown prince has recruited thousands of soldiers this time! " Although Wu Ju was still as cold as ever, he didn't conceal the admiration in his words. The more he followed the crown prince, the more he admired the crown prince, and the more he felt that having such a master was a blessing.

"Really?" Steward Hai looked at Wu Wei and Wu Ju in disbelief.

"Of course it's true!" Wu Wei and Wu Ju immediately said, allowing the later Steward Hai to see what he was continuously saying, which was full of praise for the crown prince's brilliance. Looking at such a Steward Hai Shang Wuxin, the corner of his mouth raised into a smile, but unfortunately, they did not realize it at all.

It wasn't early anymore after Shang Wuxin used a few pastries. After tidying up his appearance, Shang Wuxin brought Wu Wei and Wu Ju in preparation to leave the Crown Prince's Palace, but she met Leng Yufeng and Huan Moche who were rushing towards him. One of them was dressed in blue while the other was dressed in black, as he entered the Crown Prince's Palace.

Seeing the two, Shang Wuxin was a little surprised. Should the two not go to the palace? How did he end up in the Crown Prince's Palace?

"Crown Prince!" and I were the one who came to Crown Prince's Palace to invite the crown prince to the palace when we felt that there was nothing important to do! " Although this was a very strange thing, but the three of them had interacted with each other in the Phoenix City before, and two of them were still nominally part of the crown prince's Imperial Tutor, so it wasn't inappropriate for the three of them to be together.

"En!" Shang Wuxin nodded and the three of them got into the carriage together. As usual, Leng Yufeng and Huan Moche sat opposite to each other, the three of them remained silent all the way until they reached the entrance of the palace. Only then did Shang Wuxin seem to remember to ask, "How are General Leng's injuries?"

Even though he knew that the crown prince was only asking for a token reason, Leng Yufeng still felt that the crown prince was concerned about him. He pursed his lips to the side and said, "Thank you for your concern, crown prince.

Huan Moche looked at the crown prince's concerned friends and felt his heart ache, but he also knew that he shouldn't have caused this to happen. More importantly, the attitude the crown prince had towards him right now had never changed after all these days of hard work.

The three people remained silent for the rest of the journey. Fortunately, the journey was not too far, and in a short period of time, they had reached the palace gate, because Crown Prince's Palace's carriage could directly enter the palace. Luo Yan and Huan Moche could also directly enter the Imperial Palace.

When the three of them arrived at Tai Chi Palace, where the banquet was being held tonight, they stopped the carriage. The moment they got off the carriage, a female voice sounded, "Young Master Huan! Brother! "Crown Prince!"

A clear and melodious voice was heard right after, "Crown Prince!" Brother! Big Brother Huan! "

Shang Wuxin first looked at the woman who spoke. Not far away, there stood a beautiful young lady dressed in red, with two princesses' bun on her head. Her white face was creamy, her eyebrows were slender like a painting, her eyes twinkling like a star, her small mouth was rosy.

However, it was a pity that Shang Wuxin first paid attention to this woman at first glance, not because of her appearance but because of her thoughts. Any girl with a bit of common sense would know that when you bow to someone, the first person to be should be the person with the highest position, so she would bow to her, then to her so-called big brother, then to Huan Moche.

Wu Wei approached the crown prince and said softly, "This woman is called Leng Tiantian, she is a distant relative of the Leng Mansion. Because both her parents died, she was taken care of and raised by the Leng Mansion.

"When did you even forget about etiquette!?" Didn't Mammy even teach you etiquette? " Leng Yufeng said in dissatisfaction. He had never looked at this cousin of his from the Leng Mansion even once, nor did he say a word. But today, this cousin of his actually ignored the crown prince, which was why he reprimanded her.

Leng Tiantian looked at his big brother, who hadn't spoken to him since he entered the Leng Mansion at the age of ten, and felt a little afraid. Her big brother rarely stayed in the Leng Mansion, and usually, even after returning to the capital, he didn't return very often. She also never paid much attention to her, but today, her big brother actually said these kinds of things about her in front of the Young Master Huan.

"Big brother ?" Leng Tiantian called out in grievance, her eyes still faintly discernable as she looked at Huan Moche, hoping that Huan Moche could help her. But Huan Moche didn't even look at Leng Tiantian; the corners of his mouth still held the same faint smile as before.

"I'm your cousin, not your big brother!" Leng Yufeng said in disgust, he hated these kind of girls who acted as if they were wronged the most, no, he always hated girls, could it be that this was the reason why he liked the crown prince? Was he really gay?

Towards Leng Yufeng's ruthless words, Shang Wuxin watched happily. Shang Wuxin had to admit that she was petty, or perhaps she was not petty at all, but had to take revenge for herself. Shang Wuxin knew from the beginning that she was not a good person, and if it wasn't for the fact that she was not in the mood for a long time, she would have died wherever she went.

"Big brother, don't be so fierce to your cousin!" It really frightened my cousin! " The man standing by Leng Tiantian's side spoke, his voice containing his support for Leng Tiantian.

Shang Wuxin's gaze moved from Leng Tiantian's body to the man's. The man was not exactly fifteen or sixteen years old, but he was wearing an ordinary dark gray brocade handkerchief, and only used a green sandalwood hairpin to tie his hair up, his perfect three-dimensional facial features looked like they were carved. A pair of willow shaped eyebrows flew into his hair, and his face looked fifty to sixty percent similar to Leng Yufeng's. No matter how he looked at it, he was just a cute little boy.

"Crown Prince, this person is called Leng Zishi. He is General Leng's younger brother, who is from the same father and another mother. Wu Wei immediately explained, because she was afraid that the crown prince would need to know something, she kept all the people and things that happened in the capital in her mind.

Leng Yufeng did not care about his brother's accusation.

"Big Brother Huan, long time no see!" Leng Tiantian walked towards Huan Moche in embarrassment, but before he even got close, he saw the aura of Huan Moche's entire person change.

"Miss Leng!" Huan Moche laughed and spoke, but what he said made Leng Tiantian's face pale, "I am not familiar with Miss Leng, I hope Miss Leng can call me Young Master Huan!"

"Big Brother Huan, Cousin is Big Brother's Cousin Sister, you are Big Brother's friend. It's not wrong for Cousin to call you Big Brother Huan!" Leng Zishi said unhappily as he walked to Huan Moche's side.

Huan Moche didn't seem to be the least bit displeased with Leng Zishi's dissatisfaction as he laughed, "A man and a woman should be on guard when they are seven. If Miss Leng calls me too familiar, then it would be bad for my good name!" The words he had spoken seemed to be for Leng Tiantian's sake, but the unrepudiation of's words was also very obvious.

Leng Tiantian lowered his head, not knowing what to do, while at the same time, Leng Zishi ran over to the crown prince's side ?

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