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"Greetings, Crown Prince!" Leng Zishi smiled and bowed towards Shang Wuxin, the dimples at the corner of his mouth instantly adding to the innocence and cuteness of the man.

Shang Wuxin nodded, she did not have any thoughts towards this boy, but most importantly, this boy was raised outside of Shang Wuxin's world. She did not expect Leng Yufeng to have such a bright brother, he did not seem to be a child raised in a big family.

Leng Zishi looked at this exquisite crown prince who could not find any mistakes in him, and suddenly understood something. He had originally thought that the world's elder brother and Big Brother Huan were already extremely handsome men, but after seeing the crown prince's appearance, he now knew that there were actually men in this world who could be this beautiful.

Seeing the cold attitude of the crown prince, Leng Zishi had a bad taste in his mouth. In all these years, regardless of whether it was male or female, very few people had treated him with this kind of disregard. Many people liked being together with him, and even Big Brother and Big Brother Huan didn't treat him with such cold attitude.

"Brother, does the Crown Prince hate me?" Leng Zishi walked to Leng Yufeng's side and furrowed his brows, feeling somewhat wronged, but he did not approach his big brother. Leng Zishi had always admired his big brother, but unfortunately, no matter if it was him or his other brothers and sisters,'s big brother always had a cold and indifferent attitude towards them.

Leng Yufeng looked at him, and then turned and walked towards the Taiji Hall, with an impatient expression on his face.

Leng Yufeng did not answer this little bastard's question. Instead, he and Huan Moche immediately followed after him. However, the originally sad Leng Tiantian was actually mercilessly forgotten by these two.

At this moment, Leng Zishi did not know that when he was smiling brilliantly at the crown prince, whether it was Leng Yufeng or Huan Moche, both of them were already feeling uncomfortable in their hearts. The two of them were very clear that although Leng Zishi was very small, he was very bright.

"Cousin, do you think that Big Brother Huan hates me?" Leng Tiantian pulled on Leng Zishi's sleeve with her red eyes and said sorrowfully.

She, Leng Tiantian, had fallen deeply in love with this number one Young Master ever since she first met him at the age of twelve. At that time, Young Master Huan was practicing swordsmanship with her cousin, and her pure blue clothes fluttered in the wind. The smile on the youth's face allowed her to see a warm spring flower in an instant, and from then on, she told herself that she would marry this man in the future.

That was why she had worked hard for so many years to study the virtues of women, trying her best to blend into the aristocratic circles in the capital to obtain a good reputation. But she rarely saw Young Master Huan, and every time she saw him, he was either in Imperial Banquet or during the time her big brother was with him. She had also heard the rumors of her cousin and the Young Master Huan in the capital, but she had never believed them.

However, what she got instead was her cousin's scolding and Young Master Huan's disregard. Furthermore, Leng Tiantian felt that the Young Master Huan was a little different, as for what was different, she could not tell, but a woman's intuition made her feel a sense of fear.

Leng Zishi took out a handkerchief and wiped away the tears on Leng Tiantian's face, and said with a bit of panic: "Cousin, don't cry!" Then he became a bit flustered, "Big Brother Huan is like this for everyone, even big brother is the same. It's not like he hates his cousin!" Cousin is so kind, why would they hate you? " After saying that, Leng Zishi nodded his head in approval, looking so innocent that it would make people laugh.

"Really?" Leng Tiantian looked at Leng Zishi in disbelief, his red eyes looked extremely weak. "You really don't hate me?"

"Of course!" Leng Zishi patted his chest and guaranteed, "How could I lie to cousin? "Cousin is the best woman in the capital. Everyone loves her, but everyone has different personalities. Cousin, there's no need to think too much about it!"

Hearing Leng Zishi's words of consolation, Leng Tiantian just burst out laughing, and then, happily said, "Mn, it's better if I have the best time of day!" As she said that, she pulled Leng Zishi's arm and walked towards the Taiji Hall, while Leng Zishi's face quietly turned red.

When Shang Wuxin and the other two entered the Taiji Hall, the Emperor and his concubines had yet to arrive. However, ministers, princesses and princes were already seated.

"Participate, Crown Prince!" No matter if these ministers were willing or not, they all stood up and bowed, which made Shang Wuxin very satisfied. After all, her identity here did not need to bow to others, and from a certain perspective, this fit Shang Wuxin's personality very well.

Shang Wuxin sat at the top side of the seats, while Leng Yufeng and Huan Moche sat below him. Although the three of them were silent and speechless, their faces were still so handsome. The young ladies of the Imperial Banquet all looked at the three of them with flushed faces and hearts, secretly comparing the three of them to see who was more handsome.

"Imperial Younger Brother..." Just when Shang Wuxin felt that she was being a little bored, a soft rubbing sound entered her ears. Shang Wuxin raised her head and saw that the Grand Princess, Shang Xinmi, was standing in front of her table with a smile on her face.

Shang Wuxin did not stand up but slightly nodded: "Imperial Sister!" Her posture was proud but also filled with elegance.

The hand in Shang Xinmi's sleeve pinched itself tightly as she laughed and said, "Imperial Younger Brother's good reputation is very well-known nowadays! Oh yeah, Imperial Younger Brother should be fifteen now, right? It's time for him to get married! Right now, you're the only one of the princes who hasn't gotten married yet, Imperial Younger Brother! " Shang Xinmi said with concern, like a bosom sister.

Shang Xinmi's words were not a lie, so many people in the hall heard them. Many women looked at the crown prince timidly, and hoped that they were the woman that the crown prince had taken a fancy to.

Leng Yufeng's hand that was holding the cup of wine initially trembled, and the wine in the cup spilled onto the back of his slender hand. However, he seemed to only know that he was looking at the crown prince beside him, afraid that the crown prince would say something about getting married.

The smile on Huan Moche's face suddenly stiffened, that smile that was like spring had turned bitter, it made people's heart ache.

"Heh heh... Imperial Sister is really worried! " Shang Wuxin laughed sinisterly and said, "I am only fifteen years old, even Imperial Father did not worry about my wedding, but Imperial Sister is getting anxious. But it will be really hard for Imperial Sister, I have no intention of getting married yet! "

Hearing this, Leng Yufeng and Huan Moche relaxed their hearts, and the two of them instantly returned to their usual states.

"How can we do that? Imperial Younger Brother did not know how many girls in the capital admired and respected him. Imperial Younger Brother will not let down this beauty's sincerity! As Shang Xinmi spoke, she pulled up a lady who was standing behind her and said: "Qu Qu, what do you think?"

The girl called Qu Ya immediately blushed. She raised her head to look at the crown prince and then shyly lowered her head again. Although her voice was soft, it contained the shyness of a woman.

"Look, are we really that fond of the crown prince?" Shang Xinmi joked.

Shang Wuxin's brows twitched as she looked at Shang Chenzhao, who seemed as if he wanted to kill him, and instantly understood what Shang Xinmi wanted to do. Seeing Shang Xinmi bringing the woman back to her seat, Shang Wuxin lowered her head and covered the coldness between her brows.

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