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"The emperor has arrived!" Eunuch Xu's duck-like voice rang out in the hall, and everyone immediately stood up to salute.

Although the Imperial Banquet tonight was set up for the crown prince, Leng Yufeng and Huan Moche, since the emperor arrived in the palace, he has only been looking at the songs and dances below without any praise. No matter how enchanting the dance girls were, the atmosphere in the palace became a little awkward.

Just when everyone felt that they almost couldn't handle this atmosphere, the emperor who was sitting on the throne finally spoke up in a merciful voice, "General Leng, Young Master Huan has done a great service this time. I wonder what rewards you two would like?"

On the other hand, Leng Yufeng and Huan Moche did not have a single bit of joy on their faces. The two of them knew clearly in their hearts that if it were not for the crown prince, they would not have entered the palace tonight.

"Your Majesty, the reason we were able to safely deliver the food to the Phoenix City was all thanks to the crown prince. The crown prince did not put in too much effort on his journey and risked his life for the sake of the safety of the food. If the emperor wanted to reward the emperor for his achievements, the first person he should reward would be the crown prince! " Leng Yufeng said as he stood up to look at the crown prince. In the eyes of everyone present, General Leng was filled with admiration towards the crown prince, but Huan Moche knew that his good friend was definitely not someone who would meddle in others' business.

In order to win the favor of the crown prince, Huan Moche also stood up from behind and smiled warmly at her, but Leng Yufeng saw provocation in her good friend's eyes. Yes, others were often enchanted by Huan Moche's gentle temperament, but they didn't notice the craftiness in his pair of peach blossom eyes.

"General Leng is right, not only did the crown prince take the risk, he has also brought prosperity for the citizens of the Phoenix City, allowing them to learn how to hunt. They also bought some seeds from other towns for the citizens of the Phoenix City to sow, and in less than two months, the citizens of the Phoenix City will have their own harvest!" Huan Moche's beautiful eyes watched the crown prince who was sitting there brimming with smiles and gentleness. This gentleness was not at all the usual fake gentleness, but was instead genuine.

Everyone had more or less heard of the news regarding the reform of the Phoenix City, and they also knew that the crown prince had changed the life of the Phoenix City. There were even people of the Phoenix City who carved a tablet and hung it on top of the gates of the Phoenix City for the crown prince.

When they thought about how the First Princess had just mentioned that the crown prince was not married yet, many of the women began to ponder in their hearts. If they were to marry the crown prince, even if they would not be the main wife, in the future when the crown prince ascends the throne, he would still be a consort or something like that.

Shang Wuxin's eyes turned to look at the two people below her who were trying their best to brush up his existence. Coincidentally, the two people were also looking at her at the same time.

At this time, Emperor Shang was also looking down at the crown prince. Emperor Shang's gaze was as obscure and hard to understand as it usually was, but everyone knew that Emperor Shang's eyes did not contain any sign of satisfaction or love for the crown prince. But even so, a smile still flashed in the depths of Shang Wuxin's eyes, and this smile was deliberately revealed to Emperor Shang. As expected, Emperor Shang's eyes slightly shook, and uneasily shifted his gaze away.

"Your majesty, the reason the citizens of the Phoenix City are doing well this time is all because of the crown prince. The person who stood out was Minister Bai, who had always been neutral, but he had a sense of righteousness as he knelt there in his official robe.

A few officials also stood forward, but without exception, all of them were neutral people. More importantly, all of these officials were once highly valued by the Emperor. One could imagine just how capable the crown prince was in recruiting people.

"What kind of reward does the Crown Prince want?" Emperor Shang let the officials stand up, then sat on the ground and asked with full pressure.

"This son has already established himself as his own residence, and is now fifteen years old. But this son has never kept any soldiers since the beginning, so going to Phoenix City to see the three thousand soldiers is not bad. I might as well ask Imperial Father to give the three thousand soldiers to this son to be my personal soldiers!"

As long as the princes of the Prince's Mansion had their own soldiers, each prince would have around three thousand soldiers. But because the crown prince had always been unfavoured, even if she had her own Crown Prince's Palace, she did not have any soldiers.

Emperor Shang took a sip of the clear wine in his hand and didn't answer the crown prince's question.

The imperial concubines and princes were instantly overjoyed. The former crown prince had made them feel that she was not a danger, but now, she was a great threat, but looking at the Emperor's attitude, everyone was gloating in their hearts. No matter how powerful the crown prince was, she was still not someone they disliked.

"The crown prince is indeed not small. Since the crown prince has done well this time, we shall bestow 3,000 soldiers to him!" Emperor Shang's voice brought this matter to a close.

"That's right, the crown prince is indeed not young anymore. This concubine remembers that First Prince was already married at his age!" Imperial Concubine Qin laughed and said, "Now that the crown prince is so young, it's time for us to get married. Chenqie, look at this, the crown prince should get married as well!"

First Prince Shang Chenzhao was a little angry with her mother, and then looked at her cousin Qu Qu. He knew that mufei wanted to marry the crown prince so that she could control the crown prince, but mufei should know her feelings for the latter. Although he was usually ladylike, on the surface, he genuinely liked it.

"Chenqie also thinks that Big Sister Qin Fei is right!" Concubine Xin also agreed, the fingers of her hand were already drooping, but even so, she still came to participate in Imperial Banquet. At that moment, Concubine Xin only had one thing in her heart, and that was to pull the crown prince down, so she wanted revenge.

Shang Wuxin expressed that she had seen enough of the annoying plans of the palace maids. Initially, she was willing to listen and cooperate a little, but now she indicated that she had used up all of her patience, and that the amount she needed for today's banquet had already been reached. Thus, Shang Wuxin had no interest of staying here.

Shang Wuxin picked up a peanut from the table mountain and directly struck towards Leng Yufeng, who was beside him. However, based on Leng Yufeng's vigilance, how could he possibly be hit? Just as the peanut was about to hit Leng Yufeng's arm, Leng Yufeng suddenly moved his body slightly, causing the peanut to be knocked down by Huan Moche who was seated beside him.

The two of them looked at the crown prince who had just taken action, unable to understand what the crown prince was trying to do.

Shang Wuxin looked at Leng Yufeng, the impatience in her eyes was too clear, and more importantly, Shang Wuxin was looking at the back where he was injured, this time it was not only Leng Yufeng who understood, it was even Huan Moche who understood.

Huan Moche's eyes were filled with smiles and love. He never thought that such a cold and aloof Crown Prince would actually have such a naughty time.

Leng Yufeng looked at the clearly expressionless face of the crown prince, but for some reason, he saw from that delicate face that the crown prince was feeling wronged and bored, which made Leng Yufeng's heart soften to the point of inconceivable.

"General Leng, what's wrong?" The crown prince's panicked voice sounded in the hall.

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