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Everyone saw that Young Master Huan was supporting General Leng, while the Crown Prince stood up and looked at him worriedly.

Under everyone's measuring gaze, Shang Wuxin came to Leng Yufeng's side to support Leng Yufeng. However, the hand that held Leng Yufeng's shoulder felt moist, and Shang Wuxin had the thought of lowering her head to look at her own fair hands that had already been dyed red.

Shang Wuxin looked at Leng Yufeng, who was actually not holding onto her at all. Leng Yufeng's current expression was still cold, and at this time, Shang Wuxin didn't really understand this Leng Yufeng, who was sometimes cold and sometimes like a big boy.

Because Shang Wuxin couldn't stand the boredom of this banquet, she wanted to leave, but as the crown prince, she didn't have enough reasons to continue being arrogant, so she set her gaze on Leng Yufeng. She knew that Leng Yufeng's injuries weren't serious, but they could be used as an excuse and to clear up some things ? However, Shang Wuxin had only let her pretend that she was not feeling well, and she could do the following things, but she did not expect Leng Yufeng to actually use the Internal Energy to shake him, and injure his original scab that had not formed.

Originally, everyone was already paying attention to the few people above, but when they saw the blood on the crown prince's hands, they were all shocked. Even Emperor Shang, who was sitting on the seat of honor stood up and asked, "What happened to General Leng? "Are you hurt?"

Shang Wuxin slowly lowered her blood-stained hand, withdrew the hand she was using to support Leng Yufeng, and said to the Emperor Shang in his position above him, "This son was ambushed on his way back to the capital. This son is under the protection of General Lang and the Young Master Huan, whose health is not too good.

Shang Wuxin wanted everyone to know that she was being assassinated. No matter what, she had the status of a crown prince, and the people present were not idiots who dared to assassinate the crown prince. Everyone only needed to think about it, since ancient times, there had been countless of battles between the brothers in the palace.

"This subject is fine!" Leng Yufeng stood up and said, "It's hard to say why the crown prince always gets assassinated, I'm responsible for protecting the crown prince!"

The Emperor Shang looked at Leng Yufeng who was below him with a light glint in his eyes, causing Leng Yufeng to feel that something was off. Shang Wuxin nodded at the Emperor Shang and said, "The General Leng is because of my injuries, I will bring the General Leng down first!"

After saying that, Shang Wuxin brought Leng Yufeng and left the great hall. Naturally, Huan Moche shouldered the responsibility of supporting others, and thus, the three people who were the most important at the banquet left immediately.

Watching the three leave the palace, Emperor Shang glanced at his sons, laughing out of anger, "Assassinate?" The few princes felt a chill on their bodies at the same time, but Duke Qing, who held a lot of power in the palace, stood up.

"This bandit is too arrogant. He actually dared to assassinate the current dynasty's crown prince!" They simply do not put the king in their eyes! " Duke Qing was a man in his fifties. He was dressed in an ink-black official's robe, making him very stiff, but the bloody scent in his eyes was too strong.

Emperor Shang's eyes that were originally filled with anger instantly turned fierce, but he did not pursue this matter. Everyone could not understand what was going on, but the Eunuch Xu beside him understood that the Emperor had also put in a lot of effort.

Shang Wuxin, Leng Yufeng and Huan Moche sat in the carriage and left Imperial Palace, the sound of the carriage turning was extremely clear in the quiet carriage.

"Why?" Shang Wuxin took out the medicine she had placed on the carriage as well as some other essential items, and asked Leng Yufeng who had been silently walking out of the Imperial Palace. But even if the person in front of him had gotten injured again for his own sake, Shang Wuxin did not feel the slightest bit of guilt nor did she feel the slightest bit of flattered.

Leng Yufeng looked at the crown prince who was sitting opposite of him, as if he had returned to the time when he was the most talented youth he had ever seen. At that time, the crown prince's eyes were as calm as the clouds and mist. Now, he could no longer look at the crown prince the way he had before, because there were too many things hidden in his heart that he could not say.

"If the crown prince wants to leave the Imperial Banquet, he must let everyone know his ambition!" Leng Yufeng explained. It seemed that after meeting the crown prince, he had learned to explain things to this youth, even if there were many times when he did not need to explain. Back then, after knowing the crown prince's purpose, he had directly injured his wound. He knew that if he was faking discomfort, it was fine, but the effects were too poor. It would very likely cause others to suspect that this was the best method.

Shang Wuxin did not say any words of thanks. Instead, she looked at Leng Yufeng's clothes, and Leng Yufeng's neck reddened as he thought back to the scene of the crown prince bandaging him up, and his heart rippled. He had thought about that scene more than once, but he hadn't expected it to happen again today ?

Seeing the two, Huan Moche's heart skipped a beat. He forced a smile and said, "I still have things to do, so I'll be taking my leave first!" As he spoke, he lifted the carriage's curtain. He was afraid that if he continued to stay like this, he would do something irreparable. He did not understand why the crown prince would ignore him like that.

With regards to Huan Moche's sudden outburst, Shang Wuxin did not care at all. To Shang Wuxin, if it weren't for the fact that Huan Moche had helped her the entire time, she would have killed him with those eyes of hers.

However, Leng Yufeng knew what was wrong with his good friend.

"Take it off!" Shang Wuxin said seriously while holding the medicine and cloth strip in her hand, but the truth was that she was also extremely serious in her heart, even if she did not want to admit that Leng Yufeng had helped her, but there was nothing she could do about it.

Shang Wuxin had already admired Leng Yufeng's good figure once, but she couldn't help but praise that his male beauty had fooled others as well. After all, a male beauty like Leng Yufeng's did indeed look extremely pleasing to the eyes.

Shang Wuxin helped to bandage Leng Yufeng's wounds and apply medicine, and two of the people who were unavoidably close to him did not feel anything from Shang Wuxin's body, but Leng Yufeng carefully, however, secretly kept this feeling in his heart.

After wrapping up Leng Yufeng, Shang Wuxin looked at Leng Yufeng and said, "General Leng, it's time to go back home!" She had already left the Imperial Palace, and she really liked things like breaking bridges after crossing the river.

With regards to the shameless action of the crown prince, Leng Yufeng who was slowly approaching the loyal dog path was not unhappy at all. Nodding his head, he alighted the carriage, and after Leng Yufeng left the carriage, Wu Ju walked into the carriage and handed over a clean handkerchief. Shang Wuxin wiped his hands, then said, "Return to your residence!"

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