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Shang Wuxin threw the handkerchief out of the window of the carriage, and the white handkerchief disappeared into the air with the wind.

Even though there was nothing to do during today's banquet, Shang Wuxin's body was indeed not in a good condition. Thus, at this moment, she was already feeling somewhat tired, which was also why she wanted to leave the palace in such a hurry.

Shang Wuxin faintly narrowed her cold eyes, as she leaned against the carriage to rest. At this moment, Shang Wuxin couldn't help but exclaim at the Godly Doctor's meritorious services. The carriage was not bad, even if Shang Wuxin wanted to use this carriage, it would take a few days and effort, but she did not know if the Godly Doctor would help her after she found a way to hide her gender, but as Shang Wuxin was thinking, she suddenly realized that the carriage had stopped.

Just as Shang Wuxin wanted to ask what was going on outside, she realized that the carriage's curtain had been opened, and a woman had appeared from outside. Shang Wuxin's hand under her sleeve slightly moved to look at the woman who had rushed into the carriage but hadn't managed to stand steadily in her embrace. The woman in her embrace wore a blue crocheted dress and on her face was a light, opaque veil.

"Crown Prince!" Wu Ju and Wu Wei's voices came from outside the carriage, but they did not dare to barge into the carriage. They were very clear that the habits of the crown prince were extremely strange and terrifying.

"I'm fine!" Shang Wuxin pushed the woman in her embrace away, then tidied up her clothes that were not messy at all, and even took out a handkerchief to wipe her hands that had just held onto her.

Even though she couldn't see anything on the surface of the carriage, she could tell with just a glance that there were too many extravagant things on the carriage, and there were actually two girls driving the carriage. Nangong Lian thought that the person in the carriage should be a young miss, because only the woman in the carriage would place importance on women, and ordinary men would look down on men.

But since she was in a hurry, she ran into a slightly chilly embrace. Nangong Lian could even smell a very bewitching fragrance, and before she could even clearly smell what it was, it was mercilessly pushed away.

Nangong Lian sat on the carriage and looked at the owner of the carriage. The first thing Nangong Lian saw was the owner's eyes, which were as calm as still water, as though nothing could cause the slightest ripple in his eyes. All living things were not even worthy of its eyes! This time, when Nangong Lian looked at the owner of the carriage, she saw that it was actually a young man. But even if she was used to seeing her own brother's peerless beauty, she couldn't help but praise the youth's good looks.

Nangong Lian's face, which was covered by her veil, was a little red. She sat opposite the youth in anger, and said apologetically: "Thank you ?" However, before she could finish her sentence, the veil that was still firmly in place suddenly left her face due to the previous escape and impact.

Nangong Lian's face paled. She wanted to quickly pick up the veil, but was immediately picked up by the youth in front of her. Clenching her teeth and staring widely at him, Nangong Lian raised her head. Nangong Lian suddenly wanted to cry. This was the first time that someone other than her royal brother did not scream or despise her after seeing her face, and at this moment, Nangong Lian did not know why she felt wronged and wanted to cry. She had not cried for many years, but at this time, in front of a stranger, she was crying.

The first time she saw the woman, Shang Wuxin's interest was piqued. The woman's eyes on her veil was very beautiful, but they were not as flashy as the usual woman's. More importantly, this woman's first meeting was already to Shang Wuxin's liking, which was why she did not kill the woman who barged into her carriage.

But today, when she saw the woman's face under the veil, Shang Wuxin realized why she was wearing a veil and unlike Wu Wei who had a long scar on her face, the left side of the woman's face was actually branded with the word "base". Even though it had been in existence for a long time, that word still appeared on the woman's face. was surprised to see her crying. She looked like a strong, tiger-like person, how could she cry so easily? Shang Wuxin started to question whether she was right or wrong in not killing the woman just now.

Just when Shang Wuxin felt that she was about to throw the girl out a little impatiently, the woman wiped the tears off her face randomly and laughed, "You said that the first person who didn't look down on the scar on my face, no matter if it was a man or a woman, had once seen either a shriek, insult, or disgust!"

Shang Wuxin did not reply the woman. To Shang Wuxin, there were people who loved beauty, but for people who cared too much about hard work, it was always him.

After passing the veil over to the girl, the girl did not immediately wear the veil. Instead, she looked at the youth in front of her with wide eyes and asked curiously, "Are you from Kingdom of Shang? Which family are you from, Young Master? " Nangong Lian thought that such a beautiful Young Master should be very famous in the continent, how come she had never heard of it?

Just then, someone stopped the carriage, Wu Wei's voice carried killing intent, "Who stopped you?" Wu Ju was already on the verge of attacking, just a moment ago, they had already let people into the carriage, and that was already considered dereliction of duty. If they were to disturb the crown prince now, the crown prince would probably not be happy.

"Just now, we saw a woman with a veil on her face entering the carriage, quickly hand it over!" and Wu Ju could tell that these were all people with good martial arts.

Nangong Lian's body stiffened as she looked at the man in front of her, she did not know if the young man would hand her over, after all, it was only their first time meeting, so he should hand her over now, even if the young man did not have any grudges with Nangong Lian, it was the most rational thing to do.

"How dare you!" As Wu Ju spoke, he pulled out his sword, and Wu Wei walked closer to the carriage, not letting anyone near the carriage.

"Don't refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit. Since we're not going to hand over the person, then we'll be blamed for it!" If this was not the Kingdom of Shang, they would have already killed people. However, looking at the horse carriage, it was probably just a wealthy merchant, so they were prepared to fight.

Just as everyone was about to make a move, the cold voice in the carriage was suddenly filled with ice. Each word of it was enough to make people feel cold all over. I would like to see what kind of trash dares to be rude to me in the capital? "

Just one voice was enough to scare the people outside who wanted to barge into the carriage, while Nangong Lian who was in the carriage asked in shock: "You said the Kingdom of Shang's Crown Prince, Shang Wuxin?" Nangong Lian was not unfamiliar with the Kingdom of Shang's crown prince, he had heard that the young man had a thin and weak body that did not have great capabilities, but had later on become a man of heaven and was loved by the common people. She had been curious before, but she hadn't expected to see it today. Indeed, she was worthy of the title "Heaven Man".

When the few of them heard that it was Crown Prince of Shang in the carriage, they also knew that it was not going to be a success, so they cupped their hands and bowed, "So it's Crown Prince of Shang, I will leave now." If it was the Crown Prince of Shang in the past, they wouldn't be afraid, but after hearing too much about the crown prince's deeds, they understood that this crown prince was not simple.

"Leave? Where do you want to go? " Shang Wuxin caressed her sleeves and said, "In my opinion, everyone should stay in the Kingdom of Shang!"

With that said, he picked up one of the tea cups in the carriage and left, the man outside suddenly had his mouth stuffed with tea dregs, while Wu Wei used his sword to cut open the man's throat, Wu Ju immediately jumped down the carriage and killed all the people who were trying to escape into the quiet alleyway.

When there were no movements outside, Wu Wei and Wu Ju wiped the dust off their swords with their handkerchiefs. After seeing that their clothes were not stained with blood, they sat back into the carriage.

Shang Wuxin picked up the carriage's curtain and saw the corpses scattered everywhere. The alleyway was filled with the smell of blood, and Shang Wuxin said coldly, "Let Bai Shaolin handle this ?." It was better for the subordinates to clean up the mess.

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