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The horse carriage stopped in front of the Crown Prince's Palace. Shang Wuxin did not get off the carriage.

Nangong Lian once again put on the veil and said with a hint of flattery, "Crown Prince Shang, can you keep me for a while? Just for a short period of time? " , who had never had a friend since she was young, actually liked this Crown Prince Shang a lot. She felt that even if this Crown Prince Shang was cold and cruel, he was still better than many people.

"This is bad!" As Shang Wuxin said this, she was about to get off the carriage but the woman had already pulled at her wide sleeves. Shang Wuxin's expression turned cold, causing Nangong Lian to retract her hand in fear, and Shang Wuxin use her hand as a blade to cut off her wide sleeves.

Nangong Lian pouted. She didn't even know that she was only acting like this when she was by her royal brother's side. It's even better than fighting an annoying royal brother! "

Even though Nangong Lian was speaking softly, Shang Wuxin could still hear her clearly. A flash of darkness passed through Shang Wuxin's eyes, but her footsteps did not pause even a bit, as expected, when Shang Wuxin was about to get off the carriage, she heard the woman's voice: "Help me, okay? It won't be long before someone comes to pick me up! "

Shang Wuxin slightly turned around, the youth's thin body naturally had a wave of wind around it. She turned her face to look at Nangong Lian and asked gently, "Who are you?"

Nangong Lian instantly became vigilant. She told herself not to let anyone else know her identity and that she had always been doing very well too. But looking at the clear and cold side of the youth's face, Nangong Lian could not say any words of deception, as though any lies in front of the youth would sully the color of the youth's body.

"Can I trust you?" Nangong Lian unconsciously asked after looking at the youth.

It was rare for Shang Wuxin to be surprised, but her gaze did not rest on Nan Gong Lian. Her unfocused gaze seemed to be looking at nothing, and her voice carried a faraway meaning, "Believe me, it's only up to your heart." But if I were you, I wouldn't believe you! "

Nangong Lian, who was originally on guard, suddenly laughed. Her eyes that were on her veil were brimming with a sincere smile as she looked at the side of the youth's face: "I am Kingdom of Nangong's Princess Nangong Lian!"

Shang Wuxin was puzzled by the woman's sudden trust towards her, but she appreciated her even more. Shang Wuxin directly got off the carriage without saying a word, while Nangong Lian followed closely behind with a smile on her face.

They had followed the crown prince but had never seen the crown prince treat any young miss in the past few days. But now, this woman could easily follow behind the crown prince, Wu Ju and Wu Wei felt that the crown prince had reached the age to get married.

Nangong Lian got off the carriage with the crown prince and saw two women standing upright. Both of them extended out their green robes, one of them had a cold and indifferent expression, perhaps because she was following the crown prince, but the other woman seemed extremely gentle and gentle, but her eyes were filled with wisdom. What surprised Nangong Lian was that there was a deep scar on the woman's face that destroyed her originally delicate and pretty face.

At this moment, Nangong Lian had a much higher opinion of the crown prince. Other than her royal brother, she had never admired any man or woman in the country, so this was the first time.

After entering the Crown Prince's Palace, Nangong Lian did not leave and followed behind the crown prince. Although Wu Wei and Wu Ju followed behind the crown prince, they were still wary of the woman beside him.

When Steward Hai saw the crown prince return, his face was filled with smiles, but when Steward Hai saw the female behind the crown prince, he froze over in laughter, he suddenly felt sad. Although his own crown prince liked men and women, he was still a little picky of Nangong Lian when he thought of how his own beautiful crown prince had actually set his eyes on a girl.

"Stop your wild thoughts!" Shang Wuxin said coldly to the Steward Hai, interrupting the Steward Hai from thinking too much. Then, she glanced at Nangong Lian who was behind her. "Arrange a room for this young miss, she wants to stay here for a period of time!" After she finished speaking, she then brought Wu Wei and Wu Ju to the sleeping quarters.

After arriving at the hall, Shang Wuxin sat down by the table and poured herself a cup of water. Then, she gave Wu Ju and Wu Wei some tes.

Just as Wu Wei and Wu Ju were at a loss, Shang Wuxin put down the teacup in her hand and said to Wu Wei: "Shang Chenzhao's given it to you! I won't interfere no matter what you want to do! " This one sentence made Wu Wei kneel on the ground, and his tears flowed down his scarred face and dripped onto the ground.

"Crown Prince ?" Wu Wei's voice trembled slightly, and then, the body that was kneeling on the ground raised up slightly and asked. "The crown prince knows about it?"

"I don't know!" Shang Wuxin said, "But I know that you had a goal in coming to the Crown Prince's Palace from the very beginning, and now you have the ability to do what you want. You hid it very well, but every time you meet Shang Chenzhao, it would be filled with killing intent.

Wu Wei trembled as she crawled on the ground, while Wu Ju also knelt. In the past few days, she and Wu Wei had already become friends and become sisters. But after hearing the crown prince's words, could it be that Wu Wei had thoughts of using the crown prince as well? Wu Ju sighed at Wu Wei's foolishness, but she did not say a single word of apology. She knew who her master was, and what sense of propriety she had.

"Crown Prince!" Wu Wei crawled to the crown prince's feet. "This servant did indeed have the intention to make use of you in the beginning, but I still thought that being able to live peacefully in Crown Prince's Palace would allow me to approach Shang Chenzhao and kill him. However, ever since the crown prince had me be your personal servant, I had never had such thoughts! " With that, Wu Wei fiercely kowtowed a few times to the ground.

"Sigh!" Shang Wuxin supported Wu Wei up: "I know!"

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