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In the simple but luxurious chamber, a peerless youth held up the trembling and crying girl with a helpless expression.

"Crown Prince!" Wu Wei held the crown prince's hands tightly. Even though she knew that it was against the rules and even though she knew that the crown prince would perhaps cut off both her hands, she did not want to let go at all.

Wu Wei held the crown prince's hand and said, "This servant was once a servant of the First Prince's Mansion. My sister is beautiful, but she doesn't have the heart to climb high. We have been living with great care. But one day, when First Prince took a fancy to my little sister, he actually ruined her in First Prince's Mansion's garden! And let the guards watch and cheer them up! " When Wu Wei said this, her eyes could not hold back her killing intent, "My little sister was humiliated and ended up dying on a fake mountain in the garden. When this servant heard that my sister had died miserably, she wanted to take revenge for my sister, but she did not succeed. Instead, she slashed at my cheek with her sword while trying to assassinate the First Prince! "

Shang Wuxin looked at her own hands and endured, while Wu Ju looked at her good sister and sighed in her heart, not knowing how to comfort her.

Wu Wei saw that she held onto her pale hand tightly as if she was holding onto her own salvation, "This servant had been pursued by the people of the First Prince's Mansion all this while, so this servant hid in the Crown Prince's Palace. Crown Prince's Palace is quiet enough to be safe and close to First Prince. This servant admits that this servant did indeed have the intention of using the crown prince, but this servant served beside the crown prince and did not have the intention to do so anymore.! "

After Wu Wei finished speaking, she let go of the Crown Prince's hand. She knew that what he was going to say next was whether he believed her or not, and if he believed her from now on, she would be his personal servant. She didn't do anything to him all this while because she was afraid of ruining his plans. However, she didn't expect him to see through her plan.

"Since you are my man, how can you be bullied by others? Who the hell is Shang Chenzhao? " Shang Wuxin smiled sinisterly: "Since I told you to do it, then go do it, since when did you become so long-winded?"

Wu Wei's eyes flashed with happiness and gratitude, and her tears flowed even more violently. Wu Ju stepped forward and gently hugged Wu Wei.

"Is that enough?" Seeing Wu Wei, who was crying harder and harder, Shang Wuxin's patience had run out. If it wasn't for the fact that Wu Wei was her own person, she wouldn't have allowed her to be so presumptuous, and even cry in front of him, completely shaming the name she had given her back then.

Wu Wei stopped crying as she sobbed. Thinking about how the crown prince treated her well with those swollen red eyes of hers, she smiled and knelt down beside the crown prince's feet, trying to curry the favor of him. "Thank you, crown prince!"

Shang Wuxin nodded her head, she was actually not very interested in knowing about Wu Wei's past, but after hearing it, she could only sigh. Furthermore, from the start, Shang Wuxin had already known what Wu Wei was thinking. However, Shang Wuxin had to admit, this Wu Wei knew that being loyal was indeed a good subordinate, if not she would not have ranked her in her group.

"Crown Prince!" Wu Wei retracted her emotions and stood up as she said respectfully, "All of the princes are staring at the Crown Prince's Palace now. If they were to make a move and let others have a hold on him, I'm afraid it would be detrimental to the Crown Prince!" Although revenge was important, the matter with the crown prince was even more important. Revenge would one day be carried out, but the effort spent on causing trouble for the Crown Prince's Palace would not be insignificant.

"Heh ?" The corner of Shang Wuxin's lips curled up in a cold smile, "Do you think that the various princes and princesses would still let me off? The princess' words today were not a joke! " Marriage? Shang Wuxin ridiculed in her heart, if she were to take her as her wife, then what kind of method did Shang Chenzhao want to use to deal with him? More importantly, she didn't know the reason for the girl to actually want to marry him, and this method obviously angered Shang Chenzhao. Shang Wuxin felt that she was somewhat looking forward to it.

"Need?" Wu Ju asked, the eyes of the lady called Qu Yan in the Imperial Banquet was too disgusting, she treated the crown prince as her husband, and the obvious thing was that she angered Shang Chenzhao.

"Come out!" Shang Wuxin suddenly shouted outside.

Then, they saw Nangong Lian walking in embarrassedly, but before they could even enter the chamber, they were stopped by Wu Wei and Wu Ju.

"I haven't heard anything!" Nangong Lian raised both her hands to promise that she didn't hear anything. It was true that she didn't hear anything, but because she was bored and wanted to look for the crown prince, she came out of the palace. However, before she could knock on the door, she was startled by the crown prince's voice.

Shang Wuxin naturally knew that she hadn't heard anything. Looking at the woman who was standing outside the palace, Shang Wuxin thought of this princess' royal brother, who was also a father and mother. In other words, the most powerful prince of the Kingdom of Nangong, Nangong Qian.

It was rumored that Nangong Qian and Nangong Qian were born from a palace maid, so they died when Nangong Qian was ten years old. Nangong Qian, who originally had no power, should have found it difficult to move an inch within the palace, but it was also true in those few years. And this Nangong Qian was famous when he was sixteen. Initially, everyone thought that this prince would die on the battlefield, but he not only defended his territory, he even took away several cities from other nations. It was only then that this prince became known to everyone, along with the rumors of this prince killing hundreds of officials, that Shang Wuxin knew about these rumours because of his handsome appearance.

"Don't go anywhere in the manor, or else I won't be responsible for the loss of my life!" Shang Wuxin said, but she was clear in her heart that this woman could not die in the Kingdom of Shang. At the very least, she could not die in there because of her royal brother, Nangong Qian.

Nangong Lian knew what the crown prince said was true, but she didn't know why she felt that the youth in front of her wouldn't believe her. Furthermore, Nangong Lian knew in her heart that although she liked this youth a lot, she wasn't.

"Got it, got it!" Nangong Lian promised, thinking that it would not be long before royal brother would send someone to fetch him, but she suddenly did not want to leave. Although this Crown Prince's Palace was cold, it still felt like a home. Especially when this Crown Prince of Shang was facing the two servant girls and the chief eunuch, it always made Nangong Lian think of her terrifying and lonely royal brother. She didn't know what would happen if her royal brother met this Crown Prince of Shang.

"Crown Prince!" When Steward Hai walked into the palace, he did not even spare a glance at the woman who was stopped outside. It was best if such a beautiful female crown prince did not catch his eye.

"This is a post from the First Prince's Mansion!" The Steward Hai said, "That day, not only did we invite the crown prince, there was also another prince, and another curved woman. Crown Prince, you have to be careful!" Steward Hai had heard of the banquet and understood that the First Prince's Mansion did not have good intentions.

"I'll be returning. I'll be going!" Shang Wuxin put down the invitation and went into the hall.

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