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"Big Brother Huan!"

Huan Moche got off the horse carriage, enduring the pain in his heart as he prepared to go rest in Drunken Wine's embrace, because that was his property. Even if on the surface he was just a powerless Young Master, if he really was a Young Master who only knew how to recite poems when he had nothing to do, why would the Emperor value him? Just a portion of the court ministers that supported the crown prince this time were actually ordered by Huan Moche, and just this power alone was enough to make others not underestimate him.

Huan Moche's beautiful peach blossom eyes flashed with a layer of deep disgust, she stopped in her tracks and looked at Leng Tiantian who had stopped her, her voice did not change but contained a sense of alienation, "Father only has this Young Master's only child, I hope Miss Leng does not become confused!"

The handkerchief in Leng Tiantian's hand was held tightly. At the banquet, she watched as the Young Master Huan carried Big Brother Leng and the crown prince out of the palace. It clearly looked like the Young Master Huan was very concerned about his cousin, but she didn't know why she felt that it wasn't right. As long as Young Master Huan was there, she would pay attention to his surroundings. Therefore, she saw that Young Master Huan, who looked very gentle but cared about no one, was looking at the crown prince frequently on top of the Imperial Banquet.

It was only at that time that Leng Tiantian suddenly became alarmed. Maybe Young Master Huan only treated his cousin as a friend, but compared to the crown prince, it was different. When she came out of the palace, she was filled with fear, only to see Young Master Huan flying out from the crown prince's carriage, her face was filled with anger that was hard to come by in a hundred years, yet it did not seem to be angry at all. She followed behind him with all her might, and after thinking for a long while, she stopped Young Master Huan, but she did not know how one name made him so disgusted and disgusted.

"Fantasy ? Young Master Huan! " Leng Tiantian's heart was filled with anger. She had been infatuated with the Young Master Huan for so many years, but now she was not addressed as anything at all? Could it be that Young Master Huan has really fallen for a man? The more Leng Tiantian thought about it, the more she felt that something was amiss. Young Master Huan had never gotten close to any young miss in all these years. Could it be that Young Master Huan really likes men? What if he really liked men? How could her dream come true after so many years?

Huan Moche looked at the night sky and said, "It's already late, it's best for Miss Leng to return home as soon as possible!" With that, he started to leave, the blue robes were about to disappear from Leng Tiantian's sight, Leng Tiantian's heart froze, and she asked: "Young Master Huan, is there anyone that you like?"

After all, it was her first time saying such words in front of someone she liked. Leng Tiantian was a little afraid, but even more so, felt shy.

Originally, Huan Moche did not bother to answer such a question, but after Leng Tiantian asked it, the figure of a youth suddenly appeared in his mind. His cold gaze and that indifferent fragrance, Huan Moche did not know if he said it to Leng Tiantian or to himself, "There is someone that this Young Master likes, and I like it very much ?" He liked it to the point where he felt it was inconceivable. He liked it to the point where only now did he believe that the most powerful thing in time was not the scheme and the love that he did not get.

Leng Tiantian's footsteps trembled. She wanted to reach out to hug the man who was clearly extremely gentle yet distant, but she didn't even have the chance to get close before she saw the man disappear into the moonlight.

After a long while, Leng Tiantian's originally sad eyes flashed with jealousy. How could a man be together with the Young Master Huan? So what if they liked each other? How could this world tolerate such feelings? She had to snatch the Young Master Huan away!

"Cousin!" Leng Zishi ran over to Leng Tiantian's side and asked worriedly, "Cousin sister, where did you go? It took me a long time to find you. Shall we go home early? Otherwise it's not good to be late! "

As Leng Zishi said this, he held onto Leng Tiantian's hand like a child and calculations flashed in her eyes ?

When Leng Zishi saw his cousin crying, he panicked and quickly asked, "Cousin, what happened to you? Did someone bully you? If you tell your son, he will definitely stand up for his cousin! " Leng Zishi said as he rolled up his sleeves as if he wanted to fight. Only an innocent child like him would be able to get the love of so many people.

"No!" Leng Tiantian immediately pulled Leng Zishi back, and said after hesitating for a long time: "I am unhappy about my cousin and the Young Master Huan, you know? The crown prince seemed to be gay? I wonder if cousin and Young Master Huan ? What should I do? "

"Cousin?" "You don't believe me?" As Leng Tiantian said this, she began to cry, "I ? I always thought we were the closest people, my parents died early and came to the Leng Mansion without anyone to rely on. It was because you, cousin brother, were good to me, and I had always thought that we would trust each other, but I never thought that ? " After saying that, Leng Tiantian raised her hand to wipe her tears.

"What?" Leng Zishi asked incredulously, how could that kind of youth be gay? That youth was so beautiful, with an air of elegance like a snow lotus, as if he was an extremely pure white person in this world. Did such a person is gay? Leng Zishi felt that he couldn't believe it.

"You think I'm lying to you?" As Leng Tiantian spoke, she started to cry, her pitiful appearance making people feel pity, "When my parents came to Leng Mansion, the first one who was good to me was you, Cousin. I had always thought that we trusted each other, but I never thought that we would ?" Leng Tiantian said as she raised her hand to wipe her tears.

"Cousin, don't cry!" Leng Zishi raised her hand to wipe Leng Tiantian's tears, and immediately guaranteed, "I believe so!"

When Leng Tiantian stopped crying, Leng Zishi carefully asked, "Cousin sister, do you like Big Brother Huan?" While asking this question, Leng Zishi's eyes flashed a little.

"I ?" Leng Tiantian didn't expect Leng Zishi to ask this question and was immediately at a loss of what to do. But before Leng Tiantian could think of an answer, Leng Zishi said as if he was innocent, "Cousin, you better be worthy of the Big Brother Huan. I will help Cousin!"

"Really?" Leng Tiantian asked happily with her eyes wide open.

"Of course it's true. How could I lie to my cousin?" Leng Zishi clenched her fist and tilted her head as a guarantee, her cute appearance caused Leng Tiantian to laugh tenderly.

? ?

Beautiful trees and scallions, shining flowers, a clear stream, from the depths of the flowers and trees zigzag under the stone gap. A few more steps, gradually northward, flat and wide, two flying buildings, carved and embroidered, hidden between the trees of the col. If one looked down, they would see the clear stream and the white snow. The stone steps pierced the clouds. The white stone acted as a railing, wrapping itself around the edge of the pond. The stone bridge was three ports, and the beast's face was vomiting.

This was an extremely beautiful courtyard. In the study, a man in purple was sitting at a desk, reading a report.

"Your Highness!" A subordinate walked into the study.

"Did you find it?" The purple-clothed man did not place the imperial report in his hand, but his voice carried a hint of coldness.

"I found it, Princess is currently in Crown Prince of Shang Palace, Crown Prince of Shang saved her!" The subordinate reported.

"Prepare to leave for Kingdom of Shang!" The purple-clothed man put down the imperial report and stood up.

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