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The evening wind blew over the green bracts, across the meandering river, carrying the fragrance of the paddy fields to the village of Erlong, which was on the four sides of the mountain.


The sound of a wooden door opening broke the tranquility of the Twin Dragon Village.

Then, with a clang, under the silver moonlight, Jin Fugui took advantage of the darkness of the night and quietly made his way to Li Yingying's window.

"Dong, dong, dong." Three knocks on the window frame.

"Who is it?" Pushing open the window, Li Ying Ying stuck her head out with two large braids.

"Other than me, what other wild man would come looking for you at night?"

Jin Fugui smiled as he flipped his body and jumped into the window, pulling Li Yingying into his embrace. The delicate fragrance of a girl's body entered his nose, making him feel very comfortable.

"Let me go, don't let anyone see me." Li Ying Ying carefully looked around.

"If you see it, you'll see it. What's there to be afraid of? If worst comes to worst, I'll marry you!" Jin Fugui pulled Li Yingying into his embrace again.

Li Yingying, who had just finished showering, was only wearing a thin nightgown. The two lumps of softness on her chest rubbed against Jin Fugui's body, causing him to be in a hurry. His two hands hurriedly groped underneath Li Yingying's clothes …

"No, wealth."

Just as Jin Fugui reached his hand in, he was pushed away by Li Yingying. With a gloomy expression on his handsome face, he said, "Fugui, my dad said that he doesn't agree with us."

"If your father doesn't agree, then you can just agree."

Jin Fugui looked at the Li Yingying in front of him. She had a delicate face that could be broken with a blow, and a pair of bright and bright eyes that could speak. Furthermore, Li Ying Ying was the daughter of the village head, so she rarely went to work in the fields.

Jin Fugui chased for a whole month and spent a lot of effort before finally agreeing to be Li Ying Ying yesterday.

Jin Fugui happily stayed up all night, but Li Yingying's expression was cold: "My dad said that your family is too poor and owes you a huge debt. You also have a brain-dead little brother, who will have to live a miserable life after marrying you."

"I won't let you live a miserable life. This year's harvest from the drought families is not good, and the price of grains is going to rise. I've already thought of a way to grow all the rice into sorghum plants, so I can sell them for a good price at the end of the year."

As he spoke, Jin Fugui didn't just sit there idly, his eyes staring straight at Li Yingying's chest.

Her snow-white chest was clearly visible from the collar. Her two large lumps of white meat rose and fell with Li Ying Ying's breathing.

"Really?" Li Ying Ying was skeptical. She frowned: "If you can't earn money, my dad won't let me marry you."

"Don't worry, if you marry me, I won't let you live a miserable life." Jin Fugui rubbed his hands together, he couldn't wait to look at Li Yingying's beautiful body, "I have to go home and coax my brother to sleep, let me kiss you before I leave."

Li Ying Ying glared coquettishly at Jin Fugui as she slowly closed her watery eyes …

"Yingying, are you asleep?"

During dinner time, his daughter said that she would get along well with Jin Fugui. What kind of conditions did the Jin family have? In the whole of Erlong Village, the poorest family, a thatched cottage, was on the verge of collapse. They wished that they could wash away their entire family in the pouring rain and never marry their daughter to Jin Fugui.

Flipping over and over, Li Jun decided to come over to talk to her daughter. When she opened the door, she saw Jin Fugui holding her daughter, while her daughter had her eyes closed and her lips pouted. She didn't need to think to know what the two of them were doing.

Li Jun stomped her staff angrily as she swung it towards Jin Fugui, "Jin Fugui, how dare you! How dare you come to my house. See if I'll break your legs or not."

"Old Li, Ying Ying and I are on good terms, don't ruin my plans."

Jin Fugui dodged the staff. Li Yingying hurriedly opened the window and shouted anxiously, "Fugui, run!"

"Old Li, Ying Ying will be my wife sooner or later. You can take her." Jin Fugui looked at Li Jun and laughed, before nimbly jumping onto the windowsill.

"Brat, don't let me catch you. I'll skin you alive."

Li Fugui's swearing came from behind him, as he rushed out of the courtyard, he lightly jumped over the fence and disappeared into the night.

"Hmph, it's all Old Li's fault for spoiling my plans." Recalling Li Ying Ying's beautiful figure, Jin Fugui felt an itch in his heart. He consciously took a detour around the village's only main road, heading towards the small hill at the back.

Li Ying Ying lived at the village entrance, Jin Fugui lived at the village's end, and there was only one main road in the entire Erlong Village. Jin Fugui was sure that Li Ying Bian would send people to block his way, so he decided to take a detour around the hill to get home.

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