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"Mom, give me the money to buy some meat. We're going to have meat today."

Du Yueli took care of the accounts, and Jin Fugui gave all the money he earned to Du Yueli. Du Yueli took out a red ticket and handed it to Jin Fugui, grinning from ear to ear: "Go, buy more. Your brother loves to eat meat."

"Got it." Jin Fugui was about to take the money and leave when his father stopped him.

Jin Fugui looked up and down at his son, hesitating as if he wanted to say something but was too embarrassed to. Jin Fugui knew that his father was being reserved, so he said, "Dad, just say what you want to say. I'm an adult now, so there's nothing to be embarrassed about."

"Let me ask you, about the matter between you and Li Ying Ying …" When he thought about the two children doing that in the same room, the old man's face turned red.

"This matter!" Jin Fugui was also a bit embarrassed, "You guys don't have to ask about this. Don't worry, I know what I'm doing."

As a father, Jin Head couldn't ask too many questions about the two youngsters. He stared at his son and said, "Something has happened. See if I break your legs or not."

"Something has happened, just wait for me to carry my grandson."

Jin Fugui laughed mischievously as he took the money and ran to buy meat. Behind him, his father scolded him.

"Baby Daddy is here." Carrying three pounds of fat pork, Jin Fugui walked home to talk to his baby.

The ginseng baby twisted his little butt to express his dissatisfaction: "Humph, I'm ignoring you, dad likes beautiful auntie, not baby."

"Good child, how could Daddy not like you? Daddy will tell you a story, ok?" Ever since the ginseng baby had lived in Jin Fugui's dantian, Jin Fugui became a dairyman, as if he was taking care of a four or five-year-old child, "Let's tell the story of the pony crossing the river today, okay?"

"Well, I like ponies crossing the river." Hearing the story, the ginseng baby happily turned around, squinting his eyes, using his hands to support his cheeks as he quietly listened.

After speaking about 10 or so things, Jin Fugui's mouth and tongue became dry, "Alright, the pony is done crossing the river, is the baby happy?"

The ginseng child happily did a riding motion, constantly shouting and driving like a little fairy.

Seeing that she was happy, Jin Fugui was also happy, "Your baby is happy, and so is Dad. Unfortunately, the ripe pine mushrooms are gone, tomorrow I'll go over to the side of the man with the sesame seed to see if there are any other treasures."

"Harvesting pine mushrooms?" The ginseng child stopped. Blinking her two small eyes, she asked with a puzzled expression, "Dad, are you going to pick pine mushrooms?"

"The pine mushrooms are expensive and have a wide demand. It's a way to make a fortune. It's a pity that dad didn't study much and didn't study botany. Otherwise, I really want to study this plant. If I can successfully breed it then I would make a fortune."

Jin Fugui sighed regretfully.

"Planting pine mushrooms is a bit difficult, but making them grow up quickly is very easy. One move of grass control is enough."

"Grass kinesis?" "What's that?" Jin Fugui asked.

The ginseng child held onto his two small arms and unhappily said, "To think that you're even the father of the King of Hundred Herbs. The Grass Control technique is a very low level magic that can shorten the growth cycle and quickly mature."

"There is such a spell?" Jin Fugui exclaimed, "How am I going to learn the Grass Controlling Technique?"

"Watch me." The ginseng child spun around on the spot, a red thread of information appearing in Jin Fugui's mind. A series of information suddenly appeared, becoming clearer and clearer until Jin Fugui completely comprehended it.

"I have to hurry and try." Jin Fugui excitedly ran towards the mountains, but the ginseng child said, "You just learned the grass control technique, so you'll need to digest it before you can use it."

"Alright, it's too late today."

Jin Fugui returned to the main road and walked towards his home. When he passed by the clinic, he was attracted by the strong smell of Chinese medicine, dozens of different kinds of Chinese medicine mixed together, but Jin Fugui could clearly smell every kind of Chinese medicine.

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