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"It's Sister Wang. It's already dark, why are you here?" When Jin Fugui came over, Wang Jingxiang naturally put her hand on Jin Fugui's hand and jumped off the car.

"I'm here to give you money. What are you doing? You don't even want the money anymore? " Wang Jingxiang took out a stack of red tickets from her pocket and handed it to Jin Fugui, "Here, this is the difference in money. Here, take it."

"So much money?" Is there really that much difference? " This stack of money was at least 10,000 yuan. He had already paid 18,000 yuan in the morning, and now, it was 10,000 yuan as well. Was that pine cones worth that much?

"That shipment of yours is of a special quality. Five thousand yuan for a kilogram. I'll give you three thousand yuan in the morning. Here's the remaining twelve thousand yuan." Wang Jingxiang ran for a whole day. She was a middleman, and after a day's work, she could earn several hundred yuan. If she met someone with a bad quality, then her day's work would have been wasted.

When Du Yue saw the money, she exclaimed, "There's actually so much money?!"

"In the future, if there's such a good pine stick for elder sister to keep, I want as much as I can." "Alright, you guys can eat. I need to hurry home and cook dinner for my old man." Wang Jingxiang stuffed the money into Jin Fugui's hand and jumped into the car to leave.

"This thing is really profitable." This bag sold for thirty thousand. " Du Yueli stared blankly at the money in her hands. She couldn't believe that she had earned so much money in a single day.

At this moment, Jin Fugui's mind was filled with thoughts of making money. Seeing how profitable Song Xiuzhu was, he was even more certain about this route. He finished the rest of the meal and went back to his room to sleep.

Jin Fugui got up early in the morning and went out with a cold steamed bun.

Under the towering ancient tree, the new pine mushrooms had just emerged from the ground. With their speed of growth, it would take them at least half a year to gather them.

"Baby, I'm going to use my grass control." Jin Fugui took a deep breath, looking a bit nervous.

"Come on, Dad. Dad is the best. I love Dad." The baby ginseng was like a small cheerleading team, cheering for Jin Fugui.

Jin Fugui didn't know how to use it, and in his heart, he was thinking about how to use it. With a casual wave of his hand, the pine mushrooms that had just emerged suddenly started to grow at a rapid pace, and in the blink of an eye, large areas of them had matured.

"He's too awesome. He's actually grown up." Jin Fugui was so excited that he repeatedly called her a miracle. With this treasure, what was there to worry about? Why wouldn't she be able to earn money?

"No, Dad, not anymore."

When Jin Fugui wanted to try again, he was stopped by the ginseng child, "I'm still too young. I don't have enough magic, so I can't use it too much. It will harm my body."

"There's no need. Let's rest for a while." Jin Fugui also felt his entire body becoming tired, an indescribable tiredness. It seemed like he couldn't overuse this grass control technique, he could just use it once a day.

After eating the cold steamed bun, Jin Fugui put the pine cones into the gunny sack that he had prepared a long time ago. This time, there were actually two large sacks inside.

"My son, where did you get your hands on such fluff?"

By the time Jin Fugui reached home, Du Yueli had already woken up to make breakfast. The rice porridge was stir-fried and the eggs were fried. Jin Fugui drank a bowl of porridge and said, "I went back to the previous place to gather them."

"How much is this going to cost?" The two big sacks were at least a few hundred jin in weight, and the quality was still exceptional. Du Yueli felt as if he was looking at red bills placed in front of him; he couldn't even close his mouth.

"Dad, I'm so tired. I'm going to sleep."

After eating, the ginseng child fell asleep due to exhaustion. Jin Fugui was so tired that he couldn't even open his eyes, and fell asleep on the bed.

It was already noon when he opened his eyes. When he thought of his date with Zhao Ling'er, he hurriedly jumped up and asked Du Yue for some money before leaving.

There was only one bus a day in the county, so he stopped at the clinic at 12 o'clock at night for ten minutes. Jin Fugui was sweating profusely as he finally arrived at the clinic.

Zhao Ling'er had been waiting at the door for a while. When she saw Jin Fugui, she quickly pulled him into the car.

"Sorry I'm late." Jin Fugui gasped for breath. It was only after a while did he finally see Zhao Ling'er.

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