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In addition, he chose two sets of clothes and two pairs of shoes. Jin Fugui changed the sets from the inside to the outside and took the bag from the waiter, "Where are you going to pay?"

"Your girlfriend has already paid." The waitress was a freckled little girl. With a blushing face, she looked at Jin Fugui and said, "The two of you are really compatible."

Jin Fugui changed his clothes and became like a college student in a city. His handsome face looked even more like a piece of fresh meat.

"Why did you pay?" "How much is it in total? I'll give it to you." No matter what, he was still a man, how could he allow a woman to pay him back? As Jin Fugui said this, he wanted to pay Zhao Ling'er back.

"You are my model today, and I have something I need your help with. Just a few sets of clothes, and it'll be my fee for hiring you."

"How can that be?" "I volunteered to help you," Jin Fugui said. "I didn't want you to pay."

"I told you to keep it." Zhao Ling'er pouted. "If you don't accept, then I won't let you accompany me."

Jin Fugui was in a dilemma. As long as he could accept it, he helplessly said, "Alright then. I'll pay the next time I come shopping."

"Alright, I'll listen to you. Where do we go now? Just after five o'clock. "

It was rare to come to the county, so Jin Fugui suggested taking a stroll around. Passing by the toy market, he recalled that his younger brother didn't even have a decent toy, so he bought five or six toys in one go.

"Do you have a child in your family?" Zhao Ling'er looked at those toys. They were basically toys that a 0-1 year old child could play with. She had been a doctor in Erlong Village for a year and had never heard of the Jin family having another child.

"For my brother." Jin Fugui casually said, "My brother had a fever when he was young, and his brain was damaged. Right now, his IQ is about the same as a 1 year old child's."

Zhao Ling'er felt a bit of regret, but at the same time, she couldn't help but look at Jin Fugui. Suddenly, she felt a bit of heartache for him.

At five o'clock, when the two of them were about to arrive at a steak shop called Zuo Yi's, a waiter politely asked, "May I ask if you two have an appointment?"

"There's an appointment called Chen Ming." Zhao Ling'er replied.

"Chen Ming?" It's like a man's name. " Jin Fugui mumbled.

It was indeed a man. When he followed the waiter to the reserved table, a man wearing a long-sleeved suit stood up on a hot day. The man looked at Zhao Ling'er with a flattering expression. "Ling'er is so pretty."

"Fugui, this is Chen Ming." Zhao Ling'er didn't pay any attention to Chen Ming. Instead, she turned around and introduced him to Jin Fugui.

"Hello." Jin Fugui politely greeted her before sitting down next to Zhao Ling'er.

Chen Ming sized up Jin Fugui and asked with an ugly expression, "Who are you?"

"My name is Jin Fugui." Jin Fugui introduced himself.

"Jin Fugui?" Chen Ming sarcastically said, "It's really the name of a tycoon. How rich is it?"

"Alright, Chen Ming." Without waiting for Jin Fugui to speak, Zhao Ling'er impatiently said, "Chen Ming, I came here today to tell you that it's impossible for us to be together. Don't even think about it."

"What?" Chen Ming exclaimed, "You want to break up with me?"

"When was I with you?" Zhao Ling'er said in a domineering manner, "Parents are parents. Just because they think highly of you doesn't mean that I like you. I hope that you won't pester me in the future. We're both friends, and we won't look good if we tear our faces apart."

When Jin Fugui heard the two of them talking, he suddenly understood. Chen Ming was Zhao Ling'er's so-called boyfriend. Jin Fugui felt that as an outsider, it was best not to interrupt. He held his cup of water and listened to their discussion without saying anything.

Chen Ming's expression was extremely ugly as he stared at Zhao Ling'er and said, "Zhao Ling'er, we're not children anymore. The marriage is decided by our parents, so stop messing around."

"Causing trouble?" You think I'm making a scene? " Zhao Ling'er was enraged. She glared at Chen Ming and said, "Since young, I've always taken care of myself alone. Since when have they cared about me? Where are they when I've been bullied by my classmates?" Where are they, alone in the operating room of the hospital? And now they want to take care of me? "

Chen Ming whispered, "They are busy with work …"

"Being busy is not a reason." Zhao Ling'er coldly said, "Alright, the reason why I came today was to tell you that you shouldn't look for me anymore. It's impossible between us, and …" I already have a boyfriend. "

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