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Zhao Ling'er suddenly held Jin Fugui's hand, and naturally leaned towards him. The two of them looked like a sweet couple as they said to Chen Ming, "If you keep pestering me, then Jin Fugui will be unhappy."

"What?" You're looking for a country bumpkin boyfriend? " Chen Ming was stupefied. He looked at Jin Fugui in surprise.

Not only Chen Ming, even Jin Fugui was stunned. When did he become her boyfriend?

"You're the country bumpkin. In my heart, wealth is the best." Zhao Ling'er held Jin Fugui's hand tightly, refusing to let go.

"F * ck!" "Zhao Ling'er, don't think that I don't know about this. If you deliberately chose this country bumpkin as your boyfriend, I'll believe that you can make me let go of him unless you prove that he's your boyfriend."

"You want to prove it?" Good! I'll prove it to you. "

Zhao Ling'er turned her head and looked at Jin Fugui. Holding Jin Fugui's cheek with both of her hands, she suddenly kissed him.

As the soft lips met, Jin Fugui felt a delicate fragrance waft into his nostrils and fall into a gentle land. He could not help but suck in two mouthfuls as the soft lips were sucked into his mouth.

The sounds of their quarrel caught the attention of the other customers in the restaurant.

The moment the two of them kissed, the cafeteria exclaimed in surprise. A girl exclaimed, "Wow, it's so sweet."

A few people even applauded.

Zhao Ling'er's face flushed red as she stared at Jin Fugui in a daze for a few seconds. Then, she turned her head towards Chen Ming and said, "Do you believe me now? "Don't bother me anymore in the future."

Chen Ming's face turned from red to purple, then purple to white. His eyes were red as he scolded Zhao Ling'er, "You damned bitch, I'm so good to you. You didn't even let me touch you, and you've already found another man. I'll f * cking kill you."

Chen Ming was infuriated. He brandished his fist and struck it towards Zhao Ling'er. Just as Zhao Ling'er was about to let out a cry of surprise, her fist suddenly stopped in front of her.

Jin Fugui tightly gripped his wrist, and Chen Ming angrily shouted, "Let go of me, you country bumpkin!"

"You dare to touch my woman, you're courting death!" Jin Fugui exerted a little more force, and Chen Ming immediately made a sound like a pig being butchered. Jin Fugui raised his leg and kicked Chen Ming in the face, causing the nose bridge of Chen Ming's nose to collapse.

Jin Fugui stepped on Chen Ming's arm and said coldly, "From now on, you are not allowed to bother my woman anymore, otherwise I will break one of your bones."

Exerting force through his legs, with a loud 'kacha' sound, Chen Ming screamed his lungs out, and the pain caused him to roll on the ground in pain.

Zhao Ling'er was dumbfounded. Jin Fugui could actually send a person flying with a single kick. Wasn't this a scene that could only be seen in martial arts movies?

Jin Fugui pulled Zhao Ling'er's hand and said, "Ling'er, let's go. Don't bother with this trash."

As he walked out of the door, Chen Ming's insults came from behind him, "Zhao Ling'er, you're a whore. You pretend to be noble and powerful all day, but in reality, you're just a bitch. You need men to help you."

"Ling'er, are you alright?" Jin Fugui only stopped when they were far away from the restaurant. He turned around and looked at Zhao Ling'er, who seemed to have lost her soul.

Zhao Ling'er shook her head and said, "I'm fine. Let's go home."

On the way home, Zhao Ling'er looked out of the window with a dazed expression. Jin Fugui tried to touch her hand, but Zhao Ling'er seemed to have scared him away like a spring.

"This woman is really strange. She clearly kissed me first." Jin Fugui licked his lower lip as he recalled in satisfaction, "It smells so good."

The minibus stopped in front of the clinic. Zhao Ling'er got off the bus and walked towards the hospital. Jin Fugui ran two steps to catch up with her and said, "I'll bring the money over to you in a bit."

"No need, I'm a little tired. We'll talk about it another day." Zhao Ling'er icily ignored Jin Fugui and walked into the hospital. With a bang, she locked Jin Fugui outside.

"Women are strange animals." Jin Fugui shook his head and turned to walk home.

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