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"Aiyo, who is this? Is he that handsome?" Along the way, they met other villagers. Looking at Jin Fugui who was wearing new clothes, they all exaggerated, "The rich are becoming more and more handsome, as expected of the son of the old man. He was a handsome guy in our village when he was young."

"Uncle Wang." Jin Fugui greeted, and a cold snort came from behind him.

Jin Fugui was startled when he turned around to see Li Yingying. Ever since he climbed into Li Yingying's window in the middle of the night, Jin Fugui had been avoiding Li Yingchan: "Uncle Li, it's you."

"You're not running today, but you are?" Li was the village chief of the Second Dragon Village. Ten years ago, when he went up the mountain, he had his leg injured by a grizzly bear.

Jin Fugui chuckled, "I'm not running anymore. Uncle Li, what's the matter?"

"You stinking brat." Li Jun raised her walking stick and knocked Jin Fugui on the shoulder. She did not mind Jin Fugui and did not avoid it. She pointed at the corn field at the side and said, "Come over here."

The matter of marrying Li Ying Ying had already been settled. From now on, Li Fu Gui was Jin Fu Gui's father-in-law, he couldn't just keep hiding from Li Ying. Jin Fu Gui followed Li Ying Li into the corn field.

"I already know about the matter between you and Ying Ying. If you dare to touch a single hair on Ying Ying, I'll break your legs."

This matter was related to his daughter's innocence. Li Jun only spoke after she had looked around to make sure that no one was eavesdropping.

"Ying Ying isn't a monkey, why would I touch her?" Jin Fugui chuckled, "Uncle Li, don't worry. Although Ying Ying and I are in love with each other, we will not do anything unconventional."

"Little brat, stop pretending to be a cultured person. I don't even know how much ink you have in your stomach." Li Jun stared at Jin Fugui and realized that today Jin Fugui was exceptionally handsome with shiny leather shoes. He looked like a established university student, and in terms of appearance, he was the only one who could be worthy of his daughter in Erlong Village.

"Uncle Li, every word I say is sincere. If you don't believe me, I can swear." Jin Fugui stretched out three fingers in preparation to swear to the heavens.

"Enough." "Don't tell me it's useless. Ying Ying has never experienced any hardships since she was young. Even if she marries in the future, she can't suffer any hardships. If it wasn't for my permission, you two wouldn't have been able to do anything."

"Don't worry Uncle Li, before I act up, I won't come knocking to propose." Jin Fugui's face turned sullen as he said, "Uncle Li, I'll be going home first if there's nothing else."

On the way home, Jin Fugui's heart was in a mess. In the end, there was only one word, money can get you everything.

When dinner was over, Jin Fugui sat under his orange tree and thought about making money. He looked up at the orange tree, which had just bloomed because it was not yet season.

"What would it be like to use it on a fruit tree?"

With a light wave of his hand, the short orange tree suddenly grew to a height of three to four meters and its branches shot up to the sky. Golden orange trees were hung all over the place and the fragrance of the orange spread in the air.

"Oh my god, how come your orange tree is growing so early?"

While Jin Fugui was still in shock, Wang Jingxiang drove her tricycle into the yard and exclaimed as she looked at the towering orange tree.

"Ah, it's Sister Wang." Seeing that it was Wang Jingxiang, Jin Fugui took out the pine antler he had stepped on this morning, "You weigh it, this time it's a hundred kilograms."

"One hundred kilograms of antler? That's five hundred thousand. Do you have a card? I'll transfer it to your card. " Wang Jingxiang looked at the two sacks full of fluff. She was laughing so hard that her mouth couldn't close, but her pocket didn't even have that much as a half a million yuan.

"I have the card, I'll give you the card number." Jin Fugui wrote a number on the slip of paper and passed it to Wang Jingxiang, "Tomorrow you can transfer the money. I believe in Sister Wang."

When Du Yueli heard someone entering the garden, she walked out of the house and was immediately stunned when she saw the giant orange tree. "Heavens! When did my orange tree become so big? "

Fatty Jin also walked out from the house and was stunned when he saw the tangerine tree. He looked at Jin Fugui and asked, "Fugui, what did you do? You planted this tree? "

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