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Jin Fugui had no choice but to answer vaguely, "Yes, I pulled up the original sapling and planted a new one. This is a new sapling; it has an early blooming and early fruit ripening."

"New orange tree?" Du Yue picked an orange dubiously. As soon as she peeled it open, a sweet fragrance wafted into her nose.

"So sweet!" Du Yueli cried out in surprise and quickly distributed the tangerines among the group. "You can all try it. This is the first time I've tasted such delicious tangerines."

Not only Du Yue, but even Jin Fugui was shocked. This orange juice was extremely sweet and delicious, surpassing any kind of orange found in the market.

Wang Jingxiang took a bite and her face was filled with surprise and joy. Looking at the oranges that were filled to the brim, she exclaimed, "Such a large number of oranges, isn't it worth a lot of money?"

"How much is the orange market now?" With Wang Jingxiang's reminder, Jin Fugui was pleasantly surprised to discover that this might be a business opportunity.

"It's not the tangerine season yet. The normal tangerine costs sixty, seven dollars a catty." Wang Jingxiang had been out running all year round, so she had a good understanding of the market. She rested the orange in her hand and said, "If we split the orange water, we'd need one catty each. This tree must have at least one thousand catties."

A tree weighed more than a thousand catties. If one were to pay five dollars per catty, it would be five thousand catties.

"Five thousand yuan for an orange tree?" Jin Fugui calculated in his heart. Although the price of oranges was not as high as that of truffles, the cultivation of oranges was very simple and the ripening period was very fast. With just a single use of the Grass Controlling Technique, one could mature completely and plant on a large scale.

After making up his mind, Jin Fugui looked at Wang Jingxiang and asked, "Sister Wang, do you have any friends who bought Tangerine? My family has too many Tangerines, so I can't eat them. I want to sell them."

"You found the right person, I know all the merchants in these markets." Wang Jingxiang was very straightforward. She patted her chest and said, "Leave this to me. Give me the price of your Tangerine. I'll go negotiate with someone else."

"Six or seven in the market, then I'll sell it for ten dollars."

"What?" Ten dollars? " When Du Yue heard her son's price, she was taken aback. She hurriedly said, "We'll just sell it at the market price. If the price is too high, we won't be able to sell it at home."

"Mom, you said you've never eaten such delicious oranges before. This is a new breed, how can it be sold at the same price as any random variety in the market. If the price is too low, it won't be easy to raise the price."

Since Du Yueli was a housewife who did not understand these business opportunities, Wang Jingxiang had been out running all year round. Of course, she understood these ways, so she could only set the price higher or lower, lower or lower, and it might be difficult to increase the price. Furthermore, the customers all had a kind of mind about picking up cheap items and selling them at a discount.

All of these Daos were obtained from Wang Jingxiang's several years of experience. She never thought that Jin Fugui would understand so much at such a young age. Wang Jingxiang couldn't help but take a peek at Jin Fugui.

Du Yue didn't understand these commercial matters, so she maintained her trust towards her son and said, "Okay, you handle this matter, Mom will help you."

"Let's wait for Sister Wang to contact the employer and then we'll just pick the tangerine."

Seeing that it was getting dark, Jin Fugui looked at Wang Jingxiang and said, "Sister Wang, you haven't eaten yet right? Let's go inside and eat together."

"I haven't eaten yet. Let me go home and eat." Wang Jingxiang felt a little embarrassed.

"Don't go home, come in and eat together." Du Yue came to Jin Fugui and said, "Fugui, go and serve food to your Sister Wang."

After a simple dinner, Wang Jingxiang sat beside Jin Fugui. There were still a few pieces of the red braised pork left over from yesterday. Jin Fugui threw the fat into his brother's bowl, and the thin ones gave it to Wang Jingxiang.

Looking at the meat in the bowl, Wang Jingxiang's eyes suddenly turned red as tears began to fall out of her eyes. "Thank you, Fugui. Don't give me that meat."

"Aiya, Sis, what happened to you?" Jin Fugui quickly took out a tissue and handed it to Wang Jingxiang, "Why are you crying? Is the food not tasty? "

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