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"No, it's delicious." Wang Jingxiang wiped her tears and sighed emotionally, "I've been running all over the place these past few years, and when I'm tired, I want to go home and sleep. I've never eaten anything hot in the evening. I haven't eaten this Red Braised Meat in years."

"You don't have time to cook, but what about your man?" Seeing Wang Jingxiang earn money every day, Jin Fugui had never seen Wang Jingxiang's husband before.

Jin Fugui casually asked. He didn't expect to be stared at by Jin and reprimanded him, "Eat your food, you don't need to speak."

Jin Fugui was brought up by Jin Zifu, so he didn't want to ask random questions. Seeing that Wang Jingxiang also didn't want to answer this question, Jin Fugui decided to just shut his mouth.

After dinner, Jin Fugui picked a dozen oranges and placed them in Wang Jingxiang's car. "Sister Wang, take these oranges home to eat."

"Eating and getting oranges, how embarrassing." Wang Jingxiang's cheeks were flushed red. She felt guilty for what happened at the dining table: "I'm sorry, but I'm not in a good mood today."

"What's wrong? Why are you apologizing? Let's go Sis, I'll send you to the village entrance."

The greenish yellow moonlight sparkled on the surface of the water. The croaking of the frogs and the chirping of the cicadas rose and fell, and the cries of the spittoons could be heard from time to time. It was extremely lively.

"Rich? When are you going to get married?" The two of them chatted as they walked.

"I'll get married when you get divorced," Jin Fugui replied casually with a dog-tailed grass in his mouth.

"What?" Wang Jingxiang was stunned for a moment. Seeing Jin Fugui's naughty smile, she rolled her eyes and said, "You should just tease me. You must have a partner, right?"

Jin Fugui smiled but didn't say anything. Wang Jingxiang understood and her face darkened, "Fugui is so handsome, he must have a partner."

"Sis, are you jealous?" Wang Jingxiang's face was slightly red, which moved Jin Fugui's heart.

"Yellow-haired boy, why are you eating your vinegar?" Wang Jingxiang stared at him, then pointed at the village entrance in front of them and said, "It's the village entrance in front of us, you go home. I'll ride my bike back home."

"Wait, big sis, I have a question to ask before you leave. Do you know where they sell fruit seedlings? "

Jin Fugui thought for a night. He was going to open a fruit garden and specialize in anti-season fruits. The price of fruits in the season was not easy to sell, and the sales volume of fruits in the anti-season season was even higher as well.

"You want to buy saplings?" Wang Jingxiang asked.

"Yeah, after this year's drought, I'm afraid the rice will be completely harvested. I want to get a greenhouse fruit tree." The family has six acres of field, buckle up the greenhouse form, in the greenhouse cultivation will certainly have remarkable effect.

"Sure, that's a good idea. I know a seller that sells saplings and seeds. I'll bring you there tomorrow." Thinking that they would meet again tomorrow, Wang Jingxiang blushed and couldn't help but take another look at Jin Fugui.

"Alright then, see you tomorrow."

After saying goodbye to Wang Jingxiang, Jin Fugui returned home. He picked up a few oranges and came to Li's house. This time, Jin Fugui openly walked through the front door.

After knocking on the door a middle-aged woman opened it and glared at Jin Fugui, "Jin Fugui, you still dare to come to my house? Get the hell out of here!"

"Oh, Aunt Lin, let me send you Uncle Li's tangerine." Jin Fugui was carrying a bag full of oranges.

Lin Wen Juan threw the tangerine onto the ground and brandished it at Jin Fugui, "Who wants your tangerine? You're not allowed to come to my house or see Ying Ying."

"Mom, what are you doing?" Hearing the commotion, Li Ying Ying rushed out of the house. Seeing that her mother was about to hit Jin Fugui's brain with a stick, she rushed in front of Jin Fugui, blocking her mother's way, "Mom, I won't allow you to hit Jin Fugui."

"You damned girl, are you having a hard wing? You're helping this damn brat, right? I'll beat you up too." Lin Wenjuan was famous for being a shrew in the Dragon Village. She was fine normally, but when she got angry, everyone would scold her and even her own daughter wouldn't be let off.

"Hit me, beat me to death. In any case, I've been beaten quite a few times since I was young."

The wronged look on Li Ying Ying's face made Jin Fugui's heart ache. He pulled Li Ying's hand and looked at Lin Wenjuan angrily, "Aunt Lin, if you continue to play Ying Ying, I'll take Ying away and never come back."

"Good, you still dare to threaten me? There is no justice left." Lin Wenjuan became as angry as a lion and swung her stick at Jin Fugui's body.

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