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"Enough!" Li Wenzong angrily rebuked and walked out of the house. He glanced at the Tangerine rolling on the ground, then glared at Lin Wen Juan and angrily said, "Shut up and go back inside."

Lin Wen Juan was not afraid of the heavens or the earth. She was only afraid of Li Jun's walking stick. She resentfully looked at Li Jun's walking stick and then glared at Jin Fugui as she returned to her room.

"Ying Ying, go back to your room as well." Li Jun then looked at the Tangerine on the ground and said to Jin Fugui, "Your Aunt Lin is like this, don't get angry at her."

"I'm not angry."

The entire village knew Lin Wen Juan's personality, she wouldn't even bother with a three-year-old child, not to mention she was Li Ying Ying's mother. Jin Fu Gui didn't care about her either, picking up one orange after another and handing them to Li Ying Ying, "Ying Ying, let's go back to the house. I just want to send an orange."

Li Ying Ying held the tangerine in her hand as she looked at Jin Fugui affectionately, and returned to her room three times in a single step.

Ever since she saw Jin Fugui's body that day, a door suddenly opened in Li Ying's heart. This door was mysterious and attractive, and it always made her feel hot and dry, and she couldn't help but think of Jin Fugui's body. Li Ying had a computer at home, so every time she opened the web page, she would think of Jin Fugui and herself.

Li Jun took a glance at Jin Fugui and said nonchalantly, "Tangerine is now very expensive, don't spend money recklessly, go home."

"I planted the orange myself." "I want to plant a greenhouse and fruit," Jin Fugui said.

"Snapping the shed?" Li Jun's eyes lit up. As a village owner, he had always wanted to think of a way for the village to grow and get rich, but he had never thought of a good way out.

Although his thoughts were good, Jin Fugui was too young, and his family was too poor, so it was different for him to think well of them. Li Jun turned her walking stick and said, "If you want to do it, then do it, if you need any help from the village, just say so. The country promotes agricultural development, and the village supports you."

"Thank you, Uncle Li." With the support of the village, Jin Fugui was relieved, "I won't disturb Uncle Li's rest any longer. I'll be going home now."

Jin Fugui left the Lee family excitedly. He needed the approval of the village to button up the shed, and as the village chief, as long as he nodded, Jin Fugui would only need to buy some saplings and buckle up the shed.

While humming a small tune, the ginseng baby walked in the field, yawned, turned over and sat up.

"Dad, I'm awake."

"The baby woke up!" Jin Fugui put his consciousness into his dantian and found that the ginseng child had changed a little. His short arms and legs seemed to have grown a little, and a green shoot appeared on the top of his head. Jin Fugui surprisingly said, "The baby's hair has grown!"

"The baby has grown up." The ginseng child happily spun around on the spot. The baby's face was slightly less red than before. "Thank you, dad. I just unlocked another spell, I'll teach it to you."

A thread of red information appeared in Jin Fugui's mind.

"Great Healing? "What is this?" Two words appeared in Jin Fugui's mind.

"It's Great Recovery!" The ginseng child touched his short and thick arm and said, "I'm too young, I can only give you this kind of simple spell. When I grow up, I'll be able to teach you many spells to repay you."

"Baby, as long as you're healthy and grown up, dad will be happy. You don't have to repay me." Jin Fugui already treated the baby ginseng as his own child.

The baby ginseng was jumping around Jin Fugui's body as it spoke in a childish voice, "How can that be? The baby has to make dad stronger and stronger. That way, we can protect the baby."

"I know!" Jin Fugui shook his head helplessly and hurried home to give his younger brother a bath.

Jin Fuxi was naturally obese, because his brain was paralyzed and his limbs were out of sync, he couldn't tell when his body was itchy. In order to make him feel better, Jin Fugui gave him a bath every day.

"Ah Xi, big brother is late. I'll boil some water for you to bathe in."

As soon as Jin Fugui arrived home, he began to busy himself with boiling water. He carried his younger brother into the bathtub and sat down, carefully examining his younger brother.

"I don't know how much it costs, but five gold and silver, six peonies, eight wild ginseng …"

The moment he saw his younger brother, Jin Fugui's mind was filled with a string of formulas.

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