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"So big!" The beautiful doctor quickly stood up and glared at Jin Fugui in anger and shame. She told the two old men who were guarding the sickbed, "I'm fine. I might have been knocked unconscious by the tree. I'll be fine after a few days' rest."

"Long time no see. Zhao Ling'er is still so rare."

Zhao Ling'er was the only doctor, and also the only person from the city. After graduating from the medical university, she came to the village to be a doctor, but after Jin Fugui fainted, he was found by his fellow villagers and sent to the hospital.

Zhao Ling'er glared at Jin Fugui as she adhered to her professional conduct as a doctor. "If you feel dizzy and nauseous in the next few days, come back to the hospital and check in. If there's nothing else, you can go home." He then glared at Jin Fugui, turned around, and walked away.

Jin Fugui looked at Zhao Ling'er's slim waist and licked his lips.

"Little brat, you don't have a peaceful day. You just run around outside all day." Listening to his son being fine, his mother, Du Yueli, began to criticize Jin Fugui again: "This morning, the village chief came. He said that you went to his house to look for Li Ying Ying last night, that Li Ying Ying is not someone we can afford to marry."

Old Jin extinguished the smoke in his hand and helped Jin Fugui up, "Son, let's go home."

On the way home, his mother, Du Yueli, scolded the two of them, "As long as you are used to him, how can we afford to offend the Village Head's house? "I've offended the village chief, and this year's allowance is gone again. Our family only relies on this allowance for a year. If you don't have any, you can go drink with Bei Feng."

"Without any subsidies, there will be nothing left. There's food growing in the fields, so I won't die from starvation." Ole Gold patted his son's shoulder and proudly said: "So many young men think highly of Li Ying Ying, she thinks highly of our son. As long as he is willing, I'll tell him I'll go kiss him."

"Even calling for a kiss? You only get a little bit of land a year, so how can you earn enough money to eat?

Once a woman entered her middle age, it was like the end of the world to nag. Jin Fugui didn't like to hear two people arguing, so he went home first.

"Baby? "Where are you?"

When the hospital woke up, Jin Fugui heard the sound of the ginseng child's voice, but he searched his entire body, but he couldn't find the ginseng child.

"I'm here. Do you see me?"

At this moment, Jin Fugui's consciousness entered his dantian, feeling all the movements in his dantian.

The baby ginseng sat in his dantian. It had a round body, lotus root like arms, and a thin braid of whiskers on its head. It was much more limpid than when he first saw the baby ginseng.

"How did you get into my stomach?"

"It's too cold outside. I'm staying here to warm up." The ginseng child squinted his eyes, grinned, and giggled. "I am the King of All Things, absorbing the essence of all living things."

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" You don't want to suck my essence dry, do you? " Jin Fugui suddenly thought of those goblins in the chatroom who specialized in absorbing human essence, and a cold shiver went down his spine.

"No way, I just need your body to grow. When flowers bloom on my head, I will grow a new body and regain my freedom." The ginseng baby was like a spoiled dog, rubbing against Jin Fugui's body, "Furthermore, you are my dad, how could I harm you? If you don't believe me, try and see if your body has changed. "

Jin Fugui stretched his four limbs doubtfully, as if he had become a lot more nimble. The scars on his body that had been removed from his clothes had also disappeared, and his skin had become smooth and tender.

Casually grabbing a steel spoon, he lightly broke it. The crisp sound was even easier than breaking a toothpick.

Jin Fugui was wild with joy, "I became Superman?"

"This is nothing!" The ginseng baby crossed his legs and pouted as he said proudly, "You are the father of the King of All Things, right now I am still too young and my abilities are limited. I can only teach you this much. I will teach you the rest when I grow up."

With a wave of the ginseng child's hand, Jin Fugui felt a thread of red information drilling into his brain.

"The King of All Things, controls a hundred grasses. The flowers and plants have their own intelligence. Each of them has their own personality, so they understand their nature and medicine …"

Large chunks of information poured into Jin Fugui's brain, torturing him to the point that his body and mind were both exhausted. The ginseng baby yawned and said to Jin Fugui, "I'm so sleepy, I need to sleep."

The ginseng baby curled into a ball and fell asleep. Jin Fugui felt his eyelids getting heavier and heavier, he fell on the brick bed and went to sleep.

"You're quite a young man. All you do is play and you won't talk about him."

"Your son is tired, just let him sleep for a while. I can do the work on the ground by myself."

The voices of his mother and father echoed in Jin Fugui's ears. He slowly opened his eyes. It was already noon. His stomach growled as Jin Fugui looked at his mother and said, "Mom, I'm hungry."

Seeing that his son had woken up, Du Yueli bitterly shut his mouth and went to the kitchen to cook. The father and son stayed silent.

"Dad, I'll go with you to the fields later."

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