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Ten acres of fields were all planted with rice, but with the drought this year, seeing the rice seedlings wilt every day, while feeling heartache, he had to pull out the sorghum that was resistant to drought and could perhaps even recover some losses.

After lunch, Jin Fugui went to the field first. Jin Fugui took a shower, changed into a set of clothes and then left.

Jin Fugui saw Zhao Ling'er walk up the mountain with a bamboo basket on her back before she had even taken two steps out of the door. Zhao Ling'er, who had taken off her white coat, put on a floral shirt.

Jin Fugui hurried to catch up.

"What a coincidence, we meet again."

Zhao Ling'er was a university student in the city. Her pretty face was not any worse than Li Ying Ying, and her figure was even higher than Li Ying Ying. However, her personality was indifferent and she always had a cold expression.

Zhao Ling'er looked at Jin Fugui in astonishment. "The wound on your head has healed?" He had a bruise in the morning, but it only took him an entire morning.

"Small injuries are fine." Jin Fugui looked at the bamboo basket on Zhao Ling'er's back. "Dr. Zhao, you're going to pick herbs again?"

Zhao Ling'er had graduated from the medical field and had studied Chinese medicine for many years. She gave up the invitation from the big hospital and came to this small mountain village so that she could personally go into the mountains and try out the herbs like Hua Tuo.

"The weather has been hot recently. I'll go and pick some honeysuckle for everyone in the village to boil some water. It can prevent sunstroke."

Zhao Ling'er carried her bamboo basket and headed towards the mountains. Jin Fugui followed closely behind her. "I'm going to the fields. Let's go together."

The Erlong Village was surrounded by mountains, fields and ditches. Once in the mountains, the sweet fragrance of birds and flowers wafted over, as if he was in heaven. He had only taken two steps when Jin Fugui smelled a strange fragrance. "Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu."

"What's so fragrant?"

The more he walked towards the mountain stream, the more he felt the smell become clearer. It was sweet and not greasy, and the more he sniffed, the more itchy it felt, and the more it smelled, causing Jin Fugui to be unable to stop.

"Where is the fragrance?" Zhao Ling'er took in two deep breaths. Other than the smell of the grass, there was nothing else.

Jin Fugui followed the direction of the fragrance and saw that on top of a cliff in front of them, there was a lone grass growing. It was about a foot tall and had four petals.

Zhao Ling'er also noticed this strange flower. "Hey, what flower is this? The color is that weird? "

Jin Fugui climbed up the cliff and greedily smelled the fragrance of the flowers. He was so greedy that he almost drooled. At this time, the ginseng baby also woke up and yawned. The moment he opened his eyes, he suddenly shrieked.

Jin Fugui felt his brain go blank as if a firecracker had been thrown in his head and suddenly exploded.

"Dad, it's good stuff." The ginseng child jumped up in excitement, dancing with Jin Fugui, the commander. "mutated human sesame seed."

Jin Fugui mumbled to himself, "What is a man's sesame flower?"


Jin Fugui's brain hadn't been blown away by the small ginseng spirit, and his ears were almost deafened by Zhao Ling'er.

Zhao Ling'er jumped up and rushed in front of the flower. She was so excited that her teeth were no longer clear, "The man's sesame seed, the ginseng and the Lingzhi were all combined into one flower, and the two Kings of Hundred Herbs were fused into one, which has an extraordinary medicinal effect. I happened to read about it in the Hundred Herbs Book once, but it was too rare and couldn't be confirmed as it is very rare, so I didn't expect to find it here."

"Ginseng and Lingzhi?" Ginseng and Lingzhi are both very expensive Chinese medicine, so they should be able to sell for a lot of money, right? Jin Fugui looked down at the unremarkable flower and asked the ginseng child, "Can you pick it now?"

"It's not ready yet. It only has four leaves, and when it has sixteen leaves, it can pick them." The ginseng child proudly touched his belly and said, "At that time, you can eat."

Zhao Ling'er wanted to pluck the man's sesame seed flower, but Jin Fugui stopped her. "This flower hasn't grown up yet, and its effects are too weak. If you pick it, you'll destroy it."

"I didn't expect you to know so much. I used to call you a lackey, sorry about that."

After hearing Jin Fugui's words, she was filled with admiration, and realized that Jin Fugui was also a handsome young man, with red lips and white teeth, who was not much worse than the milky-white children in the big cities.

"Kid, I like listening." Jin Fugui chuckled as he remembered that his father was still waiting for him in the field. After repeatedly warning Zhao Ling'er not to pluck the grass, he bid farewell to Zhao Ling'er and headed off to the fields in search of his father.

Just as he reached the top, Jin Fugui saw two youths poking his father on the forehead as they cursed, "Old Head Jin, you've owed me that money for three years already. What do you want?"

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