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"It's not good not to sell the crops for a price a few years ago, I'll definitely return the money this year." The man was in his fifties and was being poked on the forehead by two guys who were about the same size as his son. There was no room for him to stop his old face as he just hung his head low without raising it.

"That's what you said last year. Where's the money? Where's the money? " The two youngsters' aura were oppressing. They gritted their teeth as they stared at Jin head and said, "I'll show you what I can do if I don't give you something strong. It seems like you don't want to pay me back."

The two youngsters shook their fists and were about to greet Jin Chong, but Jin Fugui suddenly rushed up and shoved the two youngsters aside, "Let's see who dares to hit my dad."

Pointing at Jin Fugui, they flew up and shouted angrily, "Jin Fugui, you're too much! Not only are you not paying me back, you even beat me! Who do you think is good to bully, I'll take care of you today!"

The two got up and waved their fists towards Jin Fugui.

Jin Fugui did not avoid and welcomed the two fists with his head tilted.


The two men screamed as if their fists had hit steel and their bones broke with a crack. They fell onto their butts and stared at Jin Fugui in fear.

"Immediately scram." Jin Fugui gave a cold snort, and the two of them hurriedly got up and hid far away, "Jin Fugui owes it to the heavens and the earth, as long as it's a man, they will pay it back."

"Pui!" I will return the money, there's no need for you to rush me. "

"Every month, 20,000 yuan plus 5000 yuan's interest can't be reduced by a single cent. Otherwise, we'll report you to the police and capture all of your family members. Your stupid little brother will just starve to death." The two of them cursed at each other, turned around, and ran away.

"Dad, are you alright?"

Jin Fugui picked up the tobacco pouch. Old Jin sat on the floor with his head lowered and said dejectedly, "It's my fault. I can't earn any money. The money I gave your little brother to treat his illness three years ago is still not paid."

"It's fine, I'm not here. Just return the money to them."

Jin looked at his son, blaming himself, "I seriously thought about the relationship between you and Li Ying Ying. Son, just treat dad as letting you down. We aren't good enough for her, so don't miss her."

"What do you mean, 'she's not worthy?' She graduated from high school, and I graduated from high school as well. How come I'm not good enough for her?"

Jin Fugui wasn't convinced, in his heart, Li Ying Ying wasn't worthy of him.

Fatty Jin took a drag on his pipe. He lowered his head and said, "Let's talk about this later. It's getting dark. Let's go home."

Jin Fugui was in a depressed mood and split up from his father. He took a detour to the back of the mountain to take a look at that man's sesame seed. That was a treasure.

"Baby, how much can this flower sell for?"

Jin Fugui found a few branches and covered up the opening, as he was afraid that the petals would be blown away by the wind.

"You're Dad, I'm Baby, how would I know!" The baby ginseng was skipping around in Jin Fugui's dantian as if it was his own home, "But the flower of the Ganoderma takes the essence of heaven and earth, there must be other treasures nearby."

"Could it be wild ginsengs?" Jin Fugui's eyes lit up. wild ginseng was worth a sky-high price! A single wild ginseng was worth tens of thousands yuan, which was equivalent to several years of their family's income.

Jin Fugui quickly widened his eyes as he looked around.

The fresh air was mixed with traces of sweetness. Following the sweet scent, Jin Fugui found a tall ancient pine, some weeds under the tree, and a tender yellow hair that was about to fall out.

"What is this?"

Pushing aside a bunch of weeds, a bunch of beautiful mushrooms were tightly clustered together, distributing the entire tree root.

Jin Fugui was stunned for two seconds, then exclaimed in surprise, "This is pine mushrooms!"

In addition, the antler could not be cultivated by humans, so the price of the wild was getting higher and higher every year. A few days ago, Jin Fugui heard that the price of the antler had increased to two thousand yuan a kilogram, so this pile was at least five to six kilograms.

"I'm rich now." Jin Fugui quickly took off his jacket, and carefully placed the pine mushrooms inside, wrapping them into a big bag to carry them home.

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