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"Son, why did you take off your clothes? What's on your back?" As soon as they entered the courtyard, Du Yue came out to welcome them, helping to put down the large bag of pine mushrooms. "Mushrooms, what are you picking so many mushrooms for? Is there any poison in it? Mom got fired for you? "

"Mom, aren't these mushrooms for us to eat? They are for sale."

Jin Fugui put down his pine mushrooms and rushed into the house to make a call. There was a telephone at home, and under the phone was a small notebook. On it, he remembered to call his relatives and friends, and Jin Fugui found a number to call.

"Hello, is this Wang Jingxiang? "Do you take the pine mushrooms?"

Jin Fugui opened his mouth to ask, but a cheerful soprano's voice came through the phone, "Big brother, you found the right person. I'll take the pine mushrooms, 2000 dollars per kilogram, how much do you have?"

Jin Fugui weighed the bag for a bit and saw that it weighed at least ten Jin.

"It should be at least five to six kilograms. I'll find a place to weigh it later."

"Five to six kilograms?" "So many?" Wang Jingxiang exclaimed.

It was already good enough for a person to find one catty per day. A village could collect no more than a dozen catties a day, but this time, Wang Jingxiang was so excited that she could not keep her mouth shut.

"Where's your family? I'll be there at dawn tomorrow. "

"Second Dragon Village Old Jin, just enter the village and walk straight to the yellow mud house."

During these two years, she had suddenly put away the pine mushrooms and went from house to house to advertise, swearing that she would lead everyone to start a business and lead the villagers up the mountain to dig up the pine mushrooms. Although the price of the mushrooms was very high, it was very rare and after a while of liveliness, there was no movement.

After hanging up and having dinner, Jin Fugui had to bathe his younger brother. His younger brother, Jin Fuxi, was only seven years old this year and was born into a lively and active brat. However, a few years ago, he suddenly developed a high fever and burned his brain.

"Ah Xi, when big brother has money, take me to a big city and the best hospital to treat your illness."

While taking a bath, Jin Fugui was talking to his younger brother. Whenever this happened, his younger brother would grin at him as if he could understand his brother's words. Jin Fugui also laughed heartily along with him.

After coaxing his younger brother to sleep, Jin Fugui was covered in sweat all day long. He picked up two buckets of water and was about to take a shower.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" As soon as Li Yingying entered the room, she saw Jin Fugui who wasn't wearing anything. She was so scared that she quickly covered her eyes.

Jin Fugui was also startled. He quickly put on his pants, then chuckled and stroked Li Ying Ying's little hand: "What are you shy about? You'll have to watch it sooner or later."

"Who wants to see you?" Li Ying Ying's fist landed on Jin Fugui's chest. Her face was red and her appearance mesmerizing.

"You're not looking at me? What are you doing here?" While stroking Li Ying Ying's small hand, Jin Fugui's gaze swept towards Li Ying Ying's chest.

Although Li Yingying wasn't tall and was only 1.6m, her twin peaks were very impressive. Any clothes that wore on her body would be pulled up, revealing the white of her collar.

"I came here because I had something to tell you. Who wants you to look … "Look at you..."

There was a light in the room, and Jin Fugui was directly facing her. Li Ying Ying saw it clearly, and immediately felt her heart itch. Her heart was beating incessantly, and her entire body was burning as she stared at Jin Fugui with a dazed expression.

"What are you looking at me for? Tell me!" Jin Fugui chuckled as he pulled Li Yingying's hands into his embrace, and gave her a light kiss on her rosy white face.

The hot air sprayed onto Li Yingying's ears, causing her entire body to soften. Her legs felt like they had no bones, and her entire body was hanging on Jin Fugui's body.

"Let's talk about it later, I miss you." Jin Fugui pulled out a chair for Li Ying Ying to sit on.

At this moment, Li Yingying's face was flushed red like she was drunk. Her hands were hanging around Jin Fugui's neck, the twin peaks were so high that they directly touched Jin Fugui's forehead. Jin Fugui licked his dry lips, and touched his clothes …

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