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Just as Jin Fugui's hands were about to reach Li Yingying's twin peaks, Jin Fuxi suddenly let out a thunderous snore. The already drunk Li Yingying instantly woke up and pushed Jin Fugui away.

"I have something to tell you today." Li Ying Ying tidied up her clothes and glared at Jin Fugui with her drunk red face.

Jin Fugui knew that the situation wasn't right and bitterly retracted his hand, "What do you want to say? You even came running over so late at night?"

"Today, someone came to your house asking for money."

In the afternoon, he lowered his head and quarreled. The villagers all saw this, and Jin Fugui did not try to hide it from them. A few of the hooligans were beaten away by me. "

"You owe me money, but you still beat me up." Li Ying Ying pouted and said angrily, "My dad told me that your family owes them 20,000 yuan but didn't pay it back in three years. He won't let me be nice to you again."

"What the hell am I doing? It's only 20,000 yuan, don't worry, I'll be returning it in two days." Five or six kilograms of pine mushrooms were worth more than ten thousand yuan. It was easy to earn twenty thousand yuan, but a living person could still suffocate to death.

Furthermore, there were man's sesame flowers. They were a treasure, which Jin Fugui could not appraise even if he didn't know how to appraise them. However, from what Zhao Ling'er said, man's sesame flowers were extremely rare, and the price was several times higher than wild ginseng.

"Besides owing money, your family is too poor." Li Ying Ying carefully looked at Jin Fugui, and said hesitantly: "I came today to tell you, we …. Let's break up! "

"What?" Break up? I don't agree with that. " Jin Fugui quickly stood up and held Li Ying Ying's soft little hand in his own. He gently caressed it, "Ying Ying, don't worry, I won't let you live a life of hardship. Without a two-story house, car, and two hundred thousand gold coins, I won't let you marry me."

Jin Fugui's gentle and soft voice moved Li Yingying, "Really?"

"Of course it's true. Is a man still able to make his woman suffer?" Jin Fugui patted his chest as he solemnly vowed.

"Alright, I believe you." Li Yingying's nose twitched and her eyes filled with tears, "It's too late. I sneaked out. I have to go back."

Before she left, Li Ying Ying looked back at Jin Fugui and promised, "Fugui, I'll wait for you for a year."

After running out of the Jin family's courtyard, Li Ying Ying's white face flushed red. Her heart was like a little deer that was jumping around wildly. Jin Fugui's naked appearance appeared in her mind and she couldn't get rid of it no matter what.

Just as Li Yingying stepped out of the door, Du Yueli kicked the door open and cursed: "Kid, what are you doing?"

"Ah, I didn't do anything." After Li Ying Ying left, Jin Fugui was thinking about making money, but Du Yueli's sudden appearance gave him a fright.

"Don't think I didn't hear it. Did Li Yingying come over just now?" "Tell me, what did you do in the house?"

When Li Ying Ying went out, she coincidentally bumped into Du Yue, who happened to be in the way, so as to avoid embarrassment for the girl. Du Yue hid behind the door and didn't come out until after everyone left.

Jin Fugui chuckled, "It's not good for you to carry a grandson."

"What?" Carrying a grandson? " Du Yueli's heart was filled with happiness, but her expression was still cold. "Let me tell you, you are not allowed to do anything without getting married. Although our family is poor, we must be poor to the point of not harming other people's girls."

"Oh, mother, is your son one of those bastards? How could I do that? " Jin Fugui was speechless. He was already eighteen, but in his mother's eyes, he was still like a child. "Don't worry, I know what I'm doing."

Du Yue glared at her son, "Stop bullshitting me. Be a bit more obedient, it's better than anything."

"Alright, alright, go to sleep." Jin Fugui yawned, climbed onto the brick bed for his brother to pinch the quilt, and fell asleep on the quilt.

Du Yueli cursed a few more times before returning to her room to sleep.

Early the next morning, Jin Fugui received a call from Wang Jingxiang, telling Jin Fugui that she would be there in an hour.

There was only one phone in Jin Fugui's house. In his parents' room, the entire family heard the phone call from Jin Fugui.

When Jin heard it was a woman, he quickly asked his son, "Who called you?"

"Wang Jingxiang." As Jin Fugui drank the congee, he replied vaguely while chewing on a steamed bun and scallion.

"What?" Why did you hook up with her? " Fatty Jin's face turned cold, "That woman with an overbearing personality, don't you want your reputation? You don't want to get married? "

"Aiya, dad, what are you talking about? I'm looking for Wang Jingxiang to sell some pine mushrooms, it's not what you think! " Jin Fugui was speechless. He rolled his eyes and stuffed the last mouthful of steamed bun into his mouth, then went to tidy up the mushrooms.

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