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An hour later, a small tricycle made its way into Jin Fugui's house. Jin Fugui was already waiting at the door to greet them, "Sister Wang, my name is Jin Fugui, I called you."

"Aiyo, which one of my brothers was he? He's actually a handsome guy." Wang Jingxiang had always been a very enthusiastic person when it came to doing business. She was able to get to know strangers very quickly, so she looked at Jin Fugui with a pair of charming eyes.

Jin Fugui did not refuse anyone that came, and he chuckled, "Sister Wang is also a beauty."

Du Yueli came out of the house with Jin Jiuzhen. When she saw Wang Jingxiang, she greeted her son, saying, "Why don't you invite someone into the house for a drink of water?"

"There's no need to trouble yourself. I still have to go to the neighboring two villages to pick up pine mushrooms before noon." Wang Jingxiang had a straightforward personality, and Du Yueli was not humble either.

Jin Fugui placed a large bag of pine mushrooms in Wang Jingxiang's tricycle. As soon as he opened the bag, Wang Jingxiang exclaimed, "What a big bag of pine mushrooms! These are first-rate quality, right?"

"There are even levels to this thing?" Although Jin Fugui knew about pine mushrooms, he didn't know as much about them as Wang Jingxiang did.

Wang Jingxiang explained, "The pine mushrooms are divided into three grades. The lowest grade is two thousand yuan per kilogram. The middle grade is three thousand yuan. This one should be first grade."

"How much does a first-rate item cost?" Jin Fugui was a little excited, he didn't expect that the pine mushrooms he accidentally discovered were first-rate.

"I don't know about that. I've only been in the business for two or three years and yet I've never received a first-rate product. I've only heard my customer mention it before, so I don't know what the price is."

"Then... "What should we do?" Since Jin Fugui was in trouble, how could he sell it without a price? He couldn't just ask for a random price, right?

"How about this, if you don't believe me, let's first weigh the pine mushrooms and then I'll go to the county to deliver them to the customers. After she appraises them, I'll give you a quote and then send you the money." Wang Jingxiang was a straightforward person, so she blurted out these words.

Jin Fugui did not hesitate and immediately said, "Alright, it's settled then."

"How can that be?"

The two of them slapped their palms together, completely ignoring the fact that Old Gold and Du Yue were still standing to one side.

Jin Fugui looked at his mother and smiled, "It's fine, I believe in Sister Wang."

She hurriedly said, "This batch of conifers must be worth more than mid-grade, I will first settle the bill for you at the price of mid-grade. In the afternoon, I will send it to the county city to see how much the difference is, then I will find it for you."

Three thousand yuan for a kilogram of medium-grade pine antler and eighteen thousand yuan for six kilograms of pine antler.

"Here's eighteen thousand yuan. You can take it. I'll give you the difference in price when I return from the county." Wang Jingxiang passed a stack of money to Jin Fugui, "Check if it's right."

"There's no need to check, I believe in Sister Wang." Jin Fugui took the money and directly passed it to his mother without even looking at it.

Du Yueli looked at the thick stack of money and exclaimed, "So much money!"

He then quickly shut his mouth and secretly checked it out a few times behind Fatty Jin's back. After confirming the number was correct, Du Yueli's face lit up with happiness as he said to his son, "Fugui, send Sister Wang out. There's a hole in the road ahead, help Sister Wang push the cart."

"Alright!" To be able to earn eighteen thousand in one breath, Jin Fugui was very happy. He helped Wang Jingxiang to place the pine mushrooms and weight on the tricycle. "Sister Wang, I'll send you off."

"Don't worry, I'm not a little girl."

Wang Jingxiang had been running around by herself all year round, and she was already used to the weather. Suddenly, someone wanted to give her a ride, which made her feel a bit embarrassed.

Jin Fugui insisted again and again that the two of them go out together.

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