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"Old man, do you think this money is real? Is there any fake money inside? " After the two of them left the house, Du Yueli excitedly took the money and counted it over and over.

Fatty Jin looked at the money, took a drag from his pipe and said, "She lives in the next village. She's from the same neighborhood. Even if she lied to us, she won't be able to run away. Nothing can happen to her."

"Our son is so amazing. He can earn so much money in one go. Now, he has the money to pay back his debts."

The debt was like a huge rock blocking Du Yueli's chest. It blocked her from sleeping through the night, causing her to not dare to go to every house for fear that someone would mention the debt and ask her for it. Although eighteen thousand wasn't much, it made her feel like she was watching the clouds and the moon.

"My son is amazing, but I can't marry him. I can't even marry him if I look favorably upon Li Ying Ying."

Jin was ashamed of his son. He felt ashamed that his son could not marry his wife because he was incapable.

"Our son is amazing." Thinking about what happened last night, Du Yueli felt proud: "How many people are chasing after Li Ying? They're all optimistic about our son. He ran into our son's room in the middle of the night."

"What?" "What happened?"

It was traditional for the villagers to live together without getting married. Being a traditional person, Old Jin's expression immediately turned cold. "This brat, wait for him to come back and break his legs."

"Look at you, why are you so angry? "You don't know our son, he knows discretion won't lead to trouble." Du Yueli rolled her eyes at her wife, "You still dare to break your son's legs? I'll break your legs first. "

Being cursed at by his wife, Fatty Jin became so angry that he squatted at the door and smoked a cigarette.

There was only one main road in the village, and it was full of potholes. The road had been under construction for several years, but it had never been completed because of lack of funds. It was even harder for Jin Fugui to leave while his family lived at the back of the village. As the tricycle jolted along the road, Jin Fugui said, "Sister Wang, don't ride anymore. It's not easy to travel on this road. I'll push it out for you."

"Sorry to trouble you." Wang Jingxiang had just pushed the wheel out of a pit. She was so tired that she was sweating. She wiped the sweat off her forehead and looked at Jin Fugui embarrassedly.

Wang Jingxiang was in her early thirties, and she had the charm of a mature woman. Especially when she was running around all year round while the other women were getting fat, she still maintained her slim figure, and her charming eyes were filled with endless flirtatiousness.

Jin Fugui chuckled, "Sister Wang, don't look at me like that. I'll be shy."

"Oh, what are you shy about?"

"Sister Wang is too beautiful. Any man would be shy if he was being watched by you, right?" Jin Fugui touched Wang Jingxiang's hand when he took the tricycle from her.

Wang Jingxiang acted as if she had been electrocuted and quickly pushed her hand away. "Sis, I'm old. I'm not as good as you youngsters anymore."

"Autumn corn, the older the better." Jin Fugui chuckled.

"Smooth talker." Wang Jingxiang glared at him.

The two of them chatted as they walked. Jin Fugui had earned almost twenty thousand yuan just from a chance encounter with Song Jia. He quickly asked about Wang Jingxiang's planting of pine mushrooms.

The world's most famous expert on plants had not even succeeded in cultivating them. The price of the mushrooms was so high, on one hand, it was because of their nutritional value, and on the other hand, they had been growing them for a full four years now, and they were already becoming more and more scarce. In just a few years, I'm afraid there will be no more mushrooms in the market.

"So that's how it is! "Looks like I thought it was easy."

As Jin Fugui sighed, the baby ginseng suddenly shouted, "Dad, Dad! I'm so bored, play with me. "

"Darling, be good. When dad sends Auntie away, I'll play with you when we get home." Baby Ginseng was like a four or five-year-old child. She had to let Jin Fugui accompany her and chat with her every day to relieve her boredom. Jin Fugui was like a super dad reading the daily news to baby ginseng and even teaching baby ginseng a "ha ha" sound.

"Hmph, now that Daddy has a beautiful aunt, I don't care about the baby anymore. The baby is angry." The baby ginseng twisted his butt and turned around, leaving a plump and small body for Jin Fugui to use.

Jin Fugui and the baby ginseng communicated through thought. Wang Jingxiang didn't notice anything wrong, so she took the car from Jin Fugui and said, "Okay, you can go home. I'll go by myself. The path in front is easy."

"Alright, then let's contact Sister Wang again."

Jin Fugui reached out his hand to shake Wang Jingxiang's hand. It was indeed a bit rough, but it was soft and boneless, and it was also a bit nice. What surprised Jin Fugui even more was that when Wang Jingxiang withdrew her hand, she intentionally scratched Jin Fugui's palm.

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