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He has that look of mature and filled out though, that only comes when men move out of their twenties and yet, there is still a boyish charm in the depth of that face. I’m not going to lie; I would sleep with him in a second and enjoy every minute of it. He’s definitely one I would notch a headboard space for, even if I have been playing the celibate game for a couple of years. I think he just found the direct line to my libido.

‘‘Until you’re ready to work, I guess. Will be nice to see what you look like under the swelling.’’ He throws me a sardonic smile and I just swallow with great effort, still a little dazed at just how sexy another human can be with so little effort when you have good DNA, expensive taste and a great hairdresser. I have never had a full-blown ‘‘take me now’’ moment over any man before, and I hate that my face must resemble a smashed, bloated pumpkin and I can only see out of one eye.

I am experiencing my first ever ‘fuck me senseless' moment in my life.

‘‘Right, thank you, I guess.’’ I have no idea why that’s what comes out of my mouth. I think the drugs are messing with my ability to flirt my way through any situation with the opposite sex, or maybe it’s just him and I feel completely out of my depth.

I have never been faced with a human that I instantly needed to have naked and inside of me before. It’s messing with my brain. My body is warming up to searing levels and I'm squirming in a bid to calm the tingles between my thighs.

Get your shit together Camilla! You are well versed in the arts of seduction and playing it cool.

‘‘Try and stay out of trouble. I don’t happen to have any patience for women who cause me any — bear that in mind.’’ The statement is made with a completely charming expression, but the intent is clear and not too veiled for me to extract the meaning. He’s polite, well-mannered, and precise. It’s in his neat attire and groomed appearance and the careful slow way he talks while boring your eyes with his unflinchingly; everything deliberate, calm and cool, in a well-played way. This is a man who knows how to get what he wants in life and knows what poker faces to play with which people.

That means he’s smart, and behind that face, that could either be your ultimate fantasy, or your worst terrifying nightmare, is a fast brain and keen eye that adds another layer to an already formidable player. I can see why he’s known as New York’s crime boss of the century—he is a born manipulator who reads people in the blink of an eye. He has summarised what he thinks I am in a heartbeat.

Alexi Carrero is a predator in expensive tailoring and smiles, yet he has the black soul of someone who has killed without remorse. I know his family's body count must be immense by now, being four or five generations of underhand dealings and back-alley negotiations. They are infamous for who they are, even if some of them have turned legitimate and steer clear of the crime world publicly.

‘‘I don’t intend to make any.’’ I falter, lacking conviction, even though I truly do not want to end up on this one’s wrong side. He just wipes away all my wiles and confidence, while I am laid up black and blue and swollen beyond recognition. Wait until I have my heels, my face, and my killer wardrobe ... an even keel to deal with Sexy Alexi! Tyler was a playground bully compared to this one and I know without a shadow of a doubt I have my work cut out.

This one might as well be Lucifer himself, but he just met himself a Lady who’s well versed in taming beasts and not afraid of the challenge. A match made in heaven, or hell, I guess. We will just have to find out and I may have use for this one if I can train him to heel.

It’s going to be interesting, peeling off his layers to reveal what weaknesses I can. And I fully intend to exploit every single little one of them.

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