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"Sister Gu, did you buy me a troll army?"

The youth's tone was very sincere.

The black cat could not hear the voice on the other end of the phone.

But from the expression on young actor's face, it was obvious that he was being criticized once again.

Gu Yan held her chest and didn't even have the strength to get angry.

"Didn't I say to uninstall Weibo?"

The calmer it was, the more terrifying it would be!

This was Luo Bai's experience from interacting with his demon broker.

Therefore, he answered very straightforwardly and confidently, "Isn't it only tomorrow that we come to check? I have to get back at those who scolded me! "

There was a few seconds of silence on the other end of the phone.

For a moment, Gu Yan wanted to throw the phone away and give up.

However, her assistant happened to be holding the IPAD, standing in front of her and listening to her commands.

The female manager covered the microphone and first nodded to the assistant, "How is it?"

"Is Brother Luo's cat really picked up?" "It doesn't look like a stray cat at all. It's too cute!"

The assistant girl's eyes lit up. Before her boss' expression darkened, she hastily commented, "Look at Sister Gu, I'm not the only one who thinks she's cute!"

[Absorb...] Master! How can there be such a cute meow? Be careful of what you have, I'll give you everything!]

"Meng Cry, Mama, I'm probably in love!"

[CALL Master!]

[You are so cute that you are breaking the rules …] Why did other people casually pick up cats on the road?! Could it be that picking up cats also depends on your looks?]

Popular comments miraculously remained the same, and all of it was praise for a particular meow.

"Not only the comments, even the forwarding team's momentum is great!"

As the assistant said this, she moved her Weibo and pointed to the top spot of the popular forwarding.

[Absorb...] [Forward this black meow. We'll have good luck in the next month!]

The assistant paused awkwardly.

What was going on with this completely different Weibo?

"Look, the visitors from Meow have also turned."

The transfer of the famous Love V had caused a certain Meow's popularity to soar like a rocket.

"I know."

Gu Yan waved her hand, signaling the assistant to leave first. Then, she moved her finger and spoke to the person on the other end of the phone, who was being envied by everyone.

Luo Bai was still stunned at how easy it was to talk to his own manager, while a certain manager had already instantly entered the battlefield.

"Notify the advertising team. We can change the topic."

While she was speaking, she logged onto her Weibo and opened up a topic.

The god of high and cold men set up a collapse #

Even a movie star didn't guess that this female manager had already started preparing for Luo Bai's comeback.

This seemingly slanderous topic was initiated by the troll army that she hired.

It wasn't necessarily a bad thing for people to fall apart.

If used well, not only can attract attention, but also can let their artists transform.

The corner of the Demon Broker's mouth flashed with a faint smile that indicated he had the ability to control the entire situation.

As for the artists she was worried about, they were following her instructions earnestly and directly logged out of their Weibo account.

Then, he mounted one of the vests.

However, he didn't spend too much time bickering with the netizens before being once again attracted by his own kitten.

"Envy me!" "Hahahaha!"

Hearing keeper's sneaky laughter, Black Meow could not help but jump onto the sofa and squat on Luo Bai's shoulder to peep.

Wrapped in a towel, his eyes were filled with confusion.

He fell asleep in a ball, unconsciously exposing his belly.

He raised his hand and pushed keeper away with a look of disdain.

There was even an adorable giant cat face!

This seemed to be the self-portrait he accidentally clicked on the first time he stole Luo Bai's phone?

Lord Movie King was exasperated, he did not understand the fanatical lick of the screen from the netizens.

Admittedly, Luo Bai is a good photographer.

Some film emperors also considered themselves to be excellent at POSE.

Was it really that exaggerated for the internet to become so popular overnight?

However, a certain meow was able to do it.

As far as Gu Yan was concerned, although it was a bit unexpected, it was also within reason.

Looking back at Luo Bai's first cat microblog, almost all the comments were filled with ridicule.

Some were mocking him for putting on a show.

There was a bet that he would turn around and throw the cat away.

What's the point of saying that a cat isn't cute?

Looking at these comments, the female manager couldn't help but sneer.

Did this slap hurt?

Perhaps, he still had to thank these black dots.

At the moment the second cat Weibo post appeared, it was these black fans who were watching Luo Bai's movements that made his Weibo post hot.

After that, it was a certain kitten that killed the huge group of Cloud Cats with its cute and naturally cute posture.

From start to finish, Gu Yan's team didn't have the time to do anything.

And on the morning of the next day, a certain person who had fallen asleep while scrolling through Weibo received a phone call from the manager with a stupefied expression.

"What?" Take a few pictures of the coal with you? "

Luo Bai was a bit suspicious as he looked at the black ball of fur next to his pillow.

As for the black cat, it seemed to be sleeping soundly, but its ears were twitching alertly. In a moment, it was completely devoid of sleepiness.

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