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C1 Rent Stake

"800 pieces!"

"No!" At least 1500! "

"1000!" I can't get any more, I only have this much money on me, 1000, I'll let you rent it, if you don't then I'll find the next one. "

Tang Yuhan was so angry that she almost exploded. The man in front of her wanted to rent one of her three-storey rooms for 1000 yuan! It was simply unreasonable!

Zhonghai City was a first-tier city in the south of China. Although the Xitang District was close to the suburbs, each house here required at least 1500 per month. This was the reason why Tang Yuhan felt that it was unreasonable.

The smiling man standing in front of Tang Yuhan wore casual sports attire. He had a slim figure with bronze colored skin, and with the sharp edges of the Faces, coupled with his three-dimensional facial features, he was definitely a handsome man.

Even though she was handsome, Tang Yuhan wasn't bewitched by his handsome appearance. What's the use of being handsome, it's too stingy, and most importantly, this person wasn't a man at all. To be able to live together with such a beautiful lady, how many people couldn't get a share. Even if he was beaten to death, he wouldn't rent it out to him!

"Do you want to rent it or not! "I won't rent someone out!" Tang Yuhan sent out the eviction order. She had only posted the offer this morning, and would not have rented it out to a man if she had not been waiting for the money to come in.

The man whom Tang Yuhan despised in her heart held a handbag in his hand. Hearing her rejection, he faced her with a smile on his face. "Beauty, don't be angry. Opening a door to do business requires you to have the appearance of a businessman. You have to be as kind and patient as me.

Tang Yuhan said arrogantly with her hands on her hips, "Aunt said I won't rent this house to you anymore! Please go. " As she spoke, Tang Yuhan prepared to close the door.

Zhao Yang pressed his right knee against the door. No matter how hard Tang Yuhan tried, she couldn't close the door.

This girl was really pretty. Even though Zhao Yang had seen a lot of beautiful girls, he was still attracted by her beautiful face. Her silky black hair, oval face, exquisite facial features, and curvy figure made people sigh in admiration.

This world was truly unfair. This beauty was truly beautiful!

"Let go! Otherwise, I'll call the police! " Tang Yuhan found out that she had met a hooligan today, and was both angry and afraid at the same time.

"Nobody moves!" Just then, a voice came from outside the house. Tang Yuhan looked over and saw two men standing two meters away from the door. Each of them was wearing a mask and had a steel pole in their hands. They were pointing it at her.

Robbing! He actually met a robber today! Oh my god! It's over! Tang Yuhan's heart sank when she saw the sudden turn of events.

Oh my god! Why did this happen? Trouble does not only exist! Trouble does not only exist!

He was tired of the struggles of his family, and in order to avoid that annoying guy, he escaped from his family. He wanted to start his own business and start a small company, but in the end he suffered a malicious competition. Is there any more bad luck?

At this moment, Zhao Yang rolled his eyes inside. Ten years abroad, how did the security in China become so chaotic? How could there be a robbery in broad daylight?

Ten years passed in the blink of an eye. Zhao Yang didn't want to recall those ten years abroad. The days of dancing on the edge of a blade had already passed. Since he was back in Huaxia, he might as well start over.

Who knew that when he returned, he would find that the place he had stayed in ten years ago had completely changed. The original courtyard house had now become a three-storey house.

This was also the reason why Zhao Yang wanted to rent this house. Although the courtyard was no longer here, the land was still the same. He was a nostalgic person, so it would be more comfortable for him to rent this place.

But when he returned, he encountered a robber. His luck was really bad.

Two robbers with iron rods slowly walked towards Zhao Yang and Tang Yuhan. As they walked, they berated them, "Don't move! Hands up! If you move, I'll cripple you! "

Zhao Yang said to Tang Yuhan with a smile, "Beauty, it seems like we met a bad person. Let me in and we can close the door. That way, we'll be safe."

Pui! Let you in? You are a bandit yourself, a vicious bandit. Even if I let you in, it doesn't mean that you are luring wolves into my mansion. How is that possible!?

"Let go! I warn you! "Let go!" Tang Yuhan's heart was filled with anxiety and panic. She wanted to quickly close the door and then go inside the house to call the police.

"I'm letting go!" Zhao Yang raised his hands and said with a smile. However, his feet were still stuck on the door.

"Let me in, I guarantee your safety." Zhao Yang continued to say with a smile.

"Pui!" "Don't even think about it!" Tang Yuhan spat angrily, her attitude resolute.

"Don't move!" One of them, who was wearing a mask of Sunn Wukong, pressed the iron rod against Zhao Yang's back. Then, a hand grabbed his neck and pulled him backwards.

Zhao Yang originally wanted to retaliate. Against these two robbers, he could have killed them instantly.

But very soon, Zhao Yang rolled his eyes. With this in mind, why not pretend to be caught first and then take action when the beauty in front of him was in despair, as if he was a hero saving a beauty.

When that happens, I'll be touched. Haha, not only will I have to live here for free, I might even be able to take her down with my good looks and good tongue. Just thinking about it makes me excited.

Therefore, when Zhao Yang was caught by the robber wearing Sunn Wukong's mask, not only did he not resist, he even revealed a happy smile. Even the robber Sunn Wukong felt that it was unreasonable.

As for the other man wearing the pig Eight Ring Mask, he stretched out his hand and pulled the door open forcefully. Tang Yuhan was pulled out of the room along with the door.

Without any suspense, Tang Yuhan was kidnapped by Zhu Bajie.

"This big brother, I'm only here to rent a house, it's not my business. Let me go, I still have to go to the next place to rent a house." Although Zhao Yang was being held hostage by Sunn Wukong, his tone was very calm. He didn't seem to be afraid of anyone being kidnapped.

Although he had made up his mind to wait for the next part where a hero saved a beautiful woman, he still needed to play the pig to eat the tiger.

"Bullsh * t!" Let you go? Let you go to the police? "

"Second brother, tie up the two of them and go inside to see if there is anything valuable." Sunn Wukong said to Zhu Bajie.

Not long after, Zhao Yang and Tang Yuhan were tied together by Zhu Bajie's number two face to face. The two started rummaging through the three-storey house, no longer caring about Zhao Yang and Tang Yuhan.

Zhao Yang didn't feel good about being tied up. Before, he was the one who usually tied someone else up, and he had never been tied up before.

In any case, breaking free from the hemp rope was as easy as putting on his clothes. Besides, being tied up face to face with such a beautiful woman was a type of luck. This ambiguous relationship was something he yearned for day and night.

Bandits, search a little longer! Let me enjoy my intimate time with a beautiful woman!

Zhao Yang could feel the softness of Tang Yuhan's bulging upper body. It was so soft! So flexible! Due to him being so close to Tang Yuhan, Zhao Yang could smell her fragrance. It should be the fragrance of her body, which was very fresh.

Looking at the beauty up close, Zhao Yang was even more amazed. The beauty didn't put on any makeup, but her fair skin was as smooth and elastic as an egg white. In Zhao Yang's eyes, those beautiful Faces s and perfect facial features were countless times more beautiful than any beauty he had seen in other countries.

Tang Yuhan, on the other hand, was the complete opposite of Zhao Yang. At this moment, she was ashamed, angry and angry. This robber was truly strange. What a pig!

Due to their bodies sticking closely together, their faces were very close. She could see that Zhao Yang was looking at her with a lustful smile. He looked even more perverted than a pervert.

"Move your face away!" Tang Yuhan said to Zhao Yang with a flushed face.

"Beauty, we are tied up now, where should I move to?"

Tang Yuhan, this shameless pervert, had a worse impression of Zhao Yang. She twisted her body violently in an attempt to free herself from the rope. Even if she couldn't, she could still loosen the rope a little.

This time, Zhao Yang got an advantage. When Tang Yuhan twisted, the bulge on her upper body moved one after the other. Zhao Yang could clearly feel the stimulation and comfort from the soft spot. The scene of blood spurting out made Zhao Yang's tent react quickly.

"Don't move, don't move!" Although Zhao Yang stopped him, the expression of enjoyment on his face betrayed him deeply.

Only then did Tang Yuhan realize that she had hurriedly stopped and blushed. She wanted to reach out her hand to slap Zhao Yang, but she realized that it was impossible.

"Shameless!" Dirty! Bastard! "Bastard!" Tang Yuhan snorted coldly.

"Hey, beauty, what do you mean by that? How am I vulgar? How did I become a beast? "I didn't move. You moved yourself. You were the one eating my tofu. I haven't even found you to settle the score. You can't go back on your word." Zhao Yang said with a righteous expression.

After Tang Yuhan calmed down, she realized that something seemed to have blocked her lower body. She subconsciously moved her butt and asked, "What is this thing?"

As soon as she said that, her face turned red and purple. If she could move her hands, she swore she would kill this beast in front of her! A man can be so shameless.

"Sorry, it was sleeping just now, but because you were moving around, I woke it up. Don't worry, as long as you don't move around, it will soon go back to sleep." Zhao Yang said with a face full of smiles.

"Can you be any more shameless?" Tang Yuhan was about to explode in anger.

"Let's not talk about this anymore, the robbers are coming down soon. Let me discuss something with you." Zhao Yang quickly changed the topic.

Tang Yuhan turned her head to the side and snorted coldly. It was obvious that she didn't want to talk to Zhao Yang.

"I'll help you get rid of the robbers. You can rent a room for me for 1000 yuan a month. What do you think?"

Tang Yuhan was speechless. Since she was already tied up, how could she chase away the robbers? Therefore, she chose to pretend that she didn't hear what Zhao Yang said.

"Hey!" Beauty, please give me a response. I am serious. "


At this moment, two robbers came down from the second floor. Zhao Yang found Sunn Wukong and Zhu Bajie each carrying a handbag. One of them was a lady with a bag, which obviously belonged to Tang Yuhan, while the other one belonged to Zhao Yang.

Sunn Wukong spat: "Such a good place, we can't find a single cent! That's fucking depressing! "

Nonsense, if I had the money, why would I post it to hire people to enlighten me?

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