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Li Chengyu sat in the bright red bridal chamber with a bridal veil over his head. Even now, she still felt like she was dreaming. It had been a month, she had come to this unknown place for a month.

She didn't know who the owner of this body was, but she was sure that it was hers. She had been rescued from a ravine. It was said that he had been left with half his life, and that his family had "smashed the pot and sold the iron" him to save his life.

The couple said that she was their Li Family's daughter, Li Xiaoyu. She was usually called Yu'er, but this year, when she was fourteen, her family consisted of only five people, including an elder sister, Li Zhen'er, and a younger brother, Li Qiang. She kept having the feeling that there was something wrong with the couple's words.

The most important thing was that she did not have any feelings of closeness to them, and the difference in appearance was quite big. When she looked at her appearance in the water, she could not be considered to be devastatingly beautiful, but she was also a beauty.

Other than the injuries on her body, her body was also extremely tender. Which farmer would leave a teenage girl in their house to work and still be able to support her like the Miss?

He stayed in that house for over a month and was told that he had already betrothed someone to another family. As the wedding day was approaching, he was sent to his in-laws' carriage in the mountains for seven to eight days before he finally arrived at his so-called husband's house.

She found out from the side that her husband was brought back from the mountains by his family. When they brought him back, he was already three years old, but now he was already seventeen. There were two girls coming from the back, one was ten years old while the other was only six.

The reason was because a wandering Taoist had said that his family didn't have a boy was because Guo Jingchen was too violent and had suppressed him. It was such a superstition, but his father-in-law had believed it, but after Guo Jingchen turned ten years old, Guo Jingchen had to pay for the family's income, so his adoptive father was both angry and afraid of him. However, his adoptive mother and two younger sisters actually liked Guo Jingchen.

If she couldn't get the love of the man in the family, then it was obvious that she wouldn't have any good days since she was married to a daughter-in-law. I heard that the days at this house aren't bad and he is one of the wealthiest people in the village. Li Chengyu was very pleased with this fact, at least he didn't have to go hungry.

Furthermore, this Guo Jingchen was also a capable person. Moreover, he was very handsome. Most of the girls from the nearby villages secretly liked him. So Meng Yuqian was wondering why her family had taken a fancy to Li Yu'er.

Li Chengyu was a peaceful person to begin with, so if that Guo Jingchen had no problems with his good looks, then that would be it! At least it was better than not knowing each other in this place.

Therefore, Li Chengyu decided to see how this so-called husband looked like. Don't blame her for looking at people's appearances. Who told her to look at people's appearances? It was truly shocking!

It was already late into the night, and the guests in the village had already left. It had been a long time since they had seen their husband come in. Just as Rui Chengyu thought this was strange, the sound of sobbing and cursing came from outside the room.

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