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Wen Yu Chen walked to Ye Wen's side, and his cold tone of voice slowly turned deep: "Do you like children?"

Night's eyes were lowered. There was no reaction at all!

"This King only wants the child's placenta!" Wen Yu Chen left behind these words before he walked out of the room.

Ye naturally understood what Wen Yu Chen meant!

Legend has it that a baby's placenta is of extremely high nutritional value, especially for women, and Yun Qian, who is only a medicine, is able to give birth to a child with an even higher nutritional value. It can make a woman forever young, rejuvenate her body, and even cure a woman's infertility!

Wen Yu Chen's meaning was to let Yun Qian keep on having children, so that he could obtain this precious medicine called Placenta!

As for the child! If he wanted to stay, he would stay. If he didn't want to stay, he would kill!

With a glance at the unconscious Yun Qian from the corner of his eye, Ye Wen also walked out of the room!

In the next second, Yun Qian who had his eyes closed all this time suddenly opened his eyes.

She could clearly hear what Wen Yu Chen was saying, one word at a time, but at the same time, she felt a chill down her spine!

She finally understood why Wen Yu Chen, who hated her to the core, would allow her to give birth to a child so that he could take her child's placenta.

Wen Yu Chen was really vicious. In order to get medicine for another woman, he even sacrificed his own child. He only sacrificed the child's placenta after ten months!

She thought that the cruelest thing in the world would be the hand of the executioner, but she never thought that Wen Yu Chen would be the one to be the cruel one. He was a hundred times, a thousand times more bloodthirsty than the executioner!

If you want her to spend her entire life trapped in the Mount Wolf, giving birth to his placenta, dream about it!

In her previous life, she could be stupid, she could be stupid, but in this life, she was here for revenge.

If she didn't kill him, she would make him live like an ant!

Yun Qian's disappearance caused an uproar in the entire Chang'an City. Not only did Prime Minister's Estate send over a thousand guards to search, even the Emperor ordered people to search for him. However, after half a month, they could not even find a corpse!

As for Wen Yu Chen, who was his fianc?, he "anxiously" searched through the Chang'an City and found all the female corpses that matched Yun Qian's appearance!

Wen Yu Chen really enjoyed the grief of the Prime Minister family members when they saw corpses that were similar to his. Even if they were to quickly have their bodies verified, Wen Yu Chen really enjoyed this process, repeating it over and over again!

It slightly lifted his gloomy and depressing mood!

Yun Qian, as long as he does not allow Yun Qian to appear, then no one in this world will be able to find where Yun Qian is!

Inside the secret cave of Mount Wolf.

"Yun Qian's body is more or less recovered, you should go and accompany her properly!" Wen Yu Chen looked at the night who stood opposite of him, and the corners of his mouth hooked up into a smile!

Yun Qian's heaviest injury was the blade wound on his chest, followed by some other injuries. However, he had already recuperated for more than half a month, so Yun Qian's injuries had more or less healed!

Nightfall lowered his eyes and did not say a word.

The setting sun's golden light scattered on the window, illuminating the originally pitch black wooden table until it was completely gold. Yun Qian dipped his finger in the water from his teacup, using his memories to draw a map of the Mount Wolf on the table.

Ever since the incident with Zi Yue, the attitude of the person sent to serve her had improved. Although he was still as cold as ever, he didn't dare to slight her even though he seemed to see her as an enemy!

Tonight was tonight. She had to take advantage of the time between Wen Yu Chen's return to the Chang'an City to escape from the Mount Wolf!

The Mount Wolf was a place where Wen Yu Chen trained assassins, and he raised a lot of wolves there!

If she took the wrong step or was discovered, it would be difficult for her to escape!

But Yun Qian was not worried, because he still had one last hope left, and that would be tonight!

Although the number of times she had met Ye Qing could be described as unfamiliar, let alone the fact that Ye Yi was a secret guard of Wen Yu Chen, Yun Qian still had an inexplicable trust in Ye Mo!

Because she knew that three years later, due to the recovery of Night's memories, Wen Yu Chen had set up a major battle to kill Night!

The water mark on the table had dried up, and the crooked map that was originally printed on the table had slowly merged with the black table.

Yun Qian felt a cold wind blow behind him, and when he turned around, Ye Wen was already standing behind him!

There was a tinge of panic in Yun Qian's beautiful eyes, but he quickly calmed down and pretended to be at a loss.

"Shall we go for a walk?" This was the first time Night had spoken to Yun Qian, so his tone was a little stiff.

Yun Qian nodded and silently followed Ye Wen.

The Mount Wolf was the place where Wen Yu Chen trained his forces. Many of the children that he brought back from the battlefield would be brought here for training because they were homeless.

Naturally, in order to not be discovered, the locations were all extremely secretive, so who amongst the children here didn't want to escape?

As a result, there were many traps set up around the Mount Wolf.

People outside could not come in like this, neither could the people inside!

Those who were trained were not allowed to walk around freely in the Mount Wolf. They could only move within a set range, otherwise, if they were discovered, they would die!

Yun Qian was naturally the same. He was only allowed to move about in this courtyard, and as for outside the courtyard, he had to be lead around by someone before he could go out!

"You should know who you are by now, right?" Night had always been walking in front of Yun Qian, keeping a distance between him and Yun Qian.

"Yes." Yun Qian answered without hesitation.

She understood Wen Yu Chen, but she did not understand Night. Night had always been in the shadows, and had observed her every move and gesture, perhaps she already knew who she was, and hadn't lost track of her memories because of the provocation.

"It's impossible for you to escape from here!" Ye Wen's words were filled with certainty, and it was very clear that every single action of Yun Qian in the dark was seen by Ye Wen.

Yun Qian was not as flustered as he thought he was, and seemed to have made preparations in his heart!

"No, as long as you help me, I can escape!" Yun Qian said with determination as he looked at Ye Gao's precipitous back.

"Why do you think I will help you?" Ye slowly turned around, and his lowered eyes faintly retracted. The gaze he used to look at Yun Qian was as cold and emotionless as ever.

"What if I tell you that you will die at Wen Yu Chen's hands? "What is your true identity?" Yun Qian took a step forward, and his clear eyes stared fixedly at Ye Ye's face. Although Ye Wen's facial features were very plain, the outline of Ye Ye Ye's face seemed to be carved out of godly skills, and was extremely exquisite!

Ye Wen's wooden expression slightly changed. As he looked at Yun Qian, his eyes that were as calm as death itself, revealed a faint light.

Ye quietly turned around, as if he was completely uninterested in what Yun Qian had just said.

"When you recover your memories and know who you are, the Sixth Prince will kill you because you are a threat to him. The reason why he kept you here is because you are willing to be his tool of murder. Yun Qian chased closely behind Ye Wen.

She had to make Ye believe what she said. She believed in Ye, not because he really had no thoughts, no emotions, no emotions, but because he had no memories, because he did not know who he was, that was why he lived for no reason!

"I'll help you, I'm going to die right now!" The night was silent for a long time.

Since Ye Mo could say these words, it already showed that Ye Ye Ye's memories had started to recover and he also knew that he was a threat to Wen Yu Chen.

Yun Qian grabbed onto the corner of Ye Wen's clothes, "So you're saying that you can already remember who you are?"

There was only this one possibility. Otherwise, why would the night have no reaction to the words she said when she had no memory of them? He wasn't even a little bit curious.

Ye Wen did not speak, he continued to walk forward, but Yun Qian did not let him off, holding onto the corner of Ye Wen's clothes tightly.

As Ye Wen increased his pace, Yun Qian had no choice but to speed up, taking off his inappropriate clothes, he was stepped on straight by Yun Qian, and was about to fall to the ground, when Ye Ye Wen suddenly extended his hand and wrapped his arm around Yun Qian's waist.

They looked at each other for a while, and were extremely close. When Nighttime helped straighten Yun Qian's body and wanted to withdraw his hand, Yun Qian actually held tightly onto Ye Ye's hand that was placed on his waist, and looked straight at Ye Juehai with his clear and bright eyes: "As long as you don't leave Wen Yu Chen's side, there is only death waiting for you, or do you want something from Wen Yu Chen? I can help you, and I can definitely help you. "

"I won't help you!" Ye Wen's tone remained as cold as ever, and slowly withdrew his hand from Yun Qian's grasp, "From the very beginning, you should not have provoked Sixth Prince!"

"Then why did you save me in Changting Restaurant? You could have saved me! " Yun Qian was very sure that Ye Yi brought her back to Chang Ting Hall, but she also saved her after she was thrown into the lair.

And before Wen Yu Chen wanted to kill her, Wen Yu Chen did not know that she was a medicine.

Then the only possibility was night!

"I only saved you because you are useful to the Prince. This is also my duty!" After saying this, Ye Mo seemed to no longer want to be entangled with Yun Qian at all, and quickly maintained a distance between him and Yun Qian.

"As expected... The people of the royal family are all so cold and detached! " Yun Qian looked at Ye Wen's back, and did not continue to chase after him, and only spoke coldly towards Ye Wen's back.

Ye Ye, who had already walked very far away, suddenly and quickly arrived in front of Yun Qian.

"What did you say?" This time, Ye Wen's voice was even colder than the previous one, and the eyes that had always been downcast looked straight into Yun Qian's.

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