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"Yun Qian, why aren't you tidying up?" Chang Gong realized that Yun Qian had been sitting in a daze, and exclaimed in shock.

At this time, Chang Gong had already finished washing his hair and stood in front of the mirror.

As for Yun Qian, he was an unknown girl.

She was dressed in a yellow dress and wore only a jade hairpin on her hair bun. Apart from that, there was only a silver collar around her neck. However, even with such a simple outfit, Yun Qian still had that extraordinary temperament.

No one could ignore this.

"I'm already dressed pretty well like this, and it's not like I'm going on a blind date. Also, I'm already engaged, so it's better for me to be a bit more low-key." Yun Qian replied indifferently. At this time, the voice of Residence of Yun's servant girl Huan'er came through the door, "Miss, Miss Chang Gong, the carriage has been prepared. Master said that the gifts have been placed on the carriage, Miss will go take a look first.

Yun Qian's heart warmed. He never thought that his father would be so meticulous.

Just then, the girl outside the door said again, "I've already prepared Miss Chang Gong's portion, I wonder if Miss Chang Gong is satisfied. Master said that if you are not satisfied, we can change it again."

Just as he was talking to Chang Gong in the mirror, his face immediately lit up with a smile, "Prime Minister Yun is really attentive, after preparing all these, I thought I would have to borrow from you again."

Yun Qian smiled faintly and looked back at the carefully dressed Chang Gong, "Let's go!"

"Alright!" Chang Gong happily agreed. As he looked at her red silk dress, his heart was filled with endless sadness.

If she guessed correctly, Chang Gong would tell her during the banquet today that she had a private meeting with a man.

All this while, Yun Qian had always hoped that Chang Gong would not do this. As long as Chang Gong did not inform the prince in front of him, she could let him live a little longer.

However, she knew Duan Chang Gong too well. How could the weakness in her hands allow her to live a little longer?

In Zuo Mansion, the entire manor was brimming with joy, everyone was extremely happy.

The Minister Zuo and his wife were welcoming the guests at the door, and when Yun Qian and his wife appeared, the mansion was already filled with noises.

Just as he entered, Yun Qian saw the silent Wen Ru Mo standing in the crowd.

Their gazes met, then separated. The pain in Yun Qian's heart rose and fell;

She was just about to move to the backyard, wanting to meet Zuo Xiao Xiao. She did not expect Wen Yu Chen to suddenly appear in front of her, so he smiled brilliantly: "Yun Qian, long time no see, how have you been these few days?"

Nonsense, he had been keeping an eye on her every day, so he knew best how she was.

Wen Yu Chen's gaze instinctively turned towards Yun Qian's abdomen, only to see that her abdomen was still extremely flat.

He didn't know whether to be disappointed or glad.

"Seventh Brother has loved you dearly. This time, you probably hurt him." When Wen Yu Chen was speaking, he intentionally looked towards Wen Ru Mo, with a bit of ridicule and a bit of pity.

Yun Qian obviously understood his intentions, but she wouldn't be fooled, and only replied him with a smile, "Since Sixth Prince is willing to marry Yun Qian, Yun Qian actually wants to marry Sixth Prince a little more."

Chang Gong looked at Yun Qian in shock. Since when did she become so blunt?

However, when she saw Sixth Prince Wen Yu Chen, she had completely forgotten about him.

She was flirting around in front of Wen Yu Chen, afraid that Wen Yu Chen would not be able to see her, but Yun Qian did not mind.

Her goal was for Wen Yu Chen to marry Chang Gong, but in this life, the one to suffer was Duan Chang Gong, not her.

"You are Chang Gong?" Wen Yu Chen finally remembered who the woman standing beside Yun Qian was and he couldn't help but feel that it was somewhat interesting. Yun Qian's entire body was dull and light green, yet Duan Chang Gong's entire body was flushed red.

He whispered into Yun Qian's ear and asked, "Yun Qian, what are you going to sing today?"

"I'm not going to sing a play. Isn't the singer singing it now?" Yun Qian understood the meaning behind her words, and intentionally looked at Duan Chang Gong a few more times, only to see her smiling face actually trying to curry favor with him.

Interesting, Yun Qian was cold as ice, but this Duan Chang Gong who came with him had such an attitude.

Seeing Wen Yu Chen in a daze, Yun Qian intentionally pushed Chang Gong into's embrace, "I'll have to trouble Sixth Prince to take care of Chang Gong, I'm going to go to the backyard to meet Zuo Xiao Xiao!"

"Pleased to help, but is Miss Chang Gong willing?" Wen Yu Chen had only imitated Yun Qian's actions and wanted to tease him. Unexpectedly, Chang Gong's face was flushed red and she replied coquettishly, "Of course I am willing, Sixth Prince!"

Yun Qian left without looking back. She just wanted to give Chang Gong a bit of time to report his.

She walked towards the backyard with light steps, followed by Wen Ru Mo.

There were more and more people in the courtyard. Chang Gong stood in the courtyard and wanted to speak out a few times, but he was afraid that the people here would talk too much.

"Sixth Prince, come with me. I have something important to tell you." Chang Gong said very seriously. Wen Yu Chen heard the meaning behind her words and was a little curious, what kind of tricks did Duan Chang Gong have up his sleeve.

Earlier, Yun Qian had clearly pushed Chang Gong towards him. What did she mean by that?

Seeing that Chang Gong was acting so mysterious, Wen Yu Chen was curious. Was it related to the child in Yun Qian's womb?

"Alright, then why don't we go to the west wing's bamboo forest? That place is a bit more secluded and cool." Wen Yu Chen invited Chang Gong to the west yard together.

Although the Minister Zuo Residence was not comparable to the Prince's Residence, the courtyard was extremely large, and the bamboo forest garden had all sorts of spring water.

It was only because the Minister Zuo was loyal to the current emperor that he received such a generous reward.

In this courtyard, there were a few princes who took a fancy to it at the same time, but in the end, it fell into the hands of the Minister Zuo.

It also proved that the Minister Zuo was indeed a talent worth fighting for.

In the blink of an eye, he was already in the west wing. Chang Gong looked around vigilantly.

She seriously walked in front of Sixth Prince, "Sixth Prince must not be angry about the things I said today. Chang Gong only thought that it was related to Sixth Prince's reputation, which was why he decided to betray Yun Qian ? "

"Miss Chang Gong, what exactly do you want to say?" Wen Yu Chen had a feeling that Duan Chang Gong must have found out something, which was why he used such a method to speak.

However, would she even know if she couldn't investigate anything that night?

If she really knew, then there was only one answer, and that was everything that had happened to Yun Qian, it was all her conspiracy.

Thinking about it, Wen Yu Chen couldn't help but size Chang Gong up a few more times.

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