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At that time, he could have just pushed her down to the ground without even needing to hold her tightly in his embrace.

"I got it!" Yun Qian lowered his eyes. The tip of his nose was the clean and refreshing feeling from this person's body. Whether it was his voice or body, this person should only be seventeen or eighteen years old.

"I didn't expect you to be a woman!" This time, her voice carried a tinge of gentleness. "Is it the Sixth Prince's woman? No, Sixth Prince does not like women, who the hell are you? I haven't been able to guess your identity for a long time! "

"Then don't guess." Yun Qian's voice suddenly became cold, the man's good impression of him, because of the woman from Sixth Prince, instantly turned against him!

Maybe the Mount Wolf was too big, or maybe the assassins in the Mount Wolf were too confident, they searched the entire Mount Wolf but couldn't find the exit!

Until Yun Qian brought that person out of the formation, the surroundings were still as silent as ever. Other than the occasional howls of wolves, there was nothing else.

But Yun Qian felt a little uneasy. The Mount Wolf could be said to be filled with experts, it was impossible for them to travel so smoothly!

But why was it that after so long, there was not even a shadow of a pursuer to be seen!

The calm on the surface must have been hiding innumerable surges.

Once they left Mount Wolf, there would probably be countless assassins attacking them!

The person who had always been standing by Yun Qian's side seemed to have seen through his worries, "Everything went too smoothly, and instead, you started to worry, right?"

"I'm worried about what you'll do to me when I get out!" Yun Qian returned very calmly.

"Haven't you already tested it?" The corner of Li Che's thin lips curled into a faint smile. Even though his face was covered with a black cloth and the smile could not be seen, one could feel that he was smiling.

Yun Qian was slightly surprised.

"The mechanism was purposely triggered by you!" Li Che then added: "I should thank you for sparing my life!"

"Why did you enter the Mount Wolf?" Yun Qian retracted the shock in her eyes. Towards this kind of extremely intelligent and observant person, it was better for her not to do anything small.

"Curious!" Li Che said. Under the moonlight, Li Che's figure was abnormally slender, as though he was a woman!

The faint moonlight shone on Li Che's face, making his skin extremely fair and smooth. If not for this male voice, Yun Qian really would have thought that the person standing in front of him was a woman!

"Heh, curious? Because of your curiosity, all of you lost your lives just like that! " Yun Qian could not help but snort coldly.

Curiosity? She wouldn't think that it was curiosity! Was the Mount Wolf that easy to enter?

Even if they happened to find the entrance, they would still die if they went in!

"No, I'm not on the same path as them. I'm just curious about what they're going in for, which is why I followed them in!" Li Che's answer was extremely relaxed, as if he entered it purely out of curiosity.

Yun Qian was in disbelief, he thought that Ye Ye was strong enough, but suddenly, an even stronger person appeared in front of her, so strong that even Ye Ye could not detect his traces.

Who was this person?

Was it really just curiosity?

"I've already taken you out of the Mount Wolf. You can leave now!" No matter who this person was, Yun Qian was not willing to interact with such powerful people. This was because when interacting with these people, she had to always be vigilant and on guard.

At this time, Li Che raised his head and looked at the dense forest behind Yun Qian. "Let me advise you, you'd better distance yourself from the person who is with you!"

"What do you mean?" Yun Qian had absolutely no idea what Li Che was saying.

Was the person with her talking about the night?

"Don't you understand? Or do you really not know anything? " Li Che then looked behind Yun Qian, but this time he looked looking for someone.

"Do you mean night? The night guard by Sixth Prince's side? " Yun Qian only had this kind of answer in his heart: "What exactly do you want to say?"

"Didn't you escape Mount Wolf to elope with that person?" Li Che looked at Yun Qian's confused appearance, and some doubts existed in his heart.

Could it be that his suspicions were wrong?

But if it wasn't so, why did that person keep watching them leave? He didn't stop them at all, and instead escorted them out of the Mount Wolf!

To be honest, if it weren't for that person's existence, they wouldn't have been able to leave so smoothly!

"I escaped from Mount Wolf for myself!" Yun Qian did not understand why he would say such words!

Li Che chuckled and fished out a multicolored hair string from his bosom. On it was something that looked like a small bell, "If you need me to help you with anything, blow this on and I'll definitely appear within three days."

Yun Qian received the hair rope. This style and color was something Yun Qian had never seen before, and the feeling it gave Yun Qian was that of a foreign land!

"You are not from Tung Kok?" Even if Yun Qian was an idiot, he could tell that the thing did not come from the Tung Kok, so naturally he was not from there either.

"You don't think that this is the territory of the Tung Kok, do you?" The corner of Li Che's mouth opened, as if he was amused by Yun Qian's naivety.

No matter how capable the Sixth Prince was, he would not dare to place his power in the Tung Kok to nurture!

If this was discovered, it would be a capital offense!

"Then where is this place? How far is it from Tung Kok? " Panic appeared in Yun Qian's eyes. She had always thought that Mount Wolf belonged to the Tung Kok but she had never thought that she was no longer in the Tung Kok.

Then how was she going to return to the Residence of Yun?

"Sunless City!"

Sure enough, as Li Che had expected, when he said those four words, Yun Qian's expression instantly became extremely shocked and terrified.

The Sunless City was located at the border of the three countries and was not controlled by any country. However, it was a place where all the evil sects and sects of the three countries gathered.

This was a place where trades were conducted 24 hours a day, where massacres and violence took place every day!

As long as one entered the main city, one would be able to see the slaves, infants, and women that were being sold in cages!

Among these slaves, some were local residents, while the children and grandchildren were all slaves that could never be asked for slaves. There were even death row prisoners and felons of various countries!

There were also some people who were caught innocently!

As long as one entered the Sunless City, they would either become slaves, live in seclusion, be traded by slaves, beaten and cursed by slaves. They would either die on the streets, be eaten by evil dogs, or be merchants that wandered in front of slave masters!

Sunless City was a city filled with evil. It had existed for a long time in history, but no one knew who the lord of the Sunless City was!

It seemed that the Sunless City s who could freely trade had no night bans, no guards, and no guards to patrol. Everyone could freely enter or leave the place!

However, no one could step into Sunless City with their iron hooves.

Among the three nations, the Sunless City was a mystery, and it was even more so feared by everyone!

It could be imagined what would happen if the Yun Qian who was alone in this evil city appeared.

If he didn't become a slave, he would become a prostitute. The only thing left was to die a violent death!

"Do I have to pass through the Sunless City before returning to the Tung Kok?" The answer Yun Qian really wanted to hear was no.


Li Che nodded with certainty. "Yes, Sixth Prince is such a smart person, to intentionally set up an exit here, it is natural that he does not wish for anyone to walk out alive!"

A cruel smile surfaced on Yun Qian's lips, no wonder the whole journey was so smooth. All the so called traps and arrays were just a decoration, the real danger began with walking out of the Mount Wolf!

She believed that Wen Yu Chen had definitely set up his own sphere of influence within the Sunless City!

Even if she did not, as long as the organizations and assassin sects in the Sunless City got the reward, they could easily bring her back to Wen Yu Chen!

As long as you safely send me back to the Tung Kok, we will write off all our debts. Yun Qian said with determination as he returned the hair rope in his hand to Li Che.

Li Che looked at the hair rope in Yun Qian's hands, and did not accept it: "You can, but you have to let me follow you back to Chang'an City!"

The Chang'an City was the capital of the Tung Kok, and it was also the place with the most tight security. As long as the people of the Tung Kok held onto a road guide or identity token, they would be able to enter and exit the Chang'an City, but they were not from there, so entering the Chang'an City was extremely difficult, unless they received permission from the Emperor.

"Alright!" Yun Qian answered without hesitation. No matter what the other party's intentions were, if she did not agree to his request, then she would not be able to return to Tung Kok safely.

The Mount Wolf's exit was extremely close to the Sunless City, and once one stepped out of the forest, they would be able to see the Sunless City's dilapidated yet magnificent structure.

From afar, it looked ancient, but when they entered the Sunless City, they found it to be extremely prosperous and lively.

It was almost midnight, but there were still a lot of people walking on the street.

The clothes he wore were all very strange. Some of them were naked, while others were wrapped in cloth. They were walking leisurely on the street. The weirdest thing was that no one felt it was strange!

And Li Che's night attire naturally did not attract anyone's attention.

Li Che brought Yun Qian into an inn and went up to the second floor. Then he took out his key and opened the door!

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