The Consort Can't Be Bullied/C14 He Wanted to Marry Her!
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The Consort Can't Be Bullied/C14 He Wanted to Marry Her!
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C14 He Wanted to Marry Her!

"Last night, we slept on the same bed. Shouldn't I be responsible for you? Don't worry, I will definitely be responsible for you!" Li Che said solemnly and sincerely.

His seductive peach blossom eyes were as beautiful as the blooming peach blossoms in spring under the sunlight!

Yun Qian's face couldn't help but turn red when Li Che said that. So it turned out that he was talking about this!

Indeed, a woman's reputation and reputation were more important than anything else. Not only did they share the same bed last night, they even slept on the same bed. If it was in her previous life, she would either choose to marry him or choose to die.

However, the current Yun Qian didn't want to take this matter to heart and wanted to deliberately forget about it.

She was already twenty-five years old and was no longer a young girl who was inexperienced in the world.

"Last night, I was too tired and didn't know how to lie down. Just pretend that nothing happened!" Yun Qian lowered her voice and said.

As long as Li Che pretended that nothing happened!

"How can that be? How can I be irresponsible to you?" Li Che didn't agree. His originally faint smile suddenly turned serious, "I went out to inquire about your background today. Indeed, your family background is illustrious and your status is extraordinary. And I am indeed not worthy of you. However, as long as you wait for a year, a year is fine!"

"There's no need. If you have already investigated my identity, you should know that I have already engaged with the Sixth Prince!" Yun Qian rejected without hesitation.

What kind of joke was this? She had only known this person for a day. Other than his name and appearance, she knew nothing about him. He actually wanted her to marry him!

Li Che saw that Yun Qian did not seem to be joking, but the expression on her face clearly showed that she did not believe him. The warm smile on his face had never changed, "But when you mentioned the Sixth Prince, your eyes were clearly filled with hatred. When I mentioned your love for the Sixth Prince, the killing intent in your eyes was extremely heavy. You … You seemed to hate him, the kind that you hate. Why is that?"

"No matter what, I have already engaged with the Sixth Prince! " Yun Qian looked coldly at Li Che in front of her. She always felt that Li Che's thoughts were too meticulous. She had already hidden her hatred for Wen Yu Chen, but Li Che could still easily catch a glimpse of her eyes and her tone of voice.

"If you don't want to marry the Sixth Prince, I can help you. Really!" Li Che said very sincerely. His slender and long voice was like a clear spring water striking on a rock, sounding very pleasant to the ears.

"No need. Even if I don't want to, I won't marry you!" Yun Qian's tone was also very serious. Her gaze towards Li Che was extremely deep and cold.

If the person in front of her was really a simple youth, perhaps she would think that Li Che was just responsible for this. However, this person had a young face, and his thoughts were extremely meticulous. How could she believe that he was not tempted?

"But... I've always had such a rule in the place where I grew up. If a man and a woman are not in love, then the man must marry the woman!" Li Che looked at Yun Qian with a slightly hurt expression.

Because of this rule, he was very careful with his relationship with women.

He was very careful with his relationship with women. He knew that his appearance could make countless women fall in love with him, so he had always disguised himself as a daughter.

He rarely revealed his true identity in front of others, but Yun Qian was different. This was the first woman who knew his true identity and saw his true appearance.

When he opened his eyes and saw a woman sleeping quietly beside him, he had already treated this woman as his wife!

This was not only the rule in the place where he grew up, but also what he wanted!

"But this is not the place where you grew up. Even if you use this to threaten me and ruin my reputation, I won't marry you!" Yun Qian said very bluntly. Her voice was very cold, as if it was water mixed in ice. It didn't seem cold, but it was actually cold to the bone.

Why was such an extremely smart young man so innocent?

"Don't worry, I won't!" Everyone could feel the anger and coldness on Yun Qian's body, but Li Che acted as if he didn't feel it at all. He continued to smile and said with a playful tone.

Yun Qian turned her face away, as if she didn't want to say another word to Li Che. However, Li Che walked closer to Yun Qian and said, "If you really don't want me to force you, I won't force you."

Li Che's warm tone hit Yun Qian's earlobe. It was itchy, and it carried a hint of ambiguity!

However, Yun Qian could still hear the dejectedness in his voice.

The Unsetting Sun City was a place where only those with money, power, and influence could safely leave!

At first, Yun Qian was worried that Li Che's injuries would not be able to last.

However, when she was about to leave the Unsetting Sun City, she was the one who was tired!

The Unsetting Sun City's harsh weather and terrible environment had once again attacked Yun Qian's unhealthy body.

Originally, the sun was shining brightly, but in the end, dark clouds covered the sky. The rolling dark clouds instantly covered the sun. Before she could find a place to hide from the rain, bean-sized raindrops fell like a torrential flood.

Yun Qian was completely drenched. Although Li Che covered her with his clothes, the rain came too quickly. It was like a waterfall that fell from the sky. As long as she was touched by a little, her entire body would be drenched.

Li Che struggled to hold on to the umbrella as he brought Yun Qian, who was covered in cold sweat, to a dilapidated house!

Instead of a house, it was more like a mound of tiles!

Li Che's injuries were naturally more serious than Yun Qian's, but because he had been practicing martial arts for a long time, his physique was better than Yun Qian's!

After barely raising a pile of fire, he took out a set of clean clothes for Yun Qian to put on!

Yun Qian hid in the corner and hugged the clean clothes in her arms, but she did not move.

Even though Li Che had already turned around, Yun Qian still did not move.

"Don't worry, I won't look. If you don't trust me, then I'll go out!" After Li Che said that, he covered the wound on his chest and was about to leave.

Even though the light was dim, Yun Qian still glanced at Li Che's wound and saw that there was a lot of blood coming out. Her expression was not any better than Yun Qian's.

However, Li Che had been enduring it all along!

"It's fine …" Although Yun Qian was unwilling to change clothes here,

it was very difficult to even avoid the rain in this small space, let alone change clothes. "Is your injury alright?"

Yun Qian was very cold and weak, but compared to Li Che, at least her wound had healed. It was just that her foundation was worse, but Li Che was different. Li Che's wound was a new injury, and he still needed to recuperate!

Along the way, Yun Qian saw that nothing had happened, but she knew that Li Che had been enduring it all along.

Li Che was stunned for a moment, and a smile appeared on his pale face, "It's fine, it's fine!"

Yun Qian turned around and slowly took off the wet clothes on her body.

In front of her, small clusters of flames flickered and flashed, reflecting a soft light on Yun Qian's round and white shoulders.

As Yun Qian moved deeper into the fire, the soft light spread out on Yun Qian's soft and snow-white skin.

Yun Qian slowly undid the clothes on her body. Her round shoulders, sexy collarbones, and smooth and long back were filled with boundless lust under the dancing flames.

When Yun Qian was about to put on the clean clothes, Li Che suddenly hugged Yun Qian, who was almost naked, and said, "Quickly put it on, someone's coming!"

He put on Yun Qian's clothes with one hand and extinguished the flames with the other.

The only candle in the room was extinguished, and the light in the room dimmed down.

They could only see two figures leaning against the corner of the wall and snuggling together.

"Aiya, I won't come here anymore. What kind of damn weather is this?" A rough voice came from the torrential rain.

Immediately after, a few tall figures rushed to the front of the house in a sorry state, blocking some of the light in the house.

"Alright, alright, the things we want are only sold in the Sunrise City. Let's hurry and see if the goods have been drenched by the rain," another person who looked like the leader said.

After saying that, the three people who entered almost simultaneously discovered Li Che and Yun Qian who were leaning against the corner of the wall.

Logically speaking, Li Che and Yun Qian were completely enveloped in shadows. They wouldn't be discovered so quickly if they didn't walk close to the wall and make any sound.

However, these three people discovered the two of them so quickly. It was obvious that their martial arts were not bad!

Yun Qian wanted to retreat, but her entire back was already pressed against the cold wall. Her naked skin could almost feel the rain flowing on the wall. It was cold and wet.

Li Che took out a dagger that was shining with a cold light from behind him without leaving a trace. He slowly stood up, and a faint smile hung on the corner of his mouth.

Although Li Che's figure was far from as sturdy as these three people, his oppressing aura was definitely not to be underestimated.

Although the three of them could not see Li Che's face clearly, they could still feel the powerful aura that was emitted from Li Che's body.

"Everyone is here to avoid the rain. Why are you so nervous?" The leader of the group eased the atmosphere.

"But what we said just now …" Another person immediately reminded with some worry.

"I am not interested in the content of your conversation." Li Che's tone was cold and suppressed. Although it was unavoidable that it carried a bit of youthfulness, it gave people an invisible distance!

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