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After hearing what Li Che said, the three of them calmed down a little.

"I wonder if Sir is preparing to enter the Sunless City or if you just came out of there!" The person in the lead was experienced, so he could tell that the other party's words were somewhat childish.

"It has nothing to do with you!" These words, Li Che, seemed to have been torn out of his clenched teeth and was extremely ruthless!

This was the only way Li Che could hide the weakness in his words. He absolutely could not let the other party see any traces of him being injured.

The man in the lead stopped talking and walked with the other two to another corner.

Being protected by Li Che behind him, Yun Qian could not help but exhale deeply, wanting to quickly put on the clothes he was wearing.

Afterwards, the man in the lead had an extremely sensitive nose, and chuckled towards Li Che's direction: "You're in quite the mood, to actually have a delicate Miss by your side, tsk tsk tsk ? This light fragrance mixed together with the fragrance of females is really nice to smell. Could it be that we have disturbed your mood earlier? "

No matter if it was the Shangguan Family's Miss or ordinary women, they would always choose a fragrant soap to wipe their entire body when bathing. This fragrance could only be smelled after they took off their undergarments.

Furthermore, this fragrance had been preserved for a very long time!

So Yun Qian had always been behind Li Che, but that delicate fragrance exuding from his body was still enough to expose his identity!

"It seems that this fragrance is not something that ordinary ladies can handle. The fragrance of the ladies in brothels is not so elegant, could you be hiding some golden great Miss behind you? Oh... Could it be that this young lady was collected from somewhere? " The man in the lead said in a wretched tone.

They didn't think that the genius Miss would come to this sinful city!

Then the result was obvious!

There were women in Sunless City, but they were all slaves or low class prostitutes. Naturally, they did not need such noble soap!

So if this woman wasn't a kidnapper, then she was brought here by the Flower Harvester.

From the looks of it, he probably wanted to sell it to the Sunless City.

In the Sunless City, even the current princess could only be a lamb waiting to be slaughtered, she had no dignity to speak of!

"If you don't offer a price, you can let us brothers have a good time. We brothers have played quite a number of vulgar women, but we have never had the taste of a golden Miss." The leading man said as he shifted his lustful gaze behind Li Che.

Li Che's hand that was holding the dagger trembled slightly, but it was immediately pushed down by Yun Qian. In the darkness, Yun Qian shook his head at Li Che!

Li Che was injured, if they really fought, he would not be a match for the three of them!

Li Che cast his gaze aside, and a cold beam of light shot out from his eyes: "This is the person my Master wants!"

Hearing that, the three of them looked at each other, and the boss spoke again: "Then you really have a lot of guts, you dare to even touch the person your Master wants?"

"If you want to, then go talk to my Master!" Li Che turned around and protected Yun Qian behind his back even more.

Yun Qian very clearly felt Li Che's hand on her waist trembling slightly. Yun Qian subconsciously placed his hand on Li Che's abdomen and sure enough, he felt a warm and viscous sensation.

It was blood, and it seemed to be flowing out continuously from Li Che's wound.

"Then who is your Master?" The three of them seemed to have already clearly felt that Li Che's tone and aura had dropped by a lot, and even faintly felt that the other party seemed to have suffered quite a few injuries.

Suddenly, a bright bolt of lightning struck down, illuminating the entire room.

Both sides had a clear understanding of each other. These three were tall and strong, tall and burly with ferocious expressions on their faces. Each of them had a large saber glinting with cold light at their waists.

And these three people naturally saw Li Che and Yun Qian who were at the corner of the wall very clearly.

Immediately, the eyes of these three people revealed expressions of infatuation and amazement!

This youth looked to be only seventeen or eighteen years old. He was young, but his appearance was even more beautiful than a woman's. When he landed on Li Che's beautiful and pale white face, he actually carried the charm of a woman, and this youth's figure seemed to be even more graceful and slender than a woman's.

Behind the youth, there was a woman with delicate shoulders. Although she only revealed a pair of pitch-black eyes, it was still unable to block the girl's alluring figure.

How could a young man who was as beautiful as a painting and a young girl who had a charming look on her face not move the hearts of these three people? It was as if all the worms in their stomachs had been hooked.

"Hahaha... Brother, I thought I met some big shot, but I didn't expect that I would meet two beauties! " A man with a scar on his face said sinisterly. His unrestrained lust could be seen in his eyes!

"That's right... I've lived for so many years, but I've never seen such a beautiful man! " Big Brother's gaze was always on Li Che, obviously he was more interested in him.

"Xiao Qian, at that time, don't worry about me. Li Che's low voice sounded, and there was no way to hide the weakness in his voice anymore. His voice was so soft that it curled up like smoke, and disappeared the moment the wind blew.

The three of them slowly approached Li Che and Yun Qian.

"Don't be nervous, we are extremely protective of the fairer sex. As long as you all obediently don't resist, otherwise ?" His big brother laughed lewdly as he walked towards Li Che, his blazing gaze extremely disgusting.

A man in the world who was interested in men!

When Big Bro walked to Li Che's front, as if he was enchanted by Li Che's appearance, he extended his hand out to touch Li Che's face. Just as he was about to touch Li Che's face, a dagger accurately yet ruthlessly cut across Big Bro's wrist.

His big brother's hand was actually cut down by the dagger in Li Che's hand.

Li Che's lowly face, which was covered in blood, looked extremely terrified at this moment, as if he was a ghost who had come from hell to take his life.

The three of them were shocked. What kind of dagger could cut off a person's wrist in an orderly manner? Moreover, it did not take much effort!

"Could this be... cold knife? " One of the three people couldn't help but cry out.

The cold knife was made from Icy Extreme Earth Ice Stone. This kind of knife was extremely hard and sharp, not to mention cutting off a person's wrist, it could even cut a rock like vegetables.

However, these Ice Stones were extremely rare. There were only five that could be successfully refined into weapons!

Of these five items, two were destroyed by the flames from Blazing Mountain, one was thrown into the vast ocean, one was obtained by an exalted master, and the other was never found.

It was obvious that if the dagger in Li Che's hand was forged using an ice stone, then the news of this cold knife reappearing in the martial arts world would be enough to shock the three nations.

The three of them were not scared and their eyes turned red. If they could get this dagger, they could command the world and instantly become as rich as a nation.

At first, the elder brother was only able to endure the pain after his right wrist was chopped off. However, when he saw the wound slowly be covered with a layer of frost, his face was filled with shock and his eyes instantly went wide.

This ? This was a cold knife, if it was injured by the ice stone, then the area around the wound would be covered in ice, slowly freezing the entire wound, and then following the blood vessels and meridians of the person, the entire body would be covered in ice.

Become an ice man.

However, this person was still conscious and did not die!

However, this was the most painful thing. His body had to endure the bone-piercing cold, yet his body could not move at all. Besides being able to breathe, there was nothing else he could do.

This was the most torturous and painful thing!

What was even more cruel was that no one who had turned into an ice man could kill him!

And he himself would not freeze to death!

Thus, he had truly become unable to live; he could only beg for death!

had naturally heard of the cold knife before, this was something that Wen Yu Chen had been searching for for for more than a dozen years!

But even until her death, Wen Yu Chen did not manage to obtain any news of the cold knife, nor did he even manage to obtain any information on it.

Back then, in order to help Wen Yu Chen search for it, she had naturally found out quite a few things regarding the cold knife.

He had never understood why Wen Yu Chen wanted such an extremely dangerous and extremely cold blade.

Although this sabre was sharp and hard, if it hurt him, he would be trapped in a dangerous situation.

However, she suddenly understood that at least half of the real reason why Wen Yu Chen wanted this blade was because of her.

In his previous life, Wen Yu Chen had poisoned her, and in order to take revenge on her, he had killed all of her relatives. He wanted to make her live in pain, even if it meant death!

Yun Qian did not dare think about what Wen Yu Chen would have done if he had obtained this blade!

He felt the pain of the extreme cold every second. He could feel it, he could not even open his eyes, he could not open his eyes, he could only breathe, he could hear what others were saying and his own thoughts!

Just thinking about that caused Yun Qian's body to involuntarily tremble, and his chest felt like an active volcano about to erupt.

If it was possible, Yun Qian really wanted to use the surging lava to melt Wen Yu Chen into nothing!

With a loud rumble, it came down from the sky like a torn bolt of lightning. When everyone in the room saw the severed hand on the ground, even the blood donation had already been surrounded by a layer of white frost.

Their faces were filled with shock.

As for the elder brother, he was even more shocked. He fearfully watched the white frost in his hands continuously spread to every part of his body. The areas that were surrounded by the frost slowly lost consciousness and only cold replaced them.

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