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Chapters 16 - 16 - Scram

"Please, save me! I'll do whatever you want me to do. I don't want to be an ice man!" His big brother looked at himself, his entire face contorted as he kneeled in front of Li Che, begging him.

The weapons forged from this ice-cold stone were simply too terrifying.

"Saving you means killing you!" Li Che's voice was frighteningly low and weak to the point that it sounded weak and powerless, but when these three people heard it, they were extremely terrified.

There was simply no cure for being injured by the cold knife. The only thing he could do was to take advantage of his body's consciousness and quickly end his own life. Otherwise, when he became an ice man, he would have to live in pain for generations to come.

Hearing his words, the big brother's white eyeballs seemed as if they were going to pop out of their sockets. He turned around and said to the two people behind him, "Quick, hurry up and kill me! "Faster!"

He would rather die than live in endless pain.

"Quickly!" His brother's roar seemed to pierce through the sound of the rain, making people feel despair.

Soon, one of the two began to fight!

Along with his brother's death, the white frost that covered his eyes suddenly stopped.

Everyone was shocked. They had only heard about Frost Knives from others before, but what they saw with their own eyes shocked them even more!

It was just a dagger forged from cold stone that had such power!

Li Che's expression was extremely calm, as though he was already used to this kind of scene. He also knew that as long as a person dies, the white frost on their body would not spread!

The two of them looked at their big brother who was painfully lying on the ground and then looked at the cold knife in Li Che's hands.

They knew that Li Che wasn't their match, but with this unparalleled divine blade in his hands, as long as they were injured a little bit, they would definitely die.

They had high ambitions to obtain the cold knife, but compared to that ambition, they cared more about their own lives!

"I've offended you a moment ago. If you do, we'll leave now. We'll leave now!" A layer of fine cold sweat appeared on both of their foreheads. Their entire backs were drenched in sweat and their expressions were even more terrified.

Regardless of how heavy the rain was or how loud the thunder was, both of them ran into the rain without a care in the world. They were afraid that if they were any later, they would be swallowed up.

After the two of them rushed out, Li Che seemed to have drained his last bit of energy, his body slowly fell onto Yun Qian's body, and he instantly lost all feeling.

When Yun Qian's hand touched Li Che's face, it became ice-cold. Li Che's entire face was as pale as a sheet of paper, terrifyingly pale white!

Even his breathing was weak!

"Li Che..." Yun Qian's voice trembled slightly, it was extremely weak.

He took out Li Che's bag and stopped the bleeding once again. Then, he added a few new medicines, and only then did Yun Qian realize that Li Che's bag that he carried around with him was actually filled with female clothing, what was left were the food and defensive weapons!

Normally, the people who went out would have identity tokens or identity tokens, but Li Che did not even have these!

The package was filled with women's clothing!

Yun Qian really suspected whether Li Che was a man or a woman!

If it was said that these clothes were prepared for Yun Qian, then he could immediately tell that she couldn't wear these at all, because the dress was too long!

Yun Qian looked at Li Che's pale and exquisite demonic beautiful face. In the dark environment, she really couldn't tell if he was a man or a woman!

Then who was he? There was no road guide or identity token, nothing that could prove his identity.

If he was an orphan, a homeless person, then where did the cold knife come from?

She only found bits of silver on his body, but these clothes were obviously no ordinary cloth!

To be able to easily enter the Mount Wolf and to retreat safely, his martial arts were naturally extraordinary. And he was only seventeen years old, either because he had been trained by a sect since young, or because he had a noble background.

As for those who possessed cold knife s, their status would naturally not be low, so the possibility of the latter was very high!

Furthermore, Li Che had previously said that he couldn't give her anything now. However, in a year or two, whether it was glory or wealth, he could give her anything!

This was enough to show that Li Che's identity was extraordinary.

Maybe Li Che was a prince or even a heir of another country.

The reason why Yun Qian dared to think like this was because the Tung Kok had once had princes who had fallen into exile, and had only returned to the Imperial Palace after they had grown up!

As for the reason, some were because of the matriarch, some were because they were not liked by the Emperor, and some were because they liked to roam the mountains and swim the seas.

And coincidentally, there is this kind of prince who enjoys sightseeing in the Tung Kok!

The only time Yun Qian had ever seen this prince in his previous life was when the Emperor passed away and the prince was fighting for the throne!

She had always thought that Wen Yu Chen was not interested in the throne.

However, this prince who had always been out on a sightseeing trip was truly indifferent towards fame and fortune, uncontested in the world. Although he clearly had no intentions to ascend the throne, none of the princes were willing to let him off.

This prince was Seventh Prince, an extremely refined and calm person, and also an extremely interesting person!

Yun Qian only knew that Wen Yu Chen wanted Seventh Prince to die, but in the end, no one knew if he was still alive!

Yun Qian looked outside the door with his heavy eyelids, only to see a grass field that should have been filled with water. The entire grass field was like a natural shallow water lake, without the muddiness of the soil, and only having the clarity of green. This was the only house that seemed like the only island in the shallow water lake.

The rain gradually lessened as it dripped down into the shallow lake. A thin layer of fog covered the sky above the shallow lake. It was light, almost like one had stepped into a paradise on earth. The clear water and the hazy mist seemed like a dream.

Yun Qian never thought that the Sunless City that had experienced rain would be this beautiful. It was as if a dust covered goddess had washed off her plum blossom, revealing her originally beautiful and elegant appearance!

"Legend has it that the Sunless City was once a sea, and when the ocean water receded, the Sunless City was revealed. Whenever rain falls, the ground would be filled with rain water, and the deepest part of the land would be knee-deep, thus the entire Sunless City became a city of water, it can even be described as green mountains and green water!"

Unknowingly, Li Che's weak voice reached Yun Qian's ears.

The sound was fresh and mixed with the hazy sound of having just woken up!

"You're awake?" Yun Qian subconsciously retracted his gaze. She sat from darkness until dawn, and so much time had passed unknowingly, before he somewhat apologetically said: "Since I couldn't find any other clothes, I'll temporarily change your clothes!"

Li Che was truly a monster. She chose to wear a pink wide sleeved jacket, but Li Che did not look out of place when he wore it, which made him seem even more charming.

Li Che looked down and did not mind. A faint smile appeared on his lips: "It's alright, I'm prepared to change into female attire the moment I enter Tung Kok!"

"Why did you change into women's clothes?" Yun Qian was extremely confused!

Ordinary men were extremely disgusted by the fact that a man dressed up as a woman!

Could it be that Li Che was a girl in the first place, and all that he had said before was just to tease her?

"I... "He rarely wears men's clothing!" Li Che hesitated and said, could it be that he wanted to tell Yun Qian, because his face was too eye-catching, to change into a woman's attire?

"Are you a man or a woman?" Yun Qian was a little confused.

To be honest, Li Che was extremely handsome.

"Xiao Qian, of course I'm a man, otherwise how would I marry you?" Li Che was very cute when he got serious.

Xiao Qian? He actually called her that!

"Please call me Lady Yun or Miss Yun, and you don't need to marry me!" Yun Qian's expression immediately became cold.

Li Che could see the unhappiness in Yun Qian, and he drooped his eyes. There seemed to be a faint sadness in those eyes that did not have any impurities, and it was as if he had hesitated for a long time before saying: "I have never been so close to a girl before, you are the first!"

It could be said that in his seventeen years, he had not tried to be alone with a girl for more than an hour, yet Yun Qian had become such an exception.

Perhaps, when Yun Qian, who was only fifteen years old in his previous life, heard this, he would have the same feeling as Li Che. Indeed, before she turned fifteen, other than her father and brother, no one else had spent more than an hour alone with the opposite sex.

Perhaps such a thing had happened to Yun Qian in his previous life. He might even directly marry Li Che.

But Yun Qian, who had just revived, already no longer had any qualms about these things!

Over the past ten years, the people and objects she had come into contact with had long ago made her forget about this feudal and conservative idea.

Right now, the only thing she wanted to do was avenge herself and her family!

No matter how much he had to pay, she would definitely make Wen Yu Chen die!

"Alright, I understand!" Li Che replied as her clear and gentle eyes looked towards the clear lake outside the door.

Tung Kok was very close and very far away, and the main thing was to see which direction they were coming from to Sunless City!

And right now, Yun Qian and Li Che was walking on the furthest path.

Prince Chen's Mansion.

"Until now, you still haven't found anyone?" Wen Yu Chen was dressed in a dazzling black robe, appearing capable and nimble.

Night stood behind Wen Yu Chen, his expression extremely calm.

"Have you investigated the person who escaped from Mount Wolf that day?" Wen Yu Chen's face was ice-cold and his pitch-black eyes contained a terrifying haze.

The night thought for a moment. "His identity is unknown!"

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