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Emperor actually wanted to give the order to bring Prince Mo back, but Prince Mo had gotten used to waiting outside and became extremely crafty, so he couldn't find any trace of Prince Mo.

Only when Prince Mo wants to come back can I see the people of Prince Mo!

A bunch of Prince Mo s would return on the day of matriarch's birthday, but for some reason, they suddenly returned today.

"Bring back a woman? What woman? "For a girl, you still haven't come to pay your respects to me?" Emperor looked a little unhappy on the surface, but he was actually very happy.

One must know that Wen Ru Mo was born from the Emperor's most beloved woman, so his love for Wen Ru Mo was naturally much greater than his.

"Emperor, this servant has seen how much Prince loves that woman! Emperor, didn't you always want to give me a marriage? But the Prince had always been unwilling, so it would be good if the Prince himself brought one back! " Eunuch Gao comforted Emperor as he quickly changed his clothes.

"Oh? You're right, then who was the woman that Mo Er brought back? " When she was fourteen years old, she had already wanted to give Wen Ru Mo a marriage, but Wen Ru Mo had never been willing to do so.

Out of all the princes, it was probably only Wen Yu Chen and Wen Ru Mo who did not grant marriage.

"Oh, this servant doesn't know. Why don't you wait for Prince to come and personally ask him!" Just as Eunuch Gao finished speaking ?

A young man dressed in an embroidered blue robe and with his hair tied up walked in.

"This son greets royal father!" A clear voice, a warm smile, slender eyebrows, and a lips as beautiful as cherry blossoms. With just a slight step forward, he instantly felt as if all the specks of light in the hall were focused on him alone.

"Mo Er, why are you back?" Emperor saw Wen Ru Mo suddenly standing in front of him, as though he could not believe his eyes, and said: "Mo Er, you have grown taller again!"

When Emperor said this, his eyes were filled with infinite love, this child really resembled his dead mother!

It really pleased him!

"Thank you royal father, royal father, this son has come back this time to request a favor from royal father!" Wen Ru Mo obediently walked to the front of Emperor with a pure smile.

"What grace?" You actually have time to ask for my help? " The doting look in his eyes had clearly increased by a few points. If it wasn't for the fact that he was the Emperor, he probably would have pulled Wen Ru Mo's hand and chatted for a long time.

Wen Ru Mo lowered his gaze, his long eyelashes forming a dense shadow at the corner of his eyes. It was extremely beautiful, but it also carried a little shyness. "Royal father, when this son passed by Tung Kok and saved a woman, this son really wanted to take her as his wife!"

"Mo Er has grown up, but you are still a prince, so the other party has to be a well-connected family member. If it's just an ordinary girl, she would have to be a concubine." Emperor was naturally happy to hear Wen Ru Mo's words.

But Wen Ru Mo's identity was still there after all. Even if he liked it, he could only be a concubine if his identity and status were to remain so.

"Father, she is called Yun Qian, the daughter of the Prime Minister's Estate ?" Wen Ru Mo had not finished speaking.

Emperor and even Eunuch Gao's expression changed.

"The daughter of the Prime Minister's Estate?" Emperor repeated it once again, afraid that he had heard wrongly.

Eunuch Gao also quickly reminded them, "Emperor is the daughter of the Prime Minister Yun Palace. Half a month ago, you had already sent a decree bestowing marriage, but this decree has not yet been passed down!"

As if he didn't know what was going on, Wen Ru Mo looked at the Emperor blankly: "Father, you've already bestowed the marriage to Yun Qian?"

The disappointment on Wen Ru Mo's face was obvious.

Emperor could not help but let out a sigh. "That was where you found Yun Family. Half a month ago, Miss went missing at Changting Tower and the entire Chang'an City went through the entire place! The entire Residence of Yun is already in despair! "

However, when they heard that Yun Qian was still alive, they could not help but heave a sigh of relief!

It was precisely half a month ago, this son saved her. Those people drugged Xiao Qian and only woke her up three days later, and it was only a few days later that Xiao Qian realized who he was. After being together with Xiao Qian for a few days, this son felt that Xiao Qian was extremely compatible with this son of mine. Wen Ru Mo started to feel wronged.

"Royal father, can you retract the decree? this son truly wants to be with Xiao Qian! "

Left one Xiao Qian after another.

Moreover, Wen Ru Mo's words were full of intimacy with Yun Qian.

Emperor never thought that Wen Ru Mo and Yun Qian would actually have such deep feelings for each other.

"This..." Emperor was in a difficult situation, but at the same time, he was confused.

Previously, Yun Qian was extremely obsessed with Wen Yu Chen, but now, why was he suddenly together with Mo Er?

Wen Ru Mo pouted slightly, feeling even more wronged: "Royal father, actually, Xiao Qian isn't willing, this son knows that Xiao Qian already has a fiance, but Xiao Qian is already this son's person. If I don't marry her, then Xiao Qian will have to bear the eternal curse!"

"You ? What did you say? " Emperor was very surprised.

So that's how it was!

Since Yun Qian was already Mo Er's person, then naturally, he could only marry Mo Er!

Eunuch Gao was also shocked as he hurriedly said to Wen Ru Mo: "Prince Mo, you cannot speak carelessly. You must know that this Miss Yun was betrothed to Prince Chen.

Wen Ru Mo revealed a troubled expression, "Half a month ago, when I was saving Xiao Qian, Xiao Qian's body was infected with the Charm Poison, if I did not appear in time, those villains would have already taken Xiao Qian's body. In order to save Xiao Qian, I had no choice but to take Xiao Qian. Wen Ru Mo explained the situation clearly in a few words.

This also allowed the Emperor and everyone else to understand that Yun Qian was not a casual woman. It was just that at that time, he was forced to a corner and even if he married Wen Ru Mo, there was nothing he could do.

After Emperor heard this, he let out a heavy sigh. "Since it's like this, we'll grant your wish. Chen Er is not satisfied with this marriage anyways, if it wasn't for Yunfei's pleas, we wouldn't have made this decree, and Chen Er wouldn't have agreed to this marriage!"

"Thank you, Imperial Father, for your consent!" Wen Ru Mo immediately revealed a smile.

"When Chen Er enters the palace, we will explain everything to him. I think that Chen Er will not blame you!" Emperor had actually seen Wen Yu Chen kneel outside the palace for an entire day and night in order to not marry Yun Qian.

If Yun Qian had not used his death to force them, Wen Yu Chen probably would not have agreed.

So this should be a good thing for Wen Yu Chen.

However, the Emperor, who took it for granted, did not know that this matter was not as simple as it was before.

Wen Yu Chen who had just finished his assembly was called to the imperial study room.

Just as he entered the imperial study and didn't see the Emperor, Wen Ru Mo's extremely delicate and pretty face appeared in front of him.

"Sixth Brother!" Wen Ru Mo shouted happily.

When Wen Ru Mo returned to the palace, the news about him immediately spread, so when he saw Wen Ru Mo suddenly appear in front of him, he was naturally not surprised at all.

"Mo Er, you have grown taller again!" Wen Yu Chen looked at Wen Ru Mo with a very gentle gaze, as if he was an elder brother looking at his little brother. He looked extremely close and carried a slight dignity of a elder brother: "Why didn't you send a letter back earlier? so that royal father and I are prepared! "

"Sixth Brother, this time when I return, I won't be leaving!" Wen Ru Mo wasn't as tall as Wen Yu Chen, he needed to slightly raise his head and look at Wen Yu Chen. This kind of pure smile made Wen Yu Chen feel a little cute looking at it.

Wen Yu Chen lightly patted Wen Ru Mo's shoulder: "Then this will also help father share your worries."

"Royal father, did you summon me here because of the matter with Mo Er?" Wen Yu Chen faintly felt that his royal father recruiting him must definitely have something to do with Wen Ru Mo.

Emperor, who was dressed in bright yellow dragon robes, looked at Wen Yu Chen and said: "Residence of Yun has returned, did you know?"

Wen Yu Chen frowned without leaving a trace. She had disappeared for half a month and still dared to come back.

He had thought that she would hide away for the rest of her life!

This was not the most important thing. The most important thing was that when Yun Qian returned to the Chang'an City, he actually did not know anything.

"This son does not know!" Wen Yu Chen shook his head: "When did Yun Qian return?"

He had always thought that Yun Qian had not entered the Tung Kok yet, and had therefore been focusing on searching for him. However, he did not expect that Yun Qian would actually return to the Chang'an City without anyone noticing.

The Emperor looked at Wen Ru Mo with his bright eyes again, "He came back with Mo Er."

Wen Yu Chen's gaze immediately turned towards Wen Ru Mo who was laughing innocently, a sharp glint appeared in his eyes, but it was quickly concealed.

"Mo Er saved Yun Qian half a month ago, and at that time, Yun Qian was drugged, so he had no choice but to ? Yun Qian is also a pure and strong woman, he wanted to commit suicide several times, and it took his two days to think it through. Therefore, I think that you and Yun Qian can forget about marrying each other.

When Wen Yu Chen heard what the Emperor said, his pitch-black eyes continued to look at the Wen Ru Mo who was laughing innocently at the side.

Even though Wen Yu Chen was smiling faintly, his hand that was hidden inside his sleeve was already secretly holding onto it.

He never thought that the person who had barged into the Mount Wolf was actually his Seventh Brother. Seventh Brother, who he had always thought was a child, a person who only knew how to sightsee, was only a child who would never grow up.

However, he never expected that his Seventh Brother would have already grown up without him knowing. Furthermore, it had concealed his true strength well under his nose as he concealed his true strength.

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