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He was extremely clear about his own Master's methods!

Since Yunfei was able to get the Emperor to spoil her like this, then naturally, he had ways to teach him how to spoil the Miss Yun!

Hearing that, the Prime Minister Yun relaxed a bit, but when he thought about it again, he was still a bit worried.

Sixth Prince was a martial general, so he naturally lacked elegance and gentleness, but he was still better than being humble and well-mannered.

His mind was meticulous and he was good at reading words.

However, his personality was unpredictable, temperamental, and unfathomable!

This time, having the Sixth Prince forcefully marry him was already against the will of the Sixth Prince. He really did not know what the Sixth Prince would do to Yun Qian after he married him.

Feelings had to be nurtured, he was afraid that Sixth Prince would explode with anger and return to the army camp the night of their wedding. This ? No matter how powerful the Yunfei was, he could not withstand the pressure!

"Alright, since things have come to this, this is the only way." Prime Minister Yun thought left and right. The imperial edict had already been passed down, so it was naturally impossible for him to rebel against it.

The only thing he could do now was to rely on Yun Qian's good fortune!

After saying that, the servant outside the door pushed the door open a little nervously, and she stuttered: "Prime Minister ? Six... Sixth Prince came with a betrothal gift? "


Sixth Prince actually personally sent a betrothal gift?

Prime Minister Yun clearly felt that they had not come with good intentions!

Yun Qian, who had been eavesdropping outside the door, subconsciously took two steps back!

In his previous life, Wen Yu Chen had indeed come to the Prime Minister's Estate half a month later to present her with a gift, but his words were laced with spears and sticks, implying that she had long lost her dignity on the mountain, and also indicating that if she wasn't a virgin on the day of the wedding, she would immediately end the engagement.

In the lobby.

Wen Yu Chen wore a good ice blue robe, it was spotless, his black hair was held up by a green wooden bamboo hairpin, and the weak sunlight shone down from the roof window with a hint of warmth onto the amazing beauty of Wen Yu Chen's jade bracelet. However, not only did it not reveal a trace of warmth, it even had an extra coldness to it.

Wen Yu Chen just sat there quietly, not saying a word, his entire body releasing a king like deterrence, making people not dare to take a step closer.

With his narrowed eyes, it was as if a wild beast had escaped from its leash and was tearing towards him!

All year long, on the battlefield, not only did Wen Yu Chen's skin not become dry, it became pitch black, but it was actually extremely tender. That healthy and tanned skin was extremely alluring, wanting to get someone to take a bite!

The reason why Wen Yu Chen was able to make Yun Qian so fond of him was not only because of his stunning appearance, but also because of the king's demeanor mixed with that suicidal modesty that caused many girls to be this crazy.

One must know that a king was extremely humble in front of you, and every word and action revealed respect. This was a fatal blow to a woman.

It seemed that as long as such a person stood in front of you, you would be deeply attracted to him. Besides his stunning appearance, there was also the charm that came from his bones!

In his previous life, this was how he was deeply attracted by her. When he turned his head and met her gaze, he calmly lowered his eyebrows in the face of her frantic evasion. He seemed to be smiling, but also seemed not to be laughing at all.

That unfathomable yet charming look really enchanted her.

But now ?

Yun Qian only had a bone deep hatred for him, she hated him so much that he could not wait to die at his hands!

"Miss, you ?" The butler who was waiting outside saw Yun Qian walking over wearing a simple dress and was extremely shocked. He immediately went to welcome him: "Miss, your body has not fully recovered. Also, with Miss's current state, going to see the Prince might not be appropriate! "

The butler knew very well that Yun Qian had rushed here because he knew that the Sixth Prince had arrived.

Sigh... He did not know why the haughty and powerful Miss would be so infatuated with the Sixth Prince! Now, even the most basic form of courtesy and honor had been thrown aside.

Yun Qian had recuperated in bed for half a month, and as long as he could walk, he would definitely not be lying on the bed!

She had to quickly get up and make proper plans. She definitely couldn't marry Wen Yu Chen, and she couldn't let the things from her previous life happen again!

Yun Qian did not care about being stopped by the butler, he walked into the house as the sun outside was warm, but the moment he stepped into the house, a cold aura assaulted him, causing his hair to stand on end!

Wen Yu Chen, who was seated at the head of the group, slightly raised his eyebrows. Condensing his dark gaze to Yun Qian's face, he slightly swept a glance below and immediately afterwards, he slowly moved towards the area below Yun Qian's neck.

Very slowly, very slowly. When his gaze landed on Yun Qian's slightly protruding chest, it seemed to be on purpose, and stayed there for a long time before he continued to move forward with interest.

Even the steward, who had his head lowered, could feel the frivolity in the man's eyes. However, that domineering, ice-cold aura made him unable to raise his head.

Facing such a frivolous gaze, even the twenty-five year old Yun Qian felt extremely ashamed. He turned his body slightly and the killing intent at the corner of his eyes became obvious: "I never thought that Sixth Prince was actually such a despicable and shameless person. I, Yun Qian, have misjudged you, so I ask Prince to take your gift back.

Hearing Yun Qian's words, Wen Yu Chen could not help but raise his eyebrows!

The iciness in his black pupils deepened. It was terrifyingly dark!

In order to marry him, this woman had not only used her father, who was a Prime Minister, as well as her aunt, who was her concubine in the imperial harem, to the point of threatening him with death!

He didn't like to bicker with women, but this woman had truly angered him.

He hated people forcing him to do something he didn't like the most in his life, but this woman was swimming upstream and wanted to touch his reverse scale. His former second brother was like this, now he even dared to mount a woman on his head!

And now, the woman that completely enraged him actually said she wouldn't marry ?

Heh ? There had never been a woman who dared to tease him like this!

Since she dared to provoke him, she would pay a heavy price!

Yun Qian only felt that in the blink of an eye, Wen Yu Chen, who was sitting on the chair just a moment ago, had already arrived in front of him. Furthermore, even at such a close distance, the male aura that was unique to men wrapped around Yun Qian.

Yun Qian took a step back, but Wen Yu Chen took another step forward, pressing closer step by step, not giving Yun Qian any time to catch his breath.

"Miss Yun, you were too quiet earlier, I did not hear it clearly, please say it again." Wen Yu Chen's voice was very deep, every tone and voice carried a magnetism, as though it had a powerful calling power.

Even those who disobeyed could not help but obey!

She was no longer the pure Yun Qian who had a good heart. She only had bone-piercing hatred for him!

Yun Qian directly met Wen Yu Chen's gaze that was as cold as water, and repeated what he had just said once again, word by word, with an increased tone!

The steward was so shocked that he started sweating, but he didn't dare to wipe the sweat off his forehead.

In his heart, he was extremely anxious, but he could not do anything!

Miss did not want Miss to say these words again, but Miss repeated them once more. He just hoped that Prince would not blame him, otherwise ?

Wen Yu Chen's ink-black eyes met with Yun Qian's unperturbed gaze, causing him to feel slightly surprised in his heart.

It was as if this woman wasn't afraid of him at all!

Yet, there was not a trace of adoration or adoration in her eyes, instead ? With a hint of hatred!

Even though the other party had tried his best to conceal the hint of hatred, he had still managed to catch it!

Could it be ? Did she know that the person who had taken her life on the mountain had been sent by him?

Wen Yu Chen immediately rejected this idea. Back then, when he was still in the palace, kneeling in front of the Long Thought Palace, even if the Prime Minister wanted to suspect him, it was impossible!

Therefore, it was impossible for this woman to know that the person who killed her was sent by him!

Yun Qian followed beside Wen Yu Chen for ten years, and knew every word, action, and even minute movements of Wen Yu Chen's like the back of his hand.

No one knew that, in order to know about Wen Yu Chen's happiness, anger and sorrow, she had drawn his expression and movements every day on paper. Day after day, year after year, as long as Wen Yu Chen frowned slightly, she knew what he was thinking and prepared!

And just now, she seemed to have grasped an important piece of evidence in his eyes!

The hatred that was suppressed in his eyes was still showing up a little at this moment. The killing intent in his eyes became more obvious.

"Miss Yun, you have been admiring This King for a long time, but have not been able to obtain This King's favor. So, Miss Yun, you brought your servant and went to the Heavenly Cloud Mountain to jump off the cliff to look for death, but Residence of Yun's people searched for Miss Yun for a day, and only found him in the grass late at night. Today, Miss Yun suddenly made the request to forget about the wedding. Miss Yun, what did you experience at Heavenly Cloud Mountain? or Miss Yun, what do you fear This King knows? " Wen Yu Chen dragged his last few words very long, the meaning behind them obvious.

Even though Yun Qian knew that Wen Yu Chen would say these words, he still could not help but surge with fear when he heard it himself. He glared at Wen Yu Chen for a long time ?

Then, he stood on his tiptoes and whispered into Wen Yu Chen's ears, "Prince, what have I experienced in the Heavenly Cloud Mountain? Did your subordinates not give you a detailed report when they got back? I didn't tell you that when he threw my servant girl off the cliff, my servant girl accidentally grabbed him and blinded him. That's why he didn't find the place where my heart was and pierced him, allowing me to live! "

Yun Qian's voice was suppressed extremely softly, but the tone of his voice was extremely heavy, and every word revealed Yun Qian's killing intent and hatred!

After Wen Yu Chen heard this, his expression changed slightly. When Yun Qian was about to return, he suddenly took the opportunity to embrace Yun Qian, and smiled: "Miss Yun's personality is truly pleasing to This King, even though Miss Yun is not willing to marry him, This King has already gotten married to him!"

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