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Without waiting for the black clothed man to speak, the man's thick and rich magnetic voice sounded coldly: "This King has personally gone to Residence of Yun to confirm, Miss Yun is alive and well!"

"This subordinate knows his crimes, it was this subordinate who did not see the position of the Miss Yun's heart, and thus allowed the Miss Yun to live until now, this subordinate is willing to repent with his life!" The figure kneeling on the ground was somewhat astonished. The mission he had carried out had never failed before, so why did he let a weak woman who did not know any martial arts run away?

"Before you killed Yun Qian, were your eyes scratched by Yun Qian's maid?" Wen Yu Chen asked while still looking out the window at the moonlight.

The man in black was even more surprised, but he quickly replied, "Yes!"

"You may leave!" Wen Yu Chen turned around and looked at the figure on the ground for a long time, before spitting out these words.

The figure kneeling on the ground was in disbelief. As long as they didn't complete the mission, wouldn't they be punished?

But this time, Master let him off so easily!

After the black clothed person disappeared, a slender and tall figure walked down from the roof. This figure was unlike the black clothed person who was covering his face.

This person was dressed simply. Even though he couldn't see his face, he could still feel the coldness radiating from his body.

This kind of coldness was not as cold as Wen Yu Chen's, this kind of coldness had accumulated for thousands of years without melting!

This sort of coldness seemed to be able to drill into one's bones and knead into one's blood, causing one to feel a bone-piercing coldness from the depths of their heart!

"Ye, did you know that I'm going to look for you?" Wen Yu Chen was not surprised at all with the person who appeared.

Because the night was his secret guard, always by his side.

And Night seemed to be able to sense his thoughts. Without him saying anything, it would appear in front of him when he needed it.

The night did not speak, as if it were tacit agreement.

"Go and check on Yun Qian, there must be a problem with this Yun Qian!" Wen Yu Chen said with absolute certainty.

The people he trained were always dressed in black, and there weren't any markings on them.

Even if Yun Qian could clearly see the face of his subordinate, he dared to guarantee that Yun Qian would definitely not recognize who he was!

Other than him, no one else in the world would be able to recognize him!

Unless... This Yun Qian was personally trained by him!

Residence of Yun.

Ever since Xiao Bi died, she had always been taken care of by the mama in her mother's room. It wasn't that the Prime Minister's Estate lacked maids, it was just that Yun Qian was unwilling!

There were several times when Zhang Shi brought a few maids in for Yun Qian to choose from, but Yun Qian did not pick any of them. On this day, Zhang Lin decided to bring a few maids who had just entered the house to show Yun Qian.

Yun Qian looked for a long time, then said: "Mother, I actually already know, Xiao Bi is already dead, so I just want to find a servant that knows martial arts. The next time I meet with danger, I can protect myself, and avoid following in Xiao Bi's footsteps!"

Mother Zhang and Prime Minister Yun were lovers who grew up together. They had been married for more than twenty years, yet Prime Minister Yun had never taken in a concubine. It could be seen how much love they had for each other.

Hearing Yun Qian's words, the Zhang family's gentle face sunk. "Yun Qian, you're right, your mother will let your second brother handle this, then you ?."

Mrs. Zhang's words came to a halt at the corner of her mouth.

Yun Qian knew what his mother wanted to ask, and no one could tell that Yun Qian had faked suicide, so it was impossible for him to really stab himself with the knife, and it was impossible for Xiao Bi to jump off a cliff and die for no reason either.

He had to be careful even when investigating!

Otherwise, if news of Prime Minister's Estate being hunted spread out, who knew what the rumors would be like?

"Mother, I'm tired. I want to rest for a while!" Yun Qian pretended not to understand as he laid his head gently in his mother's embrace, unknowingly blushing a little. Why was he such a fool in his previous life?

The only thing she wanted to do now was to kill Wen Yu Chen for revenge and spend the rest of her time by her family's side!

"Yun Qian..." Chang Gong's clear voice came from outside the door, he was dressed in a pink long jacket that accentuated his enchanting figure, and it was as if he was holding a red letter.

"Chang Gong is here? It's been hard on you these few days. While I'm busy studying to become a girl, I have to accompany Yun Qian to relieve my fatigue! " The Zhang family treated Chang Gong as their own daughter, so Chang Gong was allowed to freely enter and exit the Prime Minister's Estate.

Yun Qian lifted his head, and looked at Chang Gong with an extremely calm gaze!

How could she still treat Chang Gong as how she used to be? In this past half month, she had always been patient, trying her best not to reveal her hatred, and had even chatted about family matters with her as usual.

But to her, this was torture!

"Aunt, I think Yun Qian is my blood sister!" Chang Gong's tone was extremely intimate, and with that, he walked to the side of Yun Qian's bed and sat down, then smiled at him.

"Then you guys chat, I'll go out first." Zhang Shi did not disturb the two sisters' conversation and left with the maidservants.

"Yun Qian, I heard that Sixth Prince came over to give us a gift yesterday?" Chang Gong liked the Sixth Prince, so he was naturally extremely concerned about the matters of the Sixth Prince.

Yun Qian was aware of this.

Yun Qian nodded. Seeing Chang Gong seemed to be happy for her expression, she knew very clearly what Chang Gong was thinking in her heart.

She truly admired Chang Gong's outstanding acting at such a young age that completely hid all of her negative side without leaving a single trace!

"That's right!" You are happier than I am! " Yun Qian lowered his eyes without batting an eyelid.

Asking her to laugh at someone she hated to the bones and to pretend that she was doing well really made her feel disgusted.

She did not understand how Chang Gong was able to do it.

Maybe she was already used to it?

"Of course. Your wish has been fulfilled. You're going to be the Crown Princess soon. Of course I'm happier than anyone else!" Chang Gong nodded, and seemingly spoke sincerely!

"But I can't get excited no matter what. Think about it, if I marry into the Prince Chen's Mansion, then I won't be able to see you again!" Yun Qian looked into Chang Gong's eyes, and said while smiling. However, his eyes were extremely cold.

"How could that be?" Chang Gong paused for a moment before continuing, "Could it be that you plan to not even invite me to the Prince Chen's Mansion to play after we get married?"

"Prince Chen's Mansion is not our Prime Minister's Estate, so it's fine to come here once or twice. If you come often, I'm afraid Prince won't be happy about it. Why don't you marry into the Prince Chen's Mansion with me? " Yun Qian purposely said these words.

As expected, when Chang Gong heard the last sentence, his eyes clearly jumped with excitement, but immediately recovered back to normal, and angrily replied: "Don't make fun of me, with my identity, Prince probably wouldn't even bother to raise his eyelids for a second. This Chang'an City has so many noble daughters who fight to marry Sixth Prince, even lining up won't be my turn!"

Although Chang Gong was already trying very hard to hide his emotions, he could still hear the excitement and anticipation in Chang Gong's words.

The corner of Yun Qian's mouth curled into a cold smile, and then, it was disguised as sincerity without leaving a trace: "Chang Gong, I'm really not willing to be separated from you, if you're willing, I have a way to make Prince marry you!"

When Chang Gong heard these words, he almost blurted out of excitement, but he still endured it. After calming his emotions, he then asked bashfully: "Yun Qian, is what you said true?"

Yun Qian nodded his head earnestly: "That's right, it will be a bit unfair to you. On the day of my marriage, you will disguise as my servant and follow me into the Palace. You are so delicate and beautiful, Prince will definitely like you, when that time comes, I will just make you drunk ? "And then..."

Hearing Yun Qian's words, Chang Gong was obviously shocked!

Then, Yun Qian looked at Chang Gong with cold eyes. Wasn't this the trick she used in the past to climb onto Wen Yu Chen's bed?

Since Chang Gong always wanted to be Wen Yu Chen's concubine, it would be better for her to be a favor instead of wasting her own methods to become Wen Yu Chen's woman ?

"This..." Chang Gong was a little hesitant!

If she did not succeed, wouldn't her innocence be ruined?

"This is the only way. If you don't want to, Chang Gong ?" "Then forget it!" Yun Qian purposely made things difficult for them.

How could she just forget about it? Chang Gong was a reckless tactic, how could she let go of this chance.

As expected, Chang Gong hesitated for a few seconds before nodding his head in agreement!

Yun Qian was smiling, but his watery eyes suddenly flashed with a hint of viciousness!

Duan Chang Gong, if I still have to marry Wen Yu Chen in one month, then it will be your death date in one month!

"Alright, Yun Qian will not talk about this anymore, tomorrow is the Flower Rain Festival, Elder Sister Hui has given me a invitation, to go to Changting Restaurant tomorrow to throw a ball of silk with her for a son-in-law selection, Yun Qian, do you want to go?" Chang Gong said, and then took out the red invitation.

The Flowers and Plums Festival was different from the Beggar Festival. Some people's daughters and brothers would recruit a husband, so they would rent a restaurant or pavilion for a husband.

On this day, any young person who wanted to marry into the family and had reached the appropriate age for marriage would rush into the packed restaurant or restaurant.

Naturally, if a young lady of any clan was born handsome and had fame, the youths of that marriage would all go to the restaurant that the young lady had reserved.

Over time, some of the easier to compete with the Miss s, who took advantage of the Plum Blossom Festival's day to unrestrainedly take over the restaurant's brothel to recruit son-in-law.

At that time, no matter which Miss family would have more people, it would naturally prove that this Miss's name was widespread!

As for the number of people who wanted to recruit a son-in-law, there weren't many of them. However, many of the youths were still enjoying the show!

In any case, who wouldn't be willing to see the noble character of a rich family?

Later on, in order to win against the other party, some of the young geniuses invited their sisters to help them select their names. This way, even more people would come to support them.

The Elder Sister Hui that Chang Gong spoke of was the merchant that dealt with cloth in the Chang'an City, and was ranked in the top ten!

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