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Yun Qian thought about his previous life and how Chang Gong had also come over to invite her. However, at that time, she had rejected him due to medical reasons.

Unfortunately, this husband was a real playboy, and a very good gambler too!

In a short span of three years, he had lost all of the over a dozen cloth stores run by the Elder Sister Hui family. In the end, in order to pay his debts, he had actually sold the entire Elder Sister Hui to a brothel.

The Elder Sister Hui's family could have chased this playboy husband away, but they could do nothing about it.

That was the final tragedy!

"Alright, I'll go!" Yun Qian spoke in a very decisive manner!

Elder Sister Hui had played with her when they were young, and they had treated her very well. Since she knew what was going to happen in the future, she would do everything in her power to ensure that everything progressed in a good direction.

And these were only people who were good to her, people she cared about!

Chang Ting's floor was already surrounded by people. With a glance, he could tell that there were quite a few of them dressed in plain clothes, but there were also quite a few in bright clothes.

Some coveted Yao Hui's beauty, and most coveted Yao Hui's family's money!

Compared to the crowded first floor, the second floor was much more spacious.

Yao Hui sat in the elegant room, a maid was putting on makeup, a maid was observing the people downstairs through the window, and then carefully reporting it to Yao Hui!

"Elder Sister Hui, look who I've brought." Chang Gong happily pulled Yun Qian and walked into the house.

Yao Hui, who was sitting beside a mirror and doing some makeup, raised her head and was extremely surprised to see Yun Qian!

Although Yao Hui was the Miss from a wealthy family, a merchant's position was always lower than an official's. Although Chang Gong's father was a minor official, he still had a lot of authority standing in front of a wealthy family's Miss.

Moreover, the one who came this time was the daughter of the Prime Minister!

"Yun... Miss Yun, why are you here? " Yao Hui looked at Yun Qian who was dressed in man's clothes and felt that it was a great honor.

Although she had played with the Miss Yun when she was young, their friendship was really not that deep. Yun Qian's arrival made her far too shocked and shocked!

"I was bored at home so I came out. When does Elder Sister Hui start?" Yun Qian had sneaked out this time, he couldn't stay here for too long.

Furthermore, she didn't know what the husband Elder Sister Hui had chosen or what her name was. Thus, she could only wait until Elder Sister Hui had chosen before she could stop him.

The time was getting closer and closer, but the people upstairs did not make the slightest movement.

Moreover, it was unknown where the news had come from. It was said that the Yao family's Miss had even invited the Prime Minister's Estate's Miss Yun to select a candidate!

This made the originally crowded second floor even more crowded. Among them, there were quite a few well-dressed youths from influential families that came to join in on the fun.

Yao Hui, who was watching from the sidelines on the second floor, did not know what to do. She knew that these were all because of Yun Qian, and also knew that these aristocratic families' disciples were all here for Yun Qian.

As time passed, the people downstairs did not see the Yao family's Miss coming out, but the windows that should have been opened did not open for a long time. This made the people downstairs impatient and they all shouted!

A few busybodies even shouted Yun Qian's name.

The people downstairs were anxious, while Yao Hui who was upstairs was also anxious. There were so many handsome and elegant young masters coming at once that she couldn't make up her mind!

Prince Chen's Mansion.

Wen Yu Chen who had just finished his morning assembly heard the report, and Leng Ning's expression changed slightly.

[This woman is going to marry me within a month at all costs!]

He actually thought of choosing a husband at the Flowery Festival! Although it was to help the merchant Yao's family with their thousand gold, who knew if Yun Qian would actually choose another one!

"Prince, the young masters of the four families are all gathered at Changting Restaurant, and there are also many noble young masters amongst them. I'm afraid half of the famous people in Chang'an City are all gathered there." Night reported like a robot, its face expressionless.

He only reported all that he had seen and all that he had received to the Prince, without the slightest bit of emotion mixed in with his thoughts.

"This King never thought that Yun Qian would actually be so popular!" Wen Yu Chen was surprised to hear this news, the woman in front of him that was not worth mentioning actually had so many suitors.

Maybe, he should properly formally teach this woman Yun Qian a lesson!

"Also..." "Miss Yun is preparing to find a maid who knows martial arts. Residence of Yun has already made arrangements!"

"It seems like she has already taken precautions against me!" Wen Yu Chen coldly smiled.

"This subordinate will arrange for people to come to Miss Yun Qian's side!" The night was very clear on what Wen Yu Chen was thinking.

"Elder Sister Hui, have you chosen yet?" When Chang Gong saw that more and more people were gathering downstairs, and that there were a lot of people standing on the table, Yao Hui did not know what to do.

As soon as he finished speaking, a commotion could be heard outside the door, and the people below were already in chaos. Someone was leading them up the stairs.

One or two of the guards outside the door could still hold on, but with so many people rushing in at once, it wouldn't be long before the door was forced open.

The people outside the door and downstairs shouted and booed!

Yao Hui and Chang Gong had long been shocked by the commotion, but Yun Qian remained extremely calm.

If they were to barge in, then Elder Sister Hui's reputation would be ruined. Quickly, quickly jump down from the window. Yun Qian opened the window facing the street. Fortunately, there was a shelter underneath that could reduce the gravity a little.

Yao Hui and Chang Gong never thought that the situation would develop to such an extent!

The two of them were so scared that their facial expressions changed drastically. They could only hug each other as they practiced and retreated.

The closed door was vulnerable to repeated blows from the people outside.

"Jump!" Yun Qian said as he looked at the two people who were still hesitating.

They would rather die than have their reputation ruined.

Chang Gong clenched his teeth and pulled Yao Hui's hand as he jumped down!

Just as Yun Qian was about to jump down, the group of people outside had already knocked open the door.

The one leading them was no one else but the son, Sun Wei, who once came to ask for his hand in marriage and was rejected by the Sun family.

This Sun Wei held his father as a high ranking official in the imperial court, who often bullied the common people, plundered the ointment of the common people, and used his good looks to ruin the innocence of countless women.

"Miss Yun, it really is you. You must have sneakily ran out dressed like this, right? Didn't they say that half a month ago, you committed suicide for the Sixth Prince and that the Emperor had already issued an imperial decree bestowing marriage upon you? Why would the Miss Yun appear here? " Sun Wei strode in with large strides. Behind him, all the servants who were about to squeeze in blocked the door, and even closed the door that was smashed open.

"Don't come over here!" Yun Qian grabbed a hairpin from the table and pointed it at Sun Wei.

Sun Wei had committed countless of crimes, but because he had a father who was a teacher, no one dared to sue him. Most of them ended up losing money.

"Miss Yun, what are you afraid of? There are so many people outside, what can I do to you? Ever since my father came to propose marriage, and since you rejected him, I haven't been able to sleep at all! " Sun Wei laughed vulgarly as her unbridled gaze wantonly probed into Yun Qian's body.

"Young Master Sun, I'm warning you, I am the daughter of the Prime Minister, if you dare to touch me, my father will definitely not forgive you!" Yun Qian said as he retreated towards the window.

Even if the one standing in front of her was Wen Yu Chen, she would not be so nervous, so scared!

Normally, he would look like a normal person, but in reality, what he had done was not something that a normal person could understand. Furthermore, in his heart, other than Master Shang Shu's face, there seemed to be nothing that could frighten him.

Being with someone with an abnormal brain was more terrifying than being with an executioner.

No one knew what crazy things he would do next.

"Miss Yun, why would I touch you? I will love you!" With that, Sun Wei rushed towards Yun Qian.

Yun Qian wanted to flip his body and jump down the window, but Sun Wei grabbed onto his tied up long hair and pressed her down on the round table!

That intense movement arc caused the wound on Yun Qian's chest that had just healed to be torn apart once again. The pain of his skin and flesh being torn apart caused Yun Qian to be unable to resist screaming out.

Instantly, blood oozed out from her snow-white clothes, just like a beautiful peony blooming in the middle of her chest.

"Let go of me ?" Yun Qian struggled to hold Sun Wei back with her right hand. The pain in her chest made her spine turn cold and beads of sweat dripped down her forehead.

However, Sun Wei acted as if he did not hear, seeing the peony on Yun Qian's chest, he became even more excited, and placed Yun Qian's hand under the table, while his other hand reached towards Yun Qian's chest.

"Scram..." Yun Qian suddenly extended his leg and fiercely kicked Sun Wei's leg. Sun Wei immediately let go of Yun Qian's body in pain.

Yun Qian took the opportunity to cover his wound, and walked towards the window once again.

Then, before his hand could even touch the window sill, he was pulled back by Sun Wei once again. This time, Sun Wei was really angry, and firmly slapped Yun Qian's face with his palm.

The pain and dizziness caused Yun Qian's head to become dizzy. After struggling for a long time, he finally fainted.

"You woman, you simply refuse to give up on me, eat my forfeit, and serve me well, won't that be enough?" Seeing that Yun Qian had fainted, Sun Wei carried Yun Qian to the table.

Just as he was about to tie Yun Qian's belt, a strong gust of wind suddenly flew towards Sun Wei.

Mixed with the sharp palm wind, it smashed heavily onto Sun Wei's back.

Sun Wei spat out a mouthful of blood, and then, Yun Qian's body slowly slid down to the ground!

The long figure carried the unconscious Yun Qian and quickly left the room!

When Chang Gong and Yao Hui called for reinforcements to open the door, they only saw Sun Wei lying on the ground, spitting blood. His death was extremely horrifying!

But the whereabouts of Yun Qian who was in the room was unknown!

At this time, Chang Gong completely panicked. She didn't think that he would cause such serious consequences by secretly releasing the news that Yun Qian had come to Chang Ting Hall!

Yun Qian was brought out by her, so if something were to happen to Yun Qian, the people of Yun Family would definitely not let her off!

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