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Pain, a tearing pain like an ant eating and biting, slowly spread to her chest, deeper and deeper, until it seeped into her bone marrow.

Yun Qian forced himself to hold back, and tried his best not to let out a cry. However, in the end, that pain had completely surpassed her tolerance, when the painful memories of his past life appeared in his dreams, and the tearing pain from his chest.

Yun Qian finally could not hold back and shouted out!

Her long and thick eyelashes were filled with white mist, causing Yun Qian, who had slowly opened his eyes, to be obstructed in his line of sight.

When she completely opened her clear eyes, the pained look in them quickly turned into one of clarity and vigilance!

Where is this?

The environment in front of him could be described as simple and crude!

The entire house was made of wood, and the furnishings inside were very simple.

A table, two chairs, and a raincoat hanging on the wall were all gone!

Where was this place?

Yun Qian only knew that he fainted after being slapped by Sun Wei!

His left cheek was still hurting slightly!

Thinking about that, Yun Qian subconsciously checked his clothes!

The light white scholarly long gown she was wearing had already been replaced by a man's. Although it was somewhat worn out, it was washed extremely cleanly!

The loose clothes on her slender body made her feel relaxed, as if she was singing a great play!

Had she already lost her virginity?

Yun Qian's mind quickly formed a line of thought, and immediately dismissed it!

Other than the pain in her cheeks and chest, she felt no pain at all!

Furthermore, her wounds seemed to have been rewrapped!

Yun Qian propped himself up and walked out of the wooden house.

The dim candlelight in his hand flickered in the forest, and a few dozen meters away, there were a few houses similar to this wooden house.

However, for some unknown reason, all the wooden houses were separate. There was not a single wooden house close by, and the distance between them was also tens of meters!

Where was this place?

The confusion in Yun Qian's eyes became even stronger!

Yun Qian walked past a few wooden houses. The furnishings were basically the same, but there was no one inside.

Who saved her? Why did he bring her here? Where was the person who had saved her now?

Yun Qian held the candle carefully, very carefully walking in the mountain forest, afraid that if he moved quickly, the wind would blow the candle out!

No matter where she was, she had to leave as soon as possible!

Yun Qian did not care about the weakness of her body. If she did not make it back to Residence of Yun by tonight, not only her reputation, but even the prestige of Residence of Yun would be affected!

When that time comes, Wen Yu Chen could make use of this opportunity!

"Ahh ?" Yun Qian hurriedly moved to protect the only light in his hands, and accidentally brushed against a rock, and fiercely slipped a few steps.

The wound tore again, the pain causing Yun Qian to frown. However, he did not have the time to think about it, because when she fell down, she could vaguely see a figure in a nearby tree!

"Who is it? "Who is it?" She wasn't mistaken. The person standing under the tree with half his body covered by leaves was definitely human. Furthermore, it was a man!

Other than a thin breeze blowing by Yun Qian's ears, the surroundings were terrifyingly quiet!

Yun Qian summoned his courage and picked up the candle, hesitating about whether he should go deeper into the tree. After nearing the tree, Yun Qian quickly threw the candle away and ran forward.

The moonlight that was obscured by the dark clouds gradually revealed itself. As the faint moonlight shone onto the trees, a tall and slender figure slowly revealed itself!

As he watched Yun Qian swiftly disappear, a cold chill slowly rose from his body!

With a slight curve of his lips, he wanted to see where else she could run to!

Yun Qian ran forward desperately, but the pain in his chest continued to increase, step by step. However, Yun Qian refused to stop.

It was as if the person he had just seen was chasing after her with all his might.

When he reached the middle of the mountain, he saw that the cave of the mountain was completely bright!

Approaching closer, he saw that Yun Qian's taut heartstrings had almost broken at this moment. Her chest was so tense that she had sucked in a breath of cold air!

The pair of clear eyes instantly turned fearful!

Wolves... So many wolves...

Dozens, hundreds of wolves were locked up in this cave. This cave was around ten meters above the ground!

Outside the cave of the mountain, there were lit torches!

It was as bright as day, and the stench of the wolves could almost be seen dripping from their long mouths!

Some of the wolves that had been imprisoned dug out the surrounding soil time and time again, wanting to leave this depression with piles of soil.

Some of them had their teeth bared as they glared ferociously at the sky with their terrifying green eyes!

When Yun Qian wanted to escape, he found that a group of people holding torches had appeared behind him. With the concave area as the center, they quickly encircled Yun Qian.

He could see the entire mountain clearly!

"How is the circle of wolves raised by the This King?" An evil being's voice suddenly came from behind Yun Qian, frightening him so much that he hurriedly turned his head around. However, his center of gravity became unstable, and he fell onto the ground.

His pale face revealed an extremely terrifying expression!

"Sixth Prince?!" Yun Qian's originally white lips turned purple at this moment. Looking at the man standing in front of his who was acting so arrogantly, Yun Qian felt a chill down his spine.

She would never have thought that the person who would save her from Sun Wei's hands would actually be Wen Yu Chen!

At this time, she should have been recuperating at home in her previous life, but in this life she had changed a few things because of him. Although Elder Sister Hui did not choose to choose this playboy, it caused him to fall into Wen Yu Chen's hands!

It was like a dense spider web that could affect the entire body at one go!

As long as one of the minor details was changed, the entire historical situation would change!

Seeing Yun Qian's current state of fear, the anger that had been plaguing Wen Yu Chen's heart lessened a little.

Yes, that was the expression!

"Is it surprising to see This King?" Wen Yu Chen lowered his chin slightly, as he looked down at Yun Qian with a haughty and indifferent gaze. Those glass-like pitch-black eyes, seemed to be looking at a plaything of his!

The moment Yun Qian saw Wen Yu Chen, the blood vessels on her chest felt like they were about to explode, and he instantly understood that at that moment, she wanted to escape from Wen Yu Chen's palms.

With her understanding of Wen Yu Chen, she probably wouldn't be able to return to Yun Family even if she died!

Wen Yu Chen hated her so much! Since she was the daughter of the Prime Minister's Estate, she could not openly make a move against her. If he wanted her to die, he had to give a reason that everyone could accept and believe in!

But now, if Wen Yu Chen wanted her to die, it was as easy as stepping on an ant to death!

The most important thing was that Wen Yu Chen did not want her to die in such a miserable manner!

Right at this moment, a burst of wolf howls came from underneath the mountain, it was extremely terrifying, causing Yun Qian's body that fell to the ground to tremble, shivering in the gentle breeze!

She could almost foresee Wen Yu Chen throwing her into the lair to feed her!

"Hmm? This King is asking you a question? " Wen Yu Chen looked at Yun Qian's stiff expression, that wordless fear almost wanted to swallow up Yun Qian's cold and pure beautiful eyes.

This kind of pleasure made Wen Yu Chen feel much better!

It seemed like she was just an ordinary woman. Thinking about how he had gone through so much trouble to get her to investigate her identity at night, it was simply laughable.

The trace of curiosity and interest that he had for a certain person that he had great difficulty in bringing up had disappeared along with the wind that terrified and fearful expression of Yun Qian!

"This King is asking you a question!" Wen Yu Chen suddenly stretched out his bone-finger and tightly gripped Yun Qian's fair chin, forcing Yun Qian's two eyes that had already been devoured by fear to look at himself. That sudden oppressive feeling caused the surrounding temperature to instantly drop by a few degrees.

"What do you want me to say to that?" Yun Qian opened his mouth, met Wen Yu Chen's pitch black eyes, and coldly asked.

The fear and dread just now was just a camouflage, and completely disappeared the instant Yun Qian met Wen Yu Chen's eyes!

In his previous life, Wen Yu Chen had used his hands to grip her chin more than once, and always liked to use this kind of arrogant expression to look at her.

Of course the answer was no, it was just that Wen Yu Chen had already gotten used to releasing his anger onto her, but she still obediently blamed this kind of mistake on him!

When Wen Yu Chen held her chin, she felt a bone-piercing coldness flowing around her!

At this moment, all the anger factors in his blood exploded out!

Her ice-cold eyes were filled with blazing fury!

In her previous life, she had experienced so much suffering, but she was never afraid!

Why did she have to be afraid of him in this life?

He should be the one scared!

The emotions in Yun Qian's eyes changed too quickly, causing him to be completely unable to guess what Yun Qian was thinking!

Just where did she get the courage to look at him with such a gaze!

Unconsciously, the strength in Wen Yu Chen's hands increased yet again!

Instead, Yun Qian extended his cold hands to block Wen Yu Chen's hands. Instead of stopping Wen Yu Chen, he pinched the skin on the back of Wen Yu Chen's hands with his sharp nails!

The tighter Wen Yu Chen squeezed, the deeper he would pinch!

The ruthlessness that was revealed from the depths of his soul could not help but cause Wen Yu Chen to frown!

This sort of ruthlessness and viciousness, even the tiniest pore on his body emitted a dense killing intent, he had only seen this kind of expression before!

That was the enemy!

An enemy with a deep sea blood feud!

"Ka!" The sound of his chin being dislocated resounded clearly in Wen Yu Chen's eardrums.

And the hand he used to pinch Yun Qian's chin had already been gouged out with a few bloody holes, so deep that bone could be seen!

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